AFL Round 4 – Port Adelaide v Brisbane: The Power to end hunger

Round 4 Port vs. Brisbane at Adelaide Oval, Saturday the 12th of April 2014.

It’s a beautiful autumnal day with brilliant sunshine. One us parochial South Aussies claim and bang on about like we could own such a thing.

After looking busy and important at the Jets earlier in the day, I changed into my Power polo and jumped on the AO24 to Adelaide Oval. Walking in I notice the electronic signs flashing “The Power to End Hunger”, that’s it I think, I’m not nervous like I am before most games; I’m hungry, hungry for victory. We are playing a depleted Brisbane outfit and we are in with a good chance. It has been 10 years since our first AFL flag and a dare-devil dude shows us how to stick a parachute landing whilst holding the 10 year old cup in both hands.

Brisbane plays high energy football, they press hard and score classy goals from the pressure applied. Port is showing a bit, but not enough. Port by 8 points at quarter time.

Sam Gray is playing well, an entree to the future. The smaller forward that has a spell in the mid-field, or is it the other way around? Now, what about me? This move to Adelaide Oval has upset my routine. At Footy Park I would catch up with friends at half time. No such routine has been established so I fire off some texts, “You at the footy?”. You know the usual conversational masterpieces transmitted by the sms. The reply? A phone call from the home burglar alarm. I ring the Director General “Sorry love, with the kids and shopping someone forgot to disarm it. Hey Bill has been trying to get hold of you, he’s at the footy”. I ring Bill (my new besty) “Yeah mate, I’m on the hill……… sure see you then”. Sorted.

Port begins to win the arm wrestle. Brown doesn’t apply his authority on the forward line like he used to. The run run run game seems to have passed by a man I reckon has always shown great athleticism and pace for this size. Half time Port lead by 42 points.

I head to the hill and find Bill, we shake hands and discuss the dire situation of non-Coopers beer supply. I then turn around and take in the view. Delectable! The Riverbank stand dominates like a milk loaf from Cheney’s bakery. “What a view” I say to Bill. “Yeah, it’s alright isn’t it?” Bill gives back sotto voce. “I’ll get some beer”. I continue to admire the view and recall an article in the paper reporting past SANFL players moaning about the poor view from the other end of ground. These people that got rich from our game should shell out their own clams for some hill tickets and feast on the view and the footy.

I stay with Bill and his mates for the third quarter. The winner has been decided by now and the crowd are starting to make their own entertainment. We are then served the play of the day and it started right in front of us. Paparone missed from 52, Jonas crumbs and passes to Lobbe to Broadbent to O’Shea to Pittard to White to R Gray to O’Shea to Boak to Westhoff to White to O’Shea to White to Cassisi to S Gray who kicks a goal. “You know, I don’t follow Aussie Rules that closely, but I know teamwork and that was fantastic teamwork”. I nodded my head in agreement with Bill. That was a treat.

The Power recorded a percentage boosting win of 113 points with Schulz kicking 7 and Boak dominant. For the Lions; Two of the remaining Rs, Redden and Rockcliff played well, but with a rising injury count (they lost Leuenberger and Hanley in this game) and an unpalatable jumper logo, they are in for a long year.

I jump on the return AO24 and am delivered to gates of Jet Park and watch the last five minutes of the Jets. They smash the once dominant Chics by a whopping 395 points. The party continues into the cooler evening (did I mention that perfect Autumn day?). News comes through Melbourne have beaten Carlton and people seem to rejoice in the pain this inflicts on dear Mick. As our American cousins would say “Enough already, I’m full”.

Port   4.4     10.9   18.13   24.15 (159)

Brisbane     3.2     4.3     5.3       7.4     (46)


Port; Schulz 7, Westhoff, White, S. Gray 3, R. Gray 2, Wines, Polec, Boak, Impey, Young, Ebert.

Brisbane; Bewick 2,Mayes,Brown, Clarke, Redden, Zorko Rockliff, Redden, Moloney, Mayes, Zorko,Adcock


Port: Boak, Schulz, Broadbent, S. Gray, R. Gray, Jonas and Ebert.

Brisbane; Rockliff, Redden, Moloney, Mayes, Zorko,Adcock

Crowd: 36,231 (Adelaide Oval)

Malarkey Votes: Boak 3, Broadbent 2, Sam Gray 1

Foodbank is a major partner with Port Adelaide and use the slogan “The Power to End Hunger”. Their vision is “To END HUNGER in South Australia” and their mission is to “Provide the welfare sector of South Australia with healthy, nutritious and affordable food to meet the requirements of their emergency hunger relief programs.”


  1. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Enjoyable summary Mike and yep understand exactly what you mean re routines not established yet for , Adelaide oval . Ironic that you went to power v lions game which was a absolute cliff hanger compared to the jets v chics game . Port get the cats at a good time fair chance to have a let down after such a huge game v the hawks
    Thanks Mike

  2. mickey randall says

    Good summary Mike. Even as a Crows supporter, I will admit that Port look seriously impressive. Should find out more about them Sunday.
    Nice to see a fellow Unley Jet supporter here. I played a few seasons in the late 90’s. That was a monstrous win against Kilburn, but wouldn’t you rather beat a top side by a point? I will continue to follow their progress from Singapore.

  3. Thanks lads,
    The Jets had another win over the tracks at Mitcham yesterday.
    I’m cautiously optimistic about today’s game. Certainly another test/benchmark after WCE away.
    Mickey, I have found you on Jets records and if i recall you came with some West Coast lads, Troy and Greg?
    Thanks again for reading my report.

  4. Lucky Godson says

    Good work MickeyD / Arfa.
    Enjoyed reading this more than articles by the Advertiser ‘Journalists’

  5. Mike- Well researched! Along with Troy from Kimba I played at Unley with some Kapunda boys namely Greg, Bob, Chris Pittman.

    I wrote about our last hurrah here-

  6. Ahh Pitto, the only man to consider wearing leather shearer’s boots out on a Saturday night a fashion statement.
    I still catch up with Nick “Blown” Seal regularly, reckon he brought Pitto out to the club initially.

  7. Good stuff. Haven’t seen Nick for years, but did enjoy playing with him. He was a clever footballer who always did something with the fig. Must catch up with those boys one day!

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