Round 6: Competition is close with some unpredictable results so far. Sal’s predictions for this weekend. 

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I am no fan of Lindsay Thomas, for the actions he took last week he got his right whack – possibly even a little lenient given his recidivism.  However the comparison between his hit on Scott Selwood and the one on Shaun Higgins by Ryan Burton from AFL supremo Steve Hocking beggared belief.  The AFL as the self-anointed custodians of the game had to appeal the Burton decision.  Burton chose to bump when tackling was a clear option, the head clash was accidental but not unforeseeable – none of them are when you choose to bump.  Which is where I take umbrage with El Supremo, he stated, “In the Lindsay Thomas case, he chooses to make contact with the head”.  I have watched it a few times and the actual bump is not much different to Burton’s, it was not directly to the head but there was subsequent impact.  Lindsay’s major mistake was going past the footy to take out an opponent, it was highly presumptuous and subjective for Hocking to use that language in the description of Thomas’ intent.  Should the league continue to slacken off on their position on the bump from the last few years more damage will be done that concussion and some plastic surgery.



Onto the season itself and while my team is in the doldrums for the most part the competition is pretty close with some unpredictable results.  Some concern though about the lack of scoring and how easy it to be defensive.  Let’s see what this week brings.



The Bont ($1.48) vs The Crippa ($3.05)


Two of the young stars strut out on a Friday night blockbuster between 16th and 18th!  Great matchup for Carlton’s young key forwards McKay and Curnow against the Doggies young key backs.  They must give themselves some chance against the Dogs, however the reality is between the two sides only one has been able to string a four quarter performance together.  The Bont’s boys should prevail.



Powered Down ($1.48) vs Friendless ($3.00)


How will the Swans cope without a Buddy?  Much has been commented on about their reliance on Lance Franklin, the reality is they have as great a reliance on Sam Reid.  Longmire would love to have Buddy player higher up the ground, he can’t though as Sam Reid appears to be the only other tall in the club with a semblance of forward craft.  Both of them out will make this trip to the Cattery harder than it normally is.  Geelong come off a superb win over Port Adelaide get Tomahawk back and should rule the roost at home.



Majak Happens ($2.46) vs Hammered ($1.67)


A tough week for Port after copping a beating from the Cats then losing Hamish Hartlett for the season in a training mishap.  They take on the firing Roos who this scribed gave little hope to for 2018.  3 and 2 is a great start, it does get tougher from here on.  Another match where we would love to see which team turns up in that first 10 minutes before making a prediction.  My prediction is that Port will “come to play”, just think it is going to struggle against the balance of the North team who aside from Higgins have their best 22 in.  North to prevail.



When the General rucks ($1.15) vs A Stef Martini ($7.60)


GWS have dispensed with any recognised ruckman giving the main role to Jonathon Patton, not a bad strategy when coming up against Brisbane’s Stefan Martin.  Martin’s good ruck work is complemented by his ability to collect possessions around the ground, Patton may present a similar threat that Dawson Simpson would not.  The Lions came back hard to almost overhaul the Suns last week, that is what they do at the Gabba.  They are a different team on the road and can’t see the Giants dropping this one.



Duck Shooters ($1.11) vs Lion Tamers ($9.40)


A super performance from the Crows in Sydney silenced plenty of their critics, facing the Suns at home should present few challenges.



The Silk Road ($1.44) vs Almost Jack ($3.20)


The Hawks will be pleased to have Shaun Burgoyne back in the lineup, they suffered last week with only Jarman Impey providing that extra spark of creativity they usually get from the likes of Rioli and Puopolo.  They take on the Saints who almost brought down the Giants last week.  The Saints have a handy line up, however travelling to the Hawk fortress at Launceston will make this a tough ask.


Faction Fighting ($2.04) vs Doggoneit ($1.94)


What a game the clash of the ANZAC game losers promises to be.  The Demons suffering a blow with Petracca out with a dog bite – suspect this is an actual one compared to de Goey’s.  The Bomber’s making at least 5 changes – so far.  One not changing is Brendan Goddard, the coach and club have backed his histrionics, have not heard from his teammates.  With the performance they put in I suspect he was on the money, not sure it was the right forum.  If one player needed a rev it was Joe Daniher.  Should be one of the best in the competition, just does not put in any second efforts and simply floating in and out the game at the moment.  The game styles of both teams needs to be more daring, suspect both coaches will try and have them play up tempo.  Bombers resting Bellchambers gives Melbourne the ruck advantage should they accept it. I think they will win.



Purple Haze ($2.40) vs The Corporation ($1.70)


It is Freo’s turn to fill the new stadium which should be bulging at the seams for its first derby.  Both Perth teams are performing well which makes this one tough to pick.  Just think that extra fire power with Kennedy and Darling up forward will do it for the Eagles.  Great contests in the midfield with Herman, Fyfe, Mundy and Neale up against Nic Nat, Shuey, Gaff and Yeo – a derby I am actually looking forward to!



ANZAC Day ($2.82) vs ANZAC Eve ($1.54)


If the losers make an interesting contest then the clash between the winners is even more enticing!  The Pies and Tigers put their opposition to the sword with hard running and enormous trust in each other.  The Pies have added pace to their team, the Tigers have it in abundance.  Defensively both teams set up very well, they played teams not willing to test out the genuine strength of those structures last week.  Suspect both teams will be attacked more definitively this week.  Runs on the board has me picking the Tigers, the Pies will give them a very true test.



Friar Time


Another couple of wins for the men’s senior teams over Powerhouse sees the Friars at the top of both the Seniors and Reserves.  The Under 19s also won well over Brunswick while the girls drew for the first time against Old Melburnians.  This weekend the Under 19s head to Albert park to face a solid test against South Melboune Districts.  The girls have a week off while the Senior team head to St John’s OC in Dandenong.



Go Blues, Go Friars,


Cheers, Sal




  1. Pity the MCG game and the Western Derby overlap for a half. Games of the round. 30 degrees in Perth on Sunday. Our talls versus their mids. Yeo versus Fyfe. A battle of egos as much as talents.
    I have put Shandy the Wonderdog on starvation rations to pay for 2 tix to a Dockers home game. If you don’t hear from me again you know that the Avenging Eagle and I couldn’t contain ourselves (highly likely).
    I have been to 3 Dockers home games to barrack for the opposition and am 3-0 (Saints, Crows and Eagles).
    Two were blowouts which diminished the response from TLSPRF (the long suffering purple rabid fwits).
    Melbourne look shoo-ins to me. Bombers look a rabble. Who said Woosha is yesterday’s man? Me – 4 years ago.
    I would have gone easy on Burton but given him a match on principle. I thought there was a lot of contributory negligence from North and Higgins. Playing him on an hour’s sleep after the birth of his child. He was in a daze before he was hit, and I reckon Burton was surprised that he hadn’t disposed of the ball 3x before he got to him.
    Still listening to parents and ex-players about the long term effects of multiple concussions on players in the local leagues convinces me that we need a strict liability prohibition of anything remotely likely to result in hard head contact. Dermott is a dinosaur.
    Can we swap Jamie Cripps for Patrick. Michael Voss reincarnated. Your Blues just need time and 2 talls. Curnow needs to spend an off season on the weights.
    Thanks Sal. Good to see the end of the racing carnivals. Go Eagles.

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