Round 4 – Hawthorn v St Kilda: A win in my eyes

Aurora Stadium, Launceston, Saturday 16th April 2.10pm

While my boys, and many fans, were in Launceston for the game, my sister Denise and I were snuggled up in her hotel room (she had a bigger room and screen) on this beautiful Saturday afternoon in Bendigo. We’d been tourists, we’d eaten lunch, and come 2pm all we wanted to do was delve into our footy selves and enjoy the afternoon (and evening for the Doggies). I forgot that we were in a place where I needed not to yell, and found myself being hushed by my little sister, reminded that we weren’t in my house but sharing walls and spaces. Henceforth, I did silent fist pumps and quiet yelling at the screen.

St Kilda is bringing great cheer to my life. I am enjoying the fast, furious, forward pressing football and I can see them improving almost every week. (The loss against the Doggies was as flattening for us as it was joyful for my sisters’ mob, and not our best night out.)

I didn’t think we’d win today, not the way Hawthorn play and they are more experienced, but if we hadn’t kicked it to them for six turnovers and goals, we would have cooked that turkey. I know the players are all bitterly disappointed, but they can take that and learn, hold on until you can pass it to one of ours. We did it well for so much of the game, and we kept up, losing by only 3 points. It was disappointing, but still beyond my expectations for this Saturday afternoon game.

I am loving Rooey’s work up on the wing and in defence, and he still manages to kick two for us on the day. What a champ. Paddy, you little beauty, will be very disappointed in the late shot at goal that missed, but he did get two. He did so well in the marks and is strong in contests, and each of these misses will sear into his consciousness a wish to never repeat it. Especially when it meant we went down at the end. But it was on all the mistakes and not just his that this game turned (including two acknowledged mistakes by umpires about 15-metre kicks that led to a Hawthorn goal).

I am loving the work of our cult figure Josh Bruce (two goals with so much confidence). Every time he is near the ball he provides such good contest, and his hunger for the competition augurs well.

We have such great small players — Jack Lonie, Darren Minchington, Seb Ross, Eli Templeton and Jack Billings — who create such excitement for the Saints fans. Jack Steven is consistent, his bright shoes pumping to be in so many contests. On a quiet day for him, 23 disposals, he still managed to help out. Mav Weller just keeps getting better and our defence, without Luke Dunstan and Dylan Roberton, took a bit of a beating. But kept on trucking.

Week after week, Sean Dempster, Jarryn Geary and Sam Fisher, with help from Riewoldt, David Armitage, Sam Gilbert, Shane Savage, Jack Newnes, Tom Lee (welcome back) and Joey Montagna work their butts off in defence. Blake Acres will only get better, as will Jack Sinclair. There were some forgettable moments today that I am sure will be reviewed.

Gilbert’s improvement, even in front of goals, provides music to our ears, while Armitage again turned on a stunning 35 touches (and Sam Mitchell won the game award for his career-high 44 touches).

And I am loving Tom Hickey’s work in ruck and around the ground. Has he grown three inches, or is that just his confidence that makes him look and play like that?

What I really loved was that the passion and joy the Saints boys played with left Hawthorn, as good as they usually are, looking a little off. They do have the experience to finish things off, so we have to learn not to give them anything. No sniffs. No mistakes to take advantage of. No second chances.

I reckon on Saturday everyone’s opinion of the Saints went up another notch. We almost snatched a game off the reigning Premiers. Hawthorn did get the important four points, just.

Al Clarkson said it best postgame: Hawks were very lucky to have pulled a win from two better sides in two weeks. That’s what both the Dogs and the Saints have to learn. How to pull one out of the hat in the do-or-die moments.

Keep it up, Saints. It is suddenly fun to be watching our footy again.

About Yvette Wroby

Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. Good for football, Yvette.
    So very nearly “brilliant for football.”.

  2. Hi Yvette,

    Not only great ball works but also helping each other especially in the back line bring us good footy. It was a good game with nice efforts.

    And young boys are improving and gaining experience. As our man Richo says they take lessons.

    Sadly we can’t change the past, so let’s see the next match. St Kilda will be having entertaining footy against GWS at the weekend with a win.

    Have a good week!


  3. Yvette, players who missed out on a Brownlow on the old countback system were awarded them retrospectively after that system was disbanded.
    Suggest you approach the AFL for a shared flag in 2010 now that the replays are being abandoned. We have dual Brownlow winners – why not dual Premiers?

  4. Peter, your idea on dual premiership is awesome! We can claim two flags in the future! Wonderful!!!

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