Round 3 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Intensity (Floreat Pica Society)

by Tony Scully for the Floreat Pica Society


Heavily disillusioned after some very insipid games I fear that this game could almost be season-ending before it even starts.


Twelve days, three games, can the lads pull it back together?


Lions off a break at such an early stage of the season. Good? Bad? Irrelevant?


What about the very latest question. Who, if any, of the players (in either side) are now a part of the AFL drug concealment policy? Who is afraid that they may be exposed if a leak occurs? Troubling times for AFLPA, AFL and individual players.


What do we need to see from our boys to turn around our fortunes? Confident ball handling and delivery. Pack mentality, aggression, hard tackling, Hard at it. Belief! Accuracy.


I won’t give a blow-by-blow report as I think we’ve all seen the evidence




Q1 Pies come out with serious intent. Gang tackling. Cleaner hands and delivery by foot than previous two weeks. Bobby opened our account. Smile comes to my GF face. Can this Kid bring the same heat again? Billy Elliott is involved and scores a classic Elliott goal. Cox is rucking well. J Howe is intercept marking like the old days. De Goey’s triple fend is something else. The Hyphen is very rusty. Great passage of play to give McGinness a goal. Noble is working as hard as ever and passes accurately to Bobby for another goal. Great opening quarter for the Pies but Loins have wasted their forward thrusts.


Q2 The tackle-fest continues. Loins start to gain momentum. Billy Frampton is defending very well,  the rest of the backline is serviceable but struggling. Lachy Neale has taken control of the clearances. Pies aren’t able to repel. Pies have a scoreless quarter. Behind at the Half. Things don’t look good. I’m worried about the Pies’ legs. Warm night in Brizzy, 19 Days 4 games?


Q3 McCreery running goal spurs the spirit. Pies regain ascendancy. Checkers has applied enormous forward pressure all night. Finally rewarded with a goal. Lachie Neale rolls his ankle. Looks bad. Maybe this could make life easier for the Pies? Crispy comes on to replace Finn. Starts to have immediate effect. Pendles give Neale a slap to the solarplexus. Ooops! Fine? Suspension? God forbid! 25 point turn-around to end the third. Pies hold a slender advantage. Rollercoaster ride continues. How can we hang on? Does the momentum swing back to the home side as in the 2nd quarter or can the tired Pies hang on? Pies 10-6 to Loins 6-10


Q4  Bailey opens their account, them McCarthy to close to 9 pts 14 mins to go. Last year I would have been fairly comfortable to hold them out, this year……..Hmmmm.


Crispy’s pack-splitting run to kick truly brought back fond memories from the GF, then Billy Elliott’s tackle on Zorko was tear jerking. BANG! Another to Billy. Brizzy wasted a couple more chances before Billy goaled again. Back to a 20 pt margin. Elliott launched for an almost mark of the year. Checkers kicked into the man on the mark but made up for it a short time later.


Pies win reasonably comfortably in the end. The difference was the Pies intensity, cleaner ball handling and accuracy. Pies still have plenty of room for improvement, Brisbane were sub-standard.


I feel we had the better of the umpiring this week compared to the last three games.


I went to bed with a Peaceful Easy Feeling and we weren’t even Playing the Eagles.


3 votes Billy Frampton. Worked hard all night and nullified Daniher


2 votes The Texan. Nullified big Osc


1 vote Billy Elliott . Scored when it mattered and applied great forward defence


Special mentions to


Hairy McCreery bulldozed plenty


Naicos  28 touches, not as damaging as last year but hey…..not bad


J Howe. Very clean


Checkers. Smashed out 50 tackles I reckon and once again kicked goals


Lipinski had one of his better games


I gave everyone a mark out of ten and came up with a team average of 6.5


Bring on the Hawks




BRISBANE                   1.3     5.8     6.10     10.12 (72)
COLLINGWOOD           5.3     5.3     10.6      14.8 (92)


Brisbane: Rayner 2, Neale, McCluggage, McCarthy, Lohmann, Fletcher, Daniher, Cameron, Bailey
Elliott 4, Mihocek 3, Hill 3, McCreery 2, McInnes, Crisp


Brisbane: Nil
Collingwood: Nil


Brisbane: Kai Lohmann (replaced Deven Robertson in the fourth quarter)
Jack Crisp (replaced Fin Macrae in the third quarter)


Crowd: 34,022 at the Gabba




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