Round 5 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Pies too hot

by Mark Mullins for the Floreat Pica Society


Interesting game, this one. Pies have been honourable this season, but certainly not setting the football world on fire. Brisbane has played some good games, including beating our current nemesis site, The West Coast Eagles, but stumbled last week against the Bombers. The Mighty Fighting Magpies struggle street last start victory was a gutsy, grinding win that good sides tend to do. But, really, it hasn’t been an inspiring start to the season, but, with a hard draw, isn’t a disaster either.


Treloar takes the first possession of the game, with it is a sign for the rest of the game as he clearly deserves best-on-ground status. De Goey kicks the game’s first; the third successive week of doing so. Lots of good play early, with a number of players involved. Stephenson has his best start, and best game this season. Elliott’s left foot kick to set up a Phillips shot at goal from 50 shows his class and importance. Grundy’s second effort after poor handball in the middle leads to a ball forward. Love the big man, and if he is not our most important player is a serious contender. Saw two things in the first quarter that left a bad taste in my mouth. One was a group of eight ‘Pies supporters sitting behind us dropping F and C bombs everywhere. Disgusting. The second thing was them starting a U-S-A chant after a Mason Cox goal. I love big Cox, but think it is unAustralian to chant that word at an Australian sports field.

The rest of the game is a blur to me. Too much warm up at the local pub leads to a quick finish on this report. Lots to like. De Goey’s move into the middle in the third leads to instant success, and as his fitness improves he will be a real headache to opposition defenders and midfielders. Would like to give Trav Varcoe a shout out. Haven’t agreed with all the negative vitriol about Trav. Yes, he is not a big stats winner, but everytime an opposition player has the ball, they are looking over their shoulder in fear. Must be picked when body is healthy. Darcy Moore is awesome and having a great season. Langdon and Howe are fantastic week in week out. Maynard, the third member of our defensive gang, hasn’t started the season brilliantly (needs to tidy up his howlers) but still part of a great defensive gang. The regulars in the midfield are great, Phillips starting to hit best form.


So, the votes.

3. Treloar. Easy BOG. Used the ball better than previous weeks, keep Neale quiet. Great game.

2. Grundy. Amazing athlete, nice guy, bad ears and manbun, go integral to our success.

1. De Goey. Could have gone for Mihochek, but just love watching this kid play.

The Pies are not yet where they would like to be, but look out everyone else if we do. HOT PIES on the night.





BRISBANE          3.2   5.6    7.9    8.13 (61)
COLLINGWOOD  7.5   8.9  16.12  18.15 (123)

Brisbane: McCluggage 2, Rayner 2, Hipwood, Christensen, Berry, Martin
Collingwood: Mihocek 4, de Goey 3, Cox 2, Stephenson 2, Elliott 2, Thomas 2, Brown 2, Beams


Brisbane: Andrews (hamstring), Mathieson (hamstring)
Collingwood: Aish (concussion)

Reports: Nil

Umpires: Rosebury, Williamson, Fleer

Official crowd: 34,017 at the Gabba


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