Round 6 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: Hospitality Match

Saturday, 29 April 2017
1:45 pm (4:45 am York, UK and 12:45 pm Kyoto)
York Park, Launceston


St Kilda hosted games in Tasmania between 2003 and 2006 before catering games in Wellington. In the last two years, we have been hosted in games in Tasmania (by North Melbourne in 2015 and by Hawthorn in 2016), but the host teams won.


Long public holidays in Japan called Golden Week started on the game day, even if it’s not a bank holiday on 1st or 2nd May unless it falls on Sunday. At work on that day, the restaurant manager told us to show the best hospitality to customers as they are coming to Kyoto on holidays and getaways spending a lot of money in the Japanese historical city.


The Hawthorn – St Kilda games have been established since 1999 as Blue Ribbon Match to honour two police officers (Sergeant Gary Silk and Senior Constable Rodney Miller) who lost their lives on their duties in 1998.


But I set a theme on this game as a Hospitality Match for awareness of importance of hospitality. It’s not only for providing satisfied customer services but also entertaining supporters who live in the city or state of the venue.


Last week, I themed the game against Geelong as encourage of loving. In the previous match report, I wrote about establishment. I use the different term of establishment for this match as
a) gaining more connection between the club and Tasmanian St Kilda supporters; and
b) stepping up on the ladder to play footy in September.


Footy experts tipping in the Age mostly picked Hawthorn and the opponents get umpires’ favours, so I made a Facebook post to wish we play well in the morning before work. I hoped we would get a lovely hospitality as guests in Launceston.


At 10:44 remaining of the first quarter, Nick Riewoldt attempted to take a mark after hardworking midfield handballs done by Steven, Montagna and Stevens. The former skipper dropped the ball but no worries as he picked up his own and scored a goal from the left side of the goal square. Even if it was not the classic Nick show, he was hosted well and showed hospitality spirit in his home state.


But a minute later, new Hawk Tom Mitchell answered when the goal square was so clear. Gilbert couldn’t take a possession and hosted Mitchell a goal.


1:08 remaining at the first quarter, Gunston kicked nicely to our former teammate, Ben McEvoy who took a mark inside 50 and scored a goal. St Kilda showed the hospitality to the bloke who traded while he was on holiday in exchange for Shane Savage.


At 13:32 remaining at the second quarter, Roberton pushed the opponent hard and caught a ball. Then he scored a goal after Bruce had missed an opportunity to score as was unable to take a mark from Membrey.


Then 6:06 remaining, Weller scored a goal after Riewoldt handballed from just 50 metres out. Koby Stevens kicked straight to Riewoldt showing his passion of playing footy, commitment to his new club and hospitality to help his teammate to score a goal. We welcome Koby to the Saints with hospitality spirits.


Roberton took a mark in the opposition’s inside 50 showing great efforts.


Steele kicked from inside 50 but the ball was dribbled and seemed a behind, but Bruce was tackled at the close goal square. The young Saint was awarded a free kick and scored a goal easily after the siren for the main break.


Within a minute after the main break, Newnes, Billings, Steven, Ross and Membrey kicked well in the midfield without being defeated by tackles and kicks done by the opponent. It’s the way we play attacking footy. Then Riewoldt took a mark inside 50 and could finish the work done towards the goal post. Instead he kicked towards new comer Stevens who took a mark. Then Koby kicked his goal in the colours of red, white and black.


Stevens was embraced by his new teammates. Our boys showed hospitality towards former Bulldog.


At the third quarter, Riewoldt achieved the milestone kicking 700 goals becoming the 23rd member of the 700 club. Congratulations my favourite boy!


In the coast line, his long time mate Montagna handballed young Billings and he bounced and kicked towards the champion. Roo took a mark in the goal square that is classic for Riewoldt. And then his job has done.


His love and hospitality spirits with efforts and passions blossom in his native Tasmania.


At 6:29 reminding, Roberton kicked a goal from 49 metres out. McEvoy, Frawley and Hodge handballed and kicked towards Smith. He was under the pressure and tackled. Riewoldt took an advantage taking a possession and finally Roberton touched footy before scoring a goal. Putting the opponents under a lot of pressure is how we play footy and reflection on our strengths.


At the last quarter, kicking from the boundary line, Lonie, Steven, Bruce and Weller formed the line up at inside 50. Weller took a ball and scored a goal. He knew his best in the match.


Just before the final siren, Burgoyne kicked towards Roughead but Carlisle took a mark brilliantly inside 50 and bagged his first goal as a Saint.


Another embrace was on the footy field indeed.


We won by 75 points. Thanks Hawthorn for your hospitality.


Saints ended Hawks 19 streaks in Tasmania. The number is higher than Cats created as Jeff Kennett curse. We did a brilliant job at York Park.


Our love in the relationship as well as towards York in England brought the win, I believe as the original name of the venue is York Park. York brought us their hospitality and I cannot wait going back there in August.


HAWTHORN 2.1 3.4 4.5 8.7 (55)
ST KILDA 3.5 6.8 14.13 19.16 (130)

Hawthorn: McEvoy 2, Mitchell, O’Brien, Howe, Breust, Sicily, Gunston
St Kilda: Riewoldt 4, Bruce 3, Membrey 3, Gresham 2, Stevens 2, Roberton 2, Weller 2, Carlisle

Hawthorn: Mitchell, McEvoy, Hodge
St Kilda: Steven, Stevens, Steele, Roberton, Ross, Riewoldt, Weller

Steven (STK 3), Riewoldt (STK 2), Weller (STK 1)

Umpires: Foot, Stevic, Schmitt

Official crowd: 15,571

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