Round 22 – Brisbane v Collingwood: Pies play Lions for a quarter and a half (Floreat Pica Society)


On Saturday night I watched a wonderful performance by a team that seized control after a tightly contested quarter and a half and proceeded to dominate the remainder of the game. It had an awesome forward line with dominant tall forwards and speedy and accurate small forwards. Its midfield moved the ball accurately through the field and won the clearances despite their opponents winning the majority of hit-outs and its defence was almost always first to the ball. It was a performance worthy of a premiership contender.



Unfortunately, I am talking about the Brisbane Lions. As I suggested above the Pies’ game only lasted for about thirty minutes and for the rest of the match, despite some good efforts from our older midfielders, our boys were basically spectators. I found the whole experience so demoralising that it has taken me a day and a half to bring myself to write the match report.



The start was terrific. Grundy won the first tap out, the ball went to Adams, from him to Sidebottom and then back to Grundy and before you knew it Josh Thomas had kicked a goal 20 seconds from the first bounce. The second bounce was followed by a Brisbane clearance and a Daniher goal. Very shortly afterwards Daniher passed to Charlie Cameron and the Brions had their third goal. Only a minute or two later another Brisbane centre clearance led to another Cameron goal. Not that much later the ball was down our end and Ollie Henry took a fine mark and kicked an even better goal. So about ten minutes into the game there had been five goals kicked – two by us, three by them. In 2021 football that is more like a half time score.



By quarter time Brisbane had kicked one more goal and young Jack Ginnivan had kicked another for us. Three goals to four seemed a competitive position. I was worried about Joe Daniher and Charlie Cameron. The only Collingwood back who has really held his own against Daniher is Darcy Moore and he is out for the season. Charlie Cameron, on his day (and Saturday was his day) is almost unstoppable. Maynard held him for a large part of the match but he only had to get away for a second and there was another goal. It was a pity that Isaac Quaynor was out with glandular fever. He is faster than Maynard and I would have preferred to see Braydon on one of the bigger players.



The second quarter started well. Ginnivan kicked his second goal and Daniher replied with his second. Jordan de Goey kicked the next goal at the ten minute mark and that appeared to be the end of the game for the Magpies. Brisbane kicked the next six goals before half time. They kicked another three early in the second half before Brody Mihocek finally kicked a goal for us (he had kicked three behinds previously). In the remainder of the match Brisbane kicked another eight goals to our two. We lost by 85 points. I do not want to describe any of the second half in detail and you don’t want to read it.



I will make a few general comments. Even in a beaten side the same five or six players (minus the ill Quaynor and the injured Pendlebury) who have been holding the side together for the last few weeks were the best of our bad lot on Saturday. We cannot play a side with a full set of tall forwards without Moore and Howe. Roughead ended up containing Daniher somewhat in the second half after being badly beaten early but he needed help that he did not get. Madgen is a terrific trier but that’s all he is. He would not be in our best 22. We are definitely short one class midfielder and while Pendles is injured we are short two.



We will soon have a reasonable collection of short and middle sized forwards as Ginnivan, Henry, McCreary and Bianco get more experience (and then there is Nick Daicos) We are badly short of tall forwards. Mihocek is obviously good value. I think Cox should have played more this year but it does seem as if he is no longer considered in our best 22. In my opinion Darcy Cameron is not our best 22 either and I am worried that they will trade Lynch and keep Cameron. Cameron will never be more than a second choice forward and ruck. At 22 Lynch looms as a forward who may replace Grundy as first ruck in a few years’ time. I hope that one or possibly two of Johnson, Begg or Kelly will solve our tall forward problem.



Given the development of our young players I am optimistic about next year, provided we choose the right coach. (We probably need some committee changes as well). But this season cannot finish soon enough for me.




BRISBANE                 4.2       11.4     18.6     22.10 (142)
COLLINGWOOD      3.2       5.3       6.7       8.9 (57)


Brisbane: Cameron 6, Daniher, McStay 3, Cockatoo, McCarthy 2, Ah Chee, Bailey, Birchall, Lyons, McCluggage, Neale
Collingwood: Ginnivan, Thomas 2, Cameron, De Goey, Henry, Mihocek


Brisbane: Neale, Zorko, McCluggage, Bailey, Daniher, Ah Chee
Collingwood: Crisp, Adams, de Goey, Sidebottom 


Crowd: 15,146




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