Round 19 – Port Adelaide v Collingwood: Encouraging signs (Floreat Pica Society)

by Garry Stock and Ziggy

Just before the first bounce, Ziggy and I discussed how to approach this report. (Me in Israel and he in lockdown in Melbourne)

We decided a win was almost impossible so we decided to focus on the youngsters to get a feel of what the future holds.

Zig took Tohill, Bianco and Poulter and I took Ginnivan, Henry and Mcrae.


The first quarter started well as we jumped Port and might have been a tad further in front had we sent the ball into the forward line with more purpose.  Noble and Adams were everywhere. Elliott, Bianco, Grundy, Roughead, Crisp and Ruscoe were all good. Poor Tohill had a tough introduction and was under pressure from the start. Gunnivan passed the ball beautifully to de Goey for a goal on the siren.

We were trying to move the ball quickly and were prepared to take risks

Magpies  3.3 Port 2.4


We lost the game in the second term scoring only four points versus 4.4.  Mihocheck was particularly wasteful.

Adams kept the pressure up especially when Pendles was substituted just after quarter time. (Sorry but I could not believe that Sier was not the medical substitute in the interest of team balance).

Sidebottom also started to play football and not fancy pancy.

Crisp, Grundy and de Goey were still relevant.

The back line with Maynard, Madgen (fewer mistakes than usual), Roughead and Ruscoe all working hard, did well to contain Port to four goals. Port dominated with quick hand and foot ball movement and direct delivery up forward.


Magpies 3.7 Port 6.8 and it looked a matter of how far Port.


But that was not to be. We only lost the third term by two points with each team kicking five goals and it was pleasing to see  the team seriously committing and putting in. Adams appeared to be carrying an injury and he had a very quiet quarter.

But the youngsters came to the fore especially Henry, Bianco, Macrae, Poulter and Ruscoe.

Unfortunately when we got within 10 points Port would kick away (often with a marginal free kick near goal).


Magpies  8.8 Port 11.11


The final quarter was again encouraging as we moved the ball quickly with Crisp, Grundy and Henry standing out.

Unlike last week there was no surrender and we got to within eight points before Port moved away to win by 28 points.


Surprisingly, this was a match we might have taken right down to the wire but for:

– Pendles being substituted early
– Grundy and Roughead getting on the wrong side of the umpires with some very costly marginal free kicks (Dixon was getting away with pushing Roughead in the back and received a gift free at a ball up against Grundy). Frankly, I find the lack of consistency in the umpiring …especially regarding what is 15 metres, to be very frustrating (the players appear to think so too…ask Murphy after Ollie Wines’ mark in the third quarter that resulted in a goal)
– two wasted 50 metre penalties; these are priceless and should lead to a serious scoring opportunity even if earned in the backline
– two wasted played on advantage (the black marks of otherwise an excellent game by Henry).


Generally speaking, Ziggy and I felt our team came to play and competed seriously and with intensity. The youngsters showed a lot of promise and the backline (considering that in each quarter the ball was in the Port forward line for at least 60% of the time) stood up well.


We both felt there were many encouraging signs.


    1. Well done Robert Harvey for giving the kids a go (yes the injury list gave him little choice but they were played to by their older teammates and generally did not let them down).
    2. Henry has huge talent: is quick, reads the play well and is creative ..he is a future star.
    3. McRae did not give up all day and was prepared to go in after the hard ball and will continue to improve.
    4. Ziggy thought Poulter did a good job on the wing providing an effective outside option.
    5. Ziggy liked Bianco’s game showing poise and class and his goal in Q4 was a beauty.
    6. We thought it was hard to judge Ginnivan and Tohill’s potential from this one game . Ziggy sees Tohill needing a lot of time in the VFL and questions the ability of players like Tohill and Keane to progress rapidly given the few years that they have played the game. Ginnivan certainly showed he has potential with the goal assist to de Goey.


All in all we seem to have recruited well. Now we need to progressively clear out those that are not going to make it. For example, we like Murphy, Madgen, Cameron and Cox but we are not sure they  will ever be in our best 22 and they must not block the talent coming through like Lynch.


Best players: there were few who were in the list for four quarters, but serious contributions came from: Adams, Bianco, Cripps, De Goey, Grundy, Henry, Maynard, Madgen, Mihocheck (should have been less wasteful), Noble, Roughead and Ruscoe (who seems to have found his place in the backline) and Sidebottom (at last).



PORT ADELAIDE     2.4     6.8     11.11     14.13 (97)
COLLINGWOOD      3.3     3.7     8.8     10.9 (69)


Port Adelaide: Dixon 4, Marshall 3, Ladhams 2, Woodcock, Amon, Houston, Wines, Rozee
Collingwood: Mihocek 3, Henry 2, De Goey, Elliot, Bianco, Cameron, Cox 


Port Adelaide: Nil
Collingwood: Pendlebury (ankle) 


Port Adelaide: Mayes (unused)
Collingwood: Cox (replaced Pendlebury)


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