Round 20 – Richmond v Collingwood: Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life



True Believers, that was disappointing.  Just when I’d settled in at the 10-minute mark of the first quarter, the wheels fell off.  I totally agree with Bucks’ comments that the game included “our worst three quarters this year” –


The Season. I don’t think we could make the Finals now even with a collection of miracles (like St Kilda are pursuing).


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Comment: The Age Expert Tipsters picked 20 to 4 for a Collingwood win.  Where did we lose it?  We won Inside 50s – 48 to 39 but we lost their conversion to marks inside 50 – 7 to 15.  We lost the Hit Outs- 43 to 21, but won the Clearances- 38 to 27.  As I’ve said a couple of times, I think the ‘whole match’ statistics are less useful than the breakdown by quarters.  Watching the game, particularly their recovery in the first quarter, we were hammered in clearance from the Centre.  What did we learn?  Trav can kick a goal from the boundary, but can’t directly in front;  Cox is not really an AFL standard FF; and Cox and White – are not up to ‘alternative ruck’ duties (regardless of their height).  I was going to make a point about selfishness amongst the Forwards, but might let that slide – the cause may be the oft-reported performance measure of goals scored.





Reporting?  Did anyone get to the game?


Remember to keep an eye on the Footy Almanac –


Next. Round 21 – Western Bulldogs; 12 August – at Etihad (this time it is their home game); bounce: 7.50pm. More on this next week.



Go Pies.



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