Round 17 – Cam Hooke’s Collingwood Life: Disappointing or disgraceful?

Well, that was disappointing; actually disgraceful might also work as a good descriptor.  Our fifth loss in a row.  We are well outside the Eight (and below Geelong on the ladder).


At the end of the first quarter I reported:

No system into the Forward line, and

Our Backs off their men and looking slow.


The things I’d add to these observations at the end of the game would be:

We were soundly beaten out of the Centre, and

Their ‘rebound’ out of their Backline (or direct from a dominated Centre) and access to goal was fantastic (credit where it is due).

I love Varcoe’s application, wherever he happens to be.  He sets an outstanding example to everyone.


I think there’s a bit in Buck’s view after the game.


A glimmer of hope in an otherwise murky weekend; Dwyer, Marsh and Seedsman amongst the Best (second week in a row BOG for Dwyer) in our VFL side.  And Reid survived – that’s something.


We need some changes.  White – OUT; he  contributed little – his two goals were ‘gimmes’.  Some speed into the Backline – Scharenberg, Marsh?  Your views?


And Geelong won against a pretty insipid GWS (apart from that first GWS goal).  Actually Geelong weren’t that impressive either.


This week?  Melbourne on Saturday.  More on this later once I’ve settled down.


This was the first game I’d watched in over a month.  Not fun.


Go Pies.



  1. Cam, Little consolation, I know, but I thought there was plenty of positives to come out of the loss for Collingwood.

    If he doesn’t get too far ahead of himself, Darcy Moore will be every bit as influential in games as his old man was. What a beauty.

    Collingwood’s game plan requires a lot of running and there’s too many guys who just don’t have the tank to execute Bucks’ plan. Yet. Another two pre-seasons under their belts and you should be right to go.

    As an Essendon supporter, you know that saying this makes me want to stick needles into my eyes, don’t you?

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