Round 19 – Fearless: Multicultural Round… just don’t mention the cricket

Multicultural Australia has made such a positive impact on our great game that it reflects positively on our broader society. I’ve often wondered how modern Australia blends people of 140-odd different nationalities and still gets called racist…sure some people have their opinions but isn’t that what a democracy is about? You might not like someone’s opinion but do they have a right to have one? I think people can always learn the error of their ways and education and travel help enormously in this regard.

Richmond flew to Adelaide to stone the crows in the Ivan Maric cup. Multicultural icon that he is as St.Albans soccer club President, Maric couldn’t do it alone. The Crows are still making a good fist of the season. A six goal win over the giant killing Tigers emphatic as was 33 scoring shots to 12. Both still hunting September action.

Perovic, Hrysoulakis, Christou, Daicos, Kouta, Ataata…both Collingwood and Carlton have contributed magnificently to the multicultural AFL world. That they met on Saturday was a fitting tribute to Lygon St and Johnston St, two of Melbourne’s multicultural hubs. The game itself saw both teams scrap it out to a Pies 18pt win.

Port shot out of the blocks at Etihad on Saturday in a must win game against Bevos Bullies. That was a single shot that resulted in a 3 goal lead before the 2015 Doggies went bang and shot out to a 39pt lead at the half. From there Kenny’s Power looked defeated and with that probably goes finals action 2015. Dogs by 64pts – only 20,000 people turned up at the Docklands…

Tropic Thunder should be the moniker not the Q-clash, an insipid marketing concept at best. Get Ben Stiller, Robert Downey Jr and Jack Black out annually to promote the game…two teams on the bottom of the ladder duke it out in a high scoring affair. Lynch, Kolodkardashian and RiskyTelly best as the Suns get local bragging rights.

Goodesy returned to footy on Saturday night and the Geelong crowd hopefully put the matter to bed cos everyone has heard enough on that. Inspirational Skipper Selwood (200 games) ran thru the same banner as Luke Parker who’d got to 100. Goodes got tagged by Kolodkardashian #2. Cats made a BIG statement. Swandive!

O’Roughead (he looks Irish) was out of bounds. Hawks flew west on the rebound to beat the Eagles and they did. But not before a major scare. The Hawks, wearing their fab-u-lous satin Siegfried and Roy uniform, only got the lead midway thru the last. Gaff starred but Hawks swoop by 14pts. Josh Kennedy 4. Both will go deep in finals.

Worth noting in multicultural round that Paul Roos’ concreting at the Demons is setting well. From there, the building can start. However it’s got to set and it will, revolving around Hogan’s Heroes who kicked 4 against the Roos on Sunday. North managed to start well and not play 4 quarters before winning by 35pts. Higgins BOG.

Bombers flew out of the blocks before 10,000 fans in multicultural Oz’s heartland, Western Sydney. But for inaccuracy, Dons might’ve got an overdue win. GWS managed to reel in the Bombers to post a 32pt win. Giles won the hitouts for the Dons. Scully re-injured that shoulder used to carry north all those bags of cash.

Despite the Saints having a good record against Freo in recent years, that counted for 0. A 7 goal opening by the Dockers led to a 10 goal lead at the main break and Freo meant business. Enough of the doubters, Freo managed 15 goals and need to keep forward 50 viability to get deeper into September. Saints inaccurate – a killer.



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Check out Ladbrokes prices for this round



  1. Bec. Blossomvictory says

    Beautiful summary of the round. Do we really need rounds to be racially named? The intention is genuine and commendable, however, the basic principle of mankind evolution has always been ‘Survival of the Fittest’. Globalization / multiculturalization are just mere parts of this reflection anyway, nothing new. lol

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