Round 16 – Essendon v St Kilda: Bitter win and strategy required

Sunday, 10 July 2016
4:20 pm (3:20 pm Kyoto)
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne


St Kilda boys might have been tired from the previous match against Gold Coast. Due to humidity here in Kyoto, my body functions seem not to work properly.


It’s been a rainy season (Tsuyu in the Japanese language) here in the west Japan and I don’t like this climate. However sun had risen before the Doggies vs Tigers game on the previous day and the sun still smiled to us. I hoped we would rise again.


But the game started so slow. We couldn’t break the Bombers’ defense line again! Where has our attacking footy gone? It took ten minutes to score by the opponent.


Then our superstar Nick came back to the goal square taking a good chest mark. I expected a great Nick show. But he only managed to score a behind. He must have been tired, and do we need Paddy to boost goals?


However Newnes’ nice tackle let us move back the ball towards our goal square. Membrey kicked towards our forward pocket. Weller and two Bombers tried to touch, but the ball was dropped and Nick picked, ran towards the posts and score our first goal. He showed good kicking skills there.


His running and Montagna’s run just after the first bounce were good. Tiredness doesn’t apply to these two veterans.


In the congestion, Ross caught a ball and started ball works (handballs, kicks and passes) to Dunstan, Acres, Steven, Gresham and Newnes. Newnes turned the body to get a good position in the close congestion and kicked a goal at 40 seconds left at the first quarter.


The second quarter started nicely with a hit out and great midfield works. Steven and Armitage kicked towards the forward pocket as well as Wright. Bruce missed taking a mark but Wright caught a ball and kicked towards the goal pocket where Armitage took a chest mark. As only 16 metre away, Armo kicked a goal easily just in a minute.


Later, Riewoldt couldn’t take a mark or catch a ball, but Membrey took a ball and passed to Ross who kicked a goal at 13:10 reminding.


At 2:30 reminding, after Essendon got a 50-metre penalty, being called play on, Ambrose took time to kick a ball but Steven tackled. Good job Jackie and it’s so funny!


The last half we required patience, including the technical issues on Watch AFL which I had to wait until late Monday night to watch the replay of Q4.


After the goal kicked by Gresham at the third quarter, we moved the ball well – Hickey kicked towards the dangerous zone where Bruce picked the ball and scored the goal. It took only 23 seconds after the bounce. I like attacking footy with fast pace.


Mostly Essendon put a lot of pressures in the last half. They created open space and defended well against us.


But at 2:28 left at the last quarter, Steven used open space in the goal square to score a goal. Once again it was created after our ball work going coast to coast by Hickey and Bruce.


After his good performance, we allowed Bombers a goal and ended the game with a bitter 11-point win.


Now we have more wins than last year, but I am not relieved. Richo sprayed our boys at the last break. We need more energy to pressure opponents to create open space so that we can play attacking footy.


Kicking skills need to be improved. This strategy applies not only towards goal posts but also to teammates. To do so reading skills are essential.


To be honest, practising to kick faster is needed to Savage and Gilbert. They were often tackled due to slow kicking and handling with balls.


Also great marks are essential. Taking a mark in the congestion, especially in the goal square creates more opportunities to score goals as well as blocking opponents from scoring.


St Kilda supporters have already been patient enough, as well as Richo. Our boys really need to answer the coach and fans. I believe we can, but want the boys to train hard. But they need the best conditions with most energy on game days. Probably supporters need to be patient not to see social videos such as playing video games, golf and driving a car on the club’s website, App and social media, even if boys need to have fun.


Meanwhile I need a better environment to perform better inside and outside profession. I want the rainy season to go soon.


ESSENDON 2.3 6.7 10.10 14.14 (98)
ST KILDA 4.3 8.5 12.7 17.7 (109)


Essendon: Fantasia 3, Laverde 2, McDonald-Tipungwuti 2, Daniher 2, Parish, Dempsey, Hams, Brown, Merrett
St Kilda: Membrey 5, Weller 2, Steven, Ross, Dunstan, Riewoldt, Newnes, Roberton, Armitage, Gresham, Bruce, Minchington


Essendon: Merrett, Fantasia, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Hartley, Goddard, Kelly
St Kilda: Steven, Geary, Membrey, Hickey, Ross, Newnes, Armitage


Our Votes
Steven (STK 3), Ross (STK 2), Armitage (STK 1)


Umpires: Brown, Findlay, Fleer


Official crowd: 25,204

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