Round 17 – St Kilda v Melbourne: Achievements and Winning Mind

Sunday, 17 July 2016
3:20 pm (2:20 pm just short of Gion Festival Venue)
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne


Writing in English has been my interest for years. To widen job opportunities and to gain skills, I took an Irish based online course called ALISON in 2012 and 2013.


In the previous night, I have no idea why, but suddenly I wanted to Google myself and found an ALISON article featuring me. I had not been unaware by then.


It’s a story of my writing including what I have done with the online courses and contributing here on the Almanac website.


Such an achievement cannot be done without my English speaking friends who were/are patient with my English, a great opportunity to live and work in New Zealand, Yvette who invited me to the Almanac and Almanackers who are nice to me. Thanks all!


The mighty Saints were set to break the club record for the most number of streaks in this match. Before the game, 13 streaks were recorded against Fitzroy, Richmond and Melbourne. Like having been unaware of the above article, our achievement would be unclear until the final siren.


We were supposed to have winning minds to beat Demons. Our streaks are bigger than 11 straight win for Geelong over Hawthorn after the infamous Kennett curse.


But the first quarter didn’t reflect on the previous 13 matches against the red and blue. They dominated the ball and got enough space to score goals. It was hard for us to hold the ball. Sadly my passion turned to anger but I hoped my boys got my message.


After Billings’ behind in the second quarter, the opponent still dominated. But in around six minute, Saints started improving touching footy and it was the sign to bounce back. Sadly Dunstan missed the straight goal in seven minutes. Paul Roos seemed to be disappointed and Alan Richardson was calm. Congestion continued and Gresham pushed the ball for a behind. We were trailed by 16 points.


Riewoldt, Bruce, Armitage and Weller showed our footy (ball works on the field), but the number 44 missed. Then our new goal kicker Membrey scored the first goal at the second quarter.


Steven’s long kicking towards the goal square led two tackles made by two Saints. Montagna was awarded a free kick from the deep inside 50 and scored a goal. He saved us again like did last year when he kicked the winning score against the same opponent. At the time everyone was excited. Indeed I was and Richo reacted with a big excitement in the box.


Montagna’s great work continued. He kicked the ball nicely to Bruce. Then he scored a goal putting us in front. Montagna who presents the Engine Room on the club website started the engine for all our boys.


Geary stood up to boost scores even if he is a defender. McKenzie, Ross and Riewoldt passed the ball well. It went in the congestion area and the ball went back. Then Geary took a mark and scored his first goal of the season. After his second goal, our boys embraced him. We form a great group with strong winning minds.


We led by seven points in the main break.


Weller’s first goal for the third quarter was six in a row for us. Then Membrey took a mark and Paul Roos showed anxiety up in the box. It was only a behind at the time, but he scored a goal after the behind.


Our skipper took a mark 30 metres but missed. Then Jack Watts was off to the medical room.


An umpire gave Dees a free kick at the middle of the quarter. What was wrong? I didn’t see any high tackle or whatever illegal conduct. Then young McKenzie missed a goal.


Another unclear free kick brought Demons the first goal since the first quarter. Then the margin narrowed to 11 points at the last break.


“Can we keep streaks or are they ending the woes towards us?” I would ask myself if I keep watching the game live. I was on and off on the game day because I had to work at 4:00 pm onwards (my time).


The last quarter started and Paul Roos tried to play down his anxiety. Alan Richardson crossed his arms and tired to remain calm.


But Gawn took a mark and Richo was anxious like Roos. He scored a goal and the margin was only five. Demons kicked four goals in a row.


Again Dees got a free kick and seemed to push towards their goal square. But their gun Hogan took a high strike towards Geary and was reported.


It was our turn for a free kick. We did coast to coast ball works and Gresham got a passenger. Riewoldt got a ball and kicked straight to the post. Roos was unhappy hit the phone on the table. Then quick unanswered goal was scored by Weller.


Our skipper took a chest mark but his knee was not fit well to score another goal. I’m worried of him unable to score many goals these days.


But afterwards Roberton kicked a long goal. We seemed to widen the margin!


Once the margin narrowed to 22 and then Bruce kicked a goal. Once again CH 7 coverage showed Rooey’s anxious facial expression.


Last minute goal was scored by Dunstan, but Richo was still calm.


The siren sounded and we won by 36 points. We set the new winning streak record with 14 marching ins.


I’m so relieved to see such an achievement made by the mighty Saints.


Next week, we face Bulldogs who won comfortably against Suns in Cairns. It will be a big challenge. I advise my boys to have winning minds which I believe bring us an opportunity to play finals in September.


My writing path is still going. Having an article published in print and acknowledgement on the ALISON website are not the end. I always strive to win the writing award and just do my job. Hopefully this winning mind set brings me a brand new job and a bright life path.


Saints and I are combining the power to achieve our goals.


PS: Gion Festival is one of the biggest event nationwide and there was a big parade after the game, but I had no chance to see another ‘marching in’ broil had to work.


ST KILDA 3.3 8.6 10.12 15.20 (110)

MELBOURNE 6.2 6.5 9.7 11.8 (74)


St Kilda: Membrey 4, Weller 3, Geary 2, Montagna, Bruce, Riewoldt, Weller, Roberton, Dunstan
Melbourne: Petracca 2, Garlett 2, Gawn 2, Watts, van den Berg, Hogan, Viney, Kennedy


St Kilda: Hickey, Membrey, Steven, Weller, Ross, Montagna
Melbourne: Viney, Vince, T.McDonald, Jetta, Harmes


Our votes
Membrey (STK 3), Weller (STK 2), Montagna (STK 1)


Official crowd: 25,322

About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Neil Anderson says

    Congratulations on your writing efforts being published Yoshi. It is always a big thrill if we can get something published, especially when we are first starting out with our writing. Great for us who have English as our first language, even more commendable for you writing in your second language.
    We are so lucky we have the Almanac to practise our skills and receive positive feedback from other writers.
    St Kilda versus the Bulldogs should be a good match on Saturday. It doesn’t matter where the teams are on the ladder, there is going to be a lot of upset wins over the next six weeks.

  2. Thank you for your congratulating and sharing your thoughts on writing, Neil!

    Seeing our articles published is great for us writers, isn’t it?

    Thinking about footy, I would use metaphors like:
    Being published articles online can be kicking a goal or winning the match.
    Feature articles can be awarded like kicking a super goal or being on the top eight on the ladder.
    Seeing articles in print can be like kicking a winning goal in a closed game or winning Grand Final.

    Back to footy, both of our clubs won tough games in Round 16 and had comfortable wins last weekend, I look forward to seeing how footy will be played on Saturday night.



  3. I enjoy your writing and enthusiasm for St Kilda, Yoshi.
    Having now won 14 games in a row against Melbourne, I bet your beloved Saints wish they could play the Demons every week.

  4. Hi FitzroyPete,

    I’m glad to hear you enjoy reading my stories and seeing my enthusiasm to support St Kilda. Thanks so much!

    Facing only Demons would be good for the win, but seeing other clubs is good and that’s how the competition should be. I could say I wish I could play clubs like Dees.

    Anyway I need to get ready and motivated to support Saints tomorrow for the game against Doggies.



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