Round 6 – Collingwood v Essendon: Floreat Pica Society Anzac Day match report


Match Report ANZAC Day, 2021



I don’t really have much of a preamble, other than to say that apparently it’s been the most attended, single sporting event in the world in the last year due to this devastating world pandemic.


How lucky are we to live where we do.


It is probably fitting that this ANZAC Day match is a reminder of the real sacrifices that ANZAC Day means to us all and that these freedoms are bought by real blood, real sweat and real tears by our fathers and mothers and grandfathers and grandmothers and the generations before them.


ANZAC Day is my Australia Day and I know that it is for many others as well.


In 2017 I wrote on my reflections on ANZAC Day in the preamble to the match report, if you are interested, the Almanac link is HERE.


My views have not changed and unfortunately the result hasn’t either, Essendon won that match too…..


The game.


1st Quarter


I don’t know who won the toss, however we are kicking to the City end.


A great start – a clean tap out in the middle, quick ball movement and 25 seconds in and Darcy Cameron converts for the opening goal.


With 1 minute and 55 on the clock and Cal Brown kicks another! 2.0 to 0.0. A great start. The Dons get a point. Thomas is getting amongst it early, but turns it over after some hard work. 5 mins and 40 in and McCreery converts after a great bit of work from IQ turning McDonald-Tipungwuti inside out followed by a beautiful clearing kick. Things are certainly looking up.


After a ball up directly in front of the Essendon goal, Grundy taps it beautifully to Darcy Parish’s feet and he duly converts for the Dons 1st major. A bloody shocker.


Essendon looks as if they have re-grouped and are getting their act together in the last couple of minutes, winning the clearances with clean ball use. After a poor disposal by Grundy, his opposite number, Andrew Philips kicks truly and its 3.0 to 2.1 and the Bombers are back right in this.


14 mins in and Essendon are beginning to cut us up. 2 behinds to them – they are starting to kill us and the backs are looking headless and really copping some enormous pressure with Essendon passing it around at will. We haven’t even looked like getting it anywhere near the forward line in the last 15 mins.


At the 22 min mark after a nice bit of play by The Pies – a bit of hard stuff – Darcy Moore takes a strong mark and kicks a ripper from 50. 4.1 to 2.4


24 minute mark and after Essendon clear it from the center bounce, Tipungwuti lays a great tackle on Magden, makes us pay and kicks their 3rd. 4.1 to 3.4


Press re-start at the bounce and Collingwood is all at sea, it bombs into our backline where we get a lucky free and promptly turn it over and they are having a shot from the boundary. Great goal by Devon Smith. Barring Moore’s goal we have been absolutely smashed the last 20 minutes….


Quarter time – after a great start by The Pies, the Dons lead 4.1 to 4.4


Quarters 2 – 4


I’m giving up on the blow by blow account – if I don’t this report will not be finished by the weekend.


We all know what happened. Half-time it’s 8.1 to 8.7 and we are still in it, ¾ time, it’s 11.5 to 11.10 and we are still in it. And full-time it’s 13.7 to 16.13. 24 points up by the Dons, 20 shots to 29, most as Doug pointed out earlier from general play, while our scoring was good conversion from set shots from limited opportunities…….


The wash-up.


We made Essendon look good.


And they are not that good. (Sorry Bomber supporters.)


With Alan Treloar gone and Taylor Adams, Jamie Elliot and De Goey all injured, our on-ballers are being towelled up week in, week out by even the most mediocre of sides. Mr Silky is under siege every game and even Sidebottom and Josh Thomas have had to change their style and get in and under at times. Not being their natural game, their disposal let them down more times than not. (Oh for a Dane Swan or a Luke Ball….).Grundy is a shadow of his 2018 form and although his general play around the ground has improved in patches over the last two weeks, his rucking is abysmal.


Essendon, as stated, we made them look good. If they had of converted like good sides do, they would have slaughtered us. We were constantly being caught with loose opponents running freely and with multiple options. Sure, we had a few newbies in, however I have no idea what sort of defensive ‘structure’ we had particularly in the forward line and midfield. No idea. The backline, once again, was our saving grace. God, I don’t know how they do it and put up with their team mates down the ground.


The selectors need to have a good hard look at themselves too. Sure, you have to play the kids when the cupboard is bare, however team selection over the last fortnight is a mystery to me. Why didn’t we play Cox against the high-marking Weagles? Why do we have the All-Australian centre half back playing forward the last two weeks? I would argue that with talent being so thin on the ground at present we should be leaving Cox in the side instead of destroying his confidence. He’s not getting the ball because we don’t have an effective midfield, Full Stop.


On the plus side, Darcy Cameron was real good, 3.1 and ably helped out in the ruck. Doug and I both liked Nathan Murphy’s game, he will stay in the side. Also, third gamer Beau McCreery with 3 goals made the most from (very) limited opportunities. He has a future too. Young Daicos can hold his head up as well.


On the down side, Macrae, Kelly and Ruscoe were barely sighted. As for Callum Brown, aside from his goal at the 2 minute mark, his game was abysmal at best. I couldn’t help but notice that in the second half virtually every player ignored his leads and would not pass it to him even when he was in the clear. Enough said.


Horsborough Votes for the Geoff Raines and Rene Kink perpetual trophy:


3 votes: Jack Crisp. Doesn’t stop. Massive heart and unlimited supply of G&D. Kicked a goal too. Wouldv’e been smashed without him.


2 votes: Isaac Quayner. Now Isaac’s direct opponent was Anthony McDonald-Tipungwuti – 10 possessions and 5 goals – and if Darcy Parish hadn’t played such a blinder could’ve very easily won the ANZAC medal on the day, so why would he figure in the votes? He was great is all. Has vision, judgement, time and space. 21 disposals – and 18 kicks, mostly accurate and penetrating and 3 handballs. Plays well above his height and weight.


1 vote: Scott Pendlebury. I struggled with this, the last vote. There were a number of contenders however without being sentimental it is just so easy to overlook Mr Silky because the majority of his 30 possessions that he gets every week are so smooth and creative commentators, players and fans alike just expect it every week. Like the two other vote getters, without them we would’ve been smashed.


Mentioned in Dispatches:


Johnny Noble. Like IQ plays above his stature week in, week out. A solid grunt down back. Unlucky not to get a vote.


Braydon Maynard the big, big nasty grunt down back that always puts in every week that every side needs.


Darcy Cameron, as mentioned earlier.


Floreat Pica


Frank Taylor


COLLINGWOOD    4.1     8.1      11.5        13.7 (85)
ESSENDON            4.4      8.7    11.10     16.13 (109) 


Collingwood: Cameron 3, McCreery 3, C.Brown, Moore, Grundy, Hoskin-Elliott, Crisp, Ruscoe, Mihocek
Essendon: McDonald-Tipungwuti 5, Wright 2, Parish 2, Snelling 2, Phillips, Smith, Laverde, Redman, Stringer 


Crisp, Cameron, Pendlebury, Grundy, Quaynor, Daicos
Essendon: Parish, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Merrett, Heppell, Wright, Laverde, McGrath 


Collingwood: Nil
Essendon: Francis (ankle)


Collingwood: T.Brown (unused)
Essendon: Zaharakis (replaced Francis)


Crowd: 78,113 at the MCG



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