Round 17 – Carlton v Hawthorn: The flipside of twenty years ago

Carlton v Hawthorn, Etihad, 24 July 2015


It was a dark, wet and windy night outside Etihad this Friday. Inside, at about 7 pm, the spread out crowd weren’t huddling together to keep warm, but it sure felt like they should be. Not much atmosphere unless you like the Antarctic. The darkness continued with the prematch harking back to 1995, a year of celebration for the Blues, with the dimming of the lights and display of that year’s grand final winners’ team list. The white picket fencing image and old Princess Park (Optus Oval) grandstand names I’m sure warmed the hearts of some Blues fans, but for this Hawks supporter just reinforced memories of dark days indeed, including an over 100 point loss to the Blues twenty years ago,.

Who knew such a reversal was about to unfold? I suspect you could take a report of that 1995 game, swap the Carlton 1995 names for the Hawthorn 2015 ones, and vice versa, and end up with a reasonable facsimile of the night’s result.

Carlton turned on entertaining prematch other stuff, with a lucky car boot key and Captain Carlton landing via flying fox. The footballs handballed into the crowd by him and Pluck-a-duck were probably appreciated by the bottom level crowd. No joy for the general admission mob around me up on level 3. Parkin and Kernahan bringing in the 1995 premiership cup was a nice touch.

Menzel was a late withdrawal, otherwise both teams lined up as listed. So then it was down to business, and Hawthorn showed just what can be served up in the 21st century. Despite winning the clearances, Carlton just couldn’t get clean delivery into their forward line. Mind you the Hawks looked a bit fumbly early, maybe they were being dragged down to Carlton’s level, and over 10 minutes played out without a goal. But it ended up 5 goals to 0 by quarter time, and the play bill for the rest of the evening was set. It was only a question of by how much.

Looking through my notes, it seems there were a lot of clangers by both sides. Plus some intercepts and turnovers, for example Jones’ goal. There were many great leads by Hawks’ players, honoured by their team mates. Hartung snapped a good goal on the run. Half time entertainment included choosing a ‘best dressed’ fan in the crowd (Buzz Lightyear), and touting guernseys for $95. By three quarter time, the crowd exodus had begun, and there were probably less than 10 000 remaining for the final siren and song.

I’m glad I attended to see the exhibition the Hawks put on, and a club record losing margin is one that will live on in the record books. But such a contrast to the match a few years ago when Buddy kicked his 100th goal. Swings and roundabouts, as the reminisces of 20 years ago attest.


Goals: Hawthorn: 6 Gunston; 3 Breust, Puopolo, 2 Lewis, Schoenmakers, Rioli, Hartung, Roughead, McEvoy, 1 Hodge, Hale, O’Rourke

Carlton: 1 Everitt, Jones, Bell, Boekhorst


Best: Hawthorn: Lewis, Gunston, Hartung, Mitchell, Gibson

Carlton: Murphy


Crowd: 26 815


My votes: 3 Lewis, 2 Gunston, 1 Hartung

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My first VFL memory is perched on my grandfather's shoulders watching a game at Glenferrie Oval during the school holidays, probably about 1968. Other football immersion is from many hours assisting my father doing maintenance or selling savs at the Tarrawingee football ground during the 1970s.


  1. aussie80s says

    I remember that 1995 game well. That day I paid an extra $20 to get a reserved seat in the old Hawthorn Stand (not sure what it was called by then as Hawthorn had moved to VFL Park) and knew we were in trouble straight away. I think Mil Hanna had 5 goals by quarter time.It was a depressing game to walk out of after a 102 point loss.

    We owe Carlton plenty and what they got on the weekend is only a down-payment of the debt that needs to be repaid. Our overall win-loss record is still about 40 behind balancing the ledger of 60 wins and 102 losses

    When I started following the Hawks in 1976 our win loss record against Carlton was about 20 wins 72 losses. We had lost our first 25 straight against them. They had kicked a League record score of 30.30.210 against us in 1969. Our highest score against them in over 50 years to that point was just 120 points and our greatest winning margin was 60 points in 1971. Our longest winning streak was 3 games against them.

    It is nice to see a current record winning streak of 12, greatest winning margin and lowest score Carlton have kicked against us. Its all part of slowly balancing the ledger.

    Go Hawks

  2. Evidently, the umpires focus on a different interpretation each week, so why don’t the public know this? This is garbage. It seems to me that if Hawthorn knew, why didn’t every club. The public should not be left in the dark, they should be told by either Wayne Campbell or Haydn Kennedy mid week.. Let the people know mid week so the players, clubs and the bloody public are not left shaking their heads about what the umpires are doing. If the umpires want more respect from the public, everyone should know. There should be transparency that all can see.

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