Round 23 – Haiku Bob – down to earth

season ends

a cherry petal falls

down to earth



and yet

the year began

with such hope


spring buds

how childish to think

we had it in us



make us remember

how good we were


last quarter

until they find him there

the full-forward


nothing riding on it finally he nails one


final siren I let go


last game defeat

the old champ

who did everything hard




season ending loss

we talk about

the weather


About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. Eagles and Magpies alike without a feather to bless themselves. Still some of the young fledglings look like they could take flight next autumn.
    Any chance of some finals haikus HB, or does the Haiku die with the Maggies for this season? Not a question we have had to ask for a while.

  2. Kate Birrell says

    Love it Rob

    Its’s only 9.30 in the morning and I’ve had three weather conversations already.

    Don’t fly off yet, always enjoy your pieces.


  3. Very well done as always HB – I too hope you stick around for the finals.

  4. thanks guys,

    not making any promises (you might have to wait for the book).

    and kate, if ever I get off my arse and make a book of these, I’ll need some drawings. yours are just perfect.



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