Round 7 – Collingwood v Port Adelaide: Floreat Pica Society Report


Collingwood v Port Adelaide

Docklands Stadium

3/5/2019 @ 7:50pm


by Richard Moody


I don’t know what it is about Port, but every time we play them, I get a deep sense of pending anxiety in the lead up to the game. Tonight, is no different with the news that both Big (Cox) and Varcoe are out for the game, replaced by Mr. 37 Games in 6 years (Reid) and Mr. Injury (Elliott). I’m hoping that these returns are more permanent, for the sake of the club enabling more depth on the selection panel.


In addition, there is always a sense of foreboding in that up-close PA always appear to have a taller and more solid looking team. Add to the mix we are playing on the poor excuse for an AFL Stadium, Docklands (refuse to give it any corporate legitimacy by calling it its ‘change every other year’ name). Where by the way historically we struggle to play any decent sort of footy.


Well I finally arrive at the ground, and even though it is my 8th or 9th time here I’m still lost as how to easily access the top level general admission seating (the place is like a maze) and as usual all the general admission public are stuffed in to the back rows of the top deck, leaving the remainder of the ground, a look of being half full. After taking my seat, I look down to see the PA players warming up, and thankfully though don’t seem as tall or solid from up here.



1st Quarter


The game opens with a flurry of handballs and fumbles from Port in particular, and a rushed behind kicks off the scoring, curtsey of a series of slick handballs down the ground giving Reidy a good chance for goal.  Within minutes our forward defensive pressure comes to fruition with a sublime Stephenson goal from an over the shoulder snap after Port fumble in the square.  Not two minutes later, some wonderful ruck work from Top Knot (Grundy) grabbing the ball out of the ruck and feeding it into the goal square, allows Stephenson to win a one on one contest for yet another goal.


We are killing it in the clearances, with Top Knot’s ruck taps being to advantage or at least a 50/50 contest. Though after all the hard work we start to see what would become a theme for the night with the ball being worked into the forward 50, for a set shot only for it to miss the big sticks. Thankfully Checkers (Mihocek) snaps one from a set shot from tight in the pocket and gets us back on our way.


The back six, and in particular Moore are like a wall for any ball entering their area. They are working like a well-oiled machine delivering the ball back to the center six. Who are in turn generating entries into the forward 50, and killing off any ability for the Ports middle 6 to generate any pressure football.


Crispy Chicken delivers a clean ball to Elliott, 35m in front, who converts. Controlling footy for the next 10 minutes leads to a couple more behinds from set shots. Elliott breaks the point deadlock with a classy over the shoulder snap directly in front. Another couple of behinds follow before a creative hand-off from Elliott to Beams generates another goal. “What a quarter” I hear from the group of supporters behind me, as well as “This feels like a bit like a training drill”, I find it hard to disagree. This has got to be one of the better quarters of footy I have seen from us this year.


Q1 Summary:


Stephenson and Sidebottom sublime, with great around the ground contributions from Flathead (Phillips), Moore, Dependlebury, Elliott and Reid.



2nd Quarter


No need to go into too much detail, but Port came out fighting, and a fumble from The Magpie Dog (Maynard) on the first 30 seconds leads to the first Port goal for the game. This is followed by pressure footy from both sides with a tussle down the docklands side of the ground, finally leading to a running Reidy goal, the last one we would see from us for the quarter. The remainder of the quarter sees Port dominate in may respects, though we did manage to generate a couple of set shots for DeGoalie, from inside 50 that ended up missing. A haul of 1.6 for the quarter was a reminder that we need to take advantage of our opportunities. Some light in the quarter came from Dependlebury showing his class in a series of shephards, kicks and handballs when clearing the ball.


Q2 Summary:


A good quarter for the DR votes with several players providing clangers – kick and hope Adams a prime facilitator of not creating options. Best for the quarter: Flathead, Moore and DeGoalie. Dependlebury kept very quiet by his standards.


3rd Quarter


Start of the quarter we are once again being bullied to the ball, with Port kicking the first goal. On the other side of the ground I see Adams go down the race with what appears to be a groin injury. Meanwhile in the back line The Magpie Dog (Maynard) showed a bit of bark, and clears the ball out of the back line leading to a down the ground handballing run and an H.E. (Hoskin-Elliott) goal. A bit of tug of war endures for the fifteen minutes, with the ball rebounding out of our forward line even though there has been some consistently sublime forward defensive pressure being applied by Checkers and Stephenson. The goal drought is broken by a lightning bolt run and kick to the top deck by DeGoalie from the goal square after winning a one on one contest on the 50m arc, the crowd erupts. The next center clearance leads to another Reid mark in the forward 50 for yet another behind. Thank goodness for Treloar and his ability to know where the goals are with his back turned. Another Reid mark and behind follows from a tight angle. Followed not long after by a Checkers set shot and behind. We should be leading by at least 10 goals with the number of set shots that have been missed to this point in the game, and the amount of pressure that we have applied in the 1st and 3rd quarters.


Q3 Summary:


Best: Dependlebury, Flathead, The Magpie Dog … Reid has obviously not had any set shot practice in the VFL 1:4 so far.  Even though Treloar had 14 possessions this quarter he is not in our best and it was summed up by a pies fan in stand who shouts “Black and White Treloar” whenever he has the ball.


4th Quarter


The final quarter opens up with a cracking clearance by Grundy to Elliott to Stephenson, who converts from 40m out on a slight angle. This is shortly followed by a classy Checkers goal. We allow three unanswered Port goals before some classy behind the pack roving by Elliott secures a goal. A quick reply by Port and then a cracking goal to Sidebottom after roving off the back of a stoppage for the last of the game.


Q4 Summary:


What a game it gave us everything, and showed us what we a capable of when we play flowing football.


Best: Treloar, Sidebottom, Dependlebury, Stephenson, Chicken, Moore and Greenwood all contributed with good positive football.




The Mark Williams / Nathan Buckley medal


Both played for their respective teams before Port was admitted to the AFL and swapped to the other to coach or play.




1 Vote – Chicken (Crisp) – created options across the half back line and stood tall taking critical marks or providing the shepherd when needed


2 Votes – Dependlebury – when you barely notice half of the 36 possessions and the half you do notice make it easy to understand this man’s talents


3 Votes – Moore like a brick wall in defense for most of the game, he read the play beautifully and created options for extraction of the ball from the back line, and down the ground.


Honorable Mentions: Stephenson, Elliott, Sidebottom, Flathead, Elliott, DeGoalie and The Magpie Dog



  1. george smith says

    OK, nice things about Docklands Stadium:

    The Magpies won our first night premiership in 32 years at this venue. Notable for our only Michael Tuck medallist, Mr Heath Shaw, emulating the feats of his uncle Tony, Norm Smith Medallist, and his father Ray, 1979 Night Premiership captain.

    It is a darn sight easier to get to than the places it replaced – VFL Park Waverley, long train ride and bus, and Victoria Park Abbotsford, riding the dreaded sardine train to Princes Bridge.

    It is a darned sight easier to get out of than the SCG – thanks Swans.

    Last year our mob defeated St Kilda, Footscray and Brisbane at Docklands. Over the 2018-9 seasons we are undefeated at this venue!

  2. Absolutely great to see Power short circuited. However, only trouble was that that pesky Collingwood won.

    Looking forward to see if the Crows keep up their improved form today.

  3. Interesting you should say that the Collywobbler players look smaller than Port. I have often, and again on Friday night, thought Port’s players look physically smaller than their opponents. We often seem to get brushed aside too easily when things get physical.

    To digress, waiting with bated breath for the Rulebook report from Norwood Oval Friday night. Crows beat Norwood, report seems to have got lost in the pigeon post. Most Norwood reports seem to arrive post haste!!

  4. Hi Bucko, Rulebook dosen’t believe both the Power Reserves and Crows reserve should be in the SANFL so I wouldn’t hold my breath on his report on that game.

    The greatest nightmare for us would be a Crows reserves v Power reserves play off in the SANFL

  5. PS I mean the SANFL grand final. My typing needs improvement. – humble apologies.

  6. No apology needed, just a stir. With those 3,000 guaranteed Crows reserves supporters, they could play such a GF at Norwood Oval….

  7. george smith says

    usually when the collingwood magpies lost a grand final, port magpies would win one – 1977, 1979-81, even 1988 when Collingwood lost both finals. it was great consolation to see Port beat up Graham Cornes and co, usually full of ex-Collingwood players such as Russell Johnston, Mark Williams and Mark Dreher.

    1990 was Magpie heaven, with black and white premierships in Melbourne, Perth (Swan Districts) and Adelaide. Sadly it never happened again, Port missed out in 2010.

    I am hoping that the treble premiership can happen again, even this year. But Swans and Port Magpies are looking iffy and those Moggies will be hard to beat.

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