Round 15 – Melbourne v St Kilda: Saints defeat the Devils

Melbourne versus St Kilda
1:10 pm, Sunday, July 1, 2018


Barry Hall’s remarkable comment on our champion Leigh Montagna’s wife Erinn made on Friday night angered me.


My empathy goes towards the couple. The former goal kicker should have just wished them a healthy baby .


Barry was sacked, but I have no trust in Triple M as other presenters were laughing on the controversial comment.


Moving on to Sunday – all I wanted was my Saints preventing the Demons from dominating on field.


To watch the game live and arrive at our footy training on time, I didn’t hesitate to leave home in Kyoto at 9ish. I cooked lunch at home and took it to the Osaka Castle Park, and then watched the match at a Starbucks cafe located in the park.


On the JR Osaka Loop Line train, I talked to West Coast supporters who were heading to Nara. Then at the cafe, a Bulldogs supporting bloke had sat next to me until I started watching footy, as well as his Bomber girlfriend.


Demons dominated the footy at first as I had expected (but hadn’t wanted to happen), but we got the ball by a contested incepted mark.


But our opponents used their evil spirits. Savage’s miss kicking got me swearing in my notebook. Even I wished we could have kept Ben McEvoy.


Fritsch kicked the first goal of the day and Brayshaw snatched two in a row.


Our competitiveness was gone and it would be a big loss, I thought. Maybe I should hit the footy ground earlier than watching my club playing live?


The future big Saint, Josh Battle took a big mark. He kicked from 42 metres out, but only a minor score was given.


Sinclair’s attempt only brought us a point too.


It was too early to give up.


After Battle’s another minor score, McCartin took a mark and did his job. Our coach Alan Richardson was calm on his recent game day office of the bench.


Gresham’s collecting of the footy in the centre and long kick delivered finally to Membrey. He scored a goal.


Then Armitage did a good up handpass to Dunstan.


McCartin was awarded a 50-metre penalty and provided us a good opportunity to put us in front. It was done. Good boy Paddy!


Billings kicked long towards goal post and it seemed a behind. But he was tackled and played on instead of being awarded a free kick. Then Gresham picked footy and pushed into the centre goal posts.


Melksham’s behind and Neil-Bullen’s goal were scored for Melbourne. We led by a point at the first break.


My worrying and being nervous that I have very often on St Kilda games came up at the second quarter.


Carlisle’s inability to take an incept mark at the beginning, Fritsch’s goal and then Petracca’s one we’re making such emotions. Plus buffering made me grumpy.


However positive actions overwrote all that. Savage’s long goal was the answer to Fritsch. Membrey’s second goal for the day was described beautiful and smart kick by the former Melbourne champion Garry Lyon.


I wanted a ‘please explain’ from my favourite Saint David Armitage when he didn’t kick towards the goal posts from 40 metres out with a 45-degree angle, and instead towards Savage.


But Clark was awarded a free kick and the top Demon Simon Goodwin showed a ‘WTF?’  expression in the coaches box. My notebook has written in it “Simon Badloss WTF?” I didn’t want him to get a good win on Sunday, but a bad loss.


Clark and then Steele finished their jobs. After Paddy missing, Newnes followed.


Saints led by 15 points and Simon ‘hopefully Badloss’ Goodwin’s head was down on his upstairs office.


However Tyson answered trying to please his boss.


But my favourite Saint Armo kicked after the siren. Good stuffs and my hope to beat Dees dominated in my heart.


Unfortunately my positive thoughts didn’t last long. Only behinds were scored. When Savage’s good mark in the centre was passed to Newnes and then Membrey got a good opportunity at 36 metres out, Simon got a headache in the coaches box. Sadly only a minor score was brought.


The bad chain creating my worry (like Simon, eh?) ended with our young small forward Gresham’s two consecutive goals.


Membrey followed this great path with a goal from 46 metres out.


It was the first game for an Irish defender Darragh Joyce. He demonstrated good performances including an intercept mark at the late third quarter.


The last break was the time to leave the cafe heading to my weekly footy training. The mighty Saints led by 22 points and my hopes were high.


It was hard to put myself into the full training mode as the game had been going well for the Saints.


Checking the score while walking was frequent.


Hitting the footy field to practise on my own before the official training didn’t distract me from wondering how the game was played.


Goal kicking on my own and respond drills under the pressure were okay. Then I have decided to get the live coverage just before the final siren sounded.


My worry rose. Demons dominated footy and our lead was only 14. Dees didn’t stop. I started worrying to lose by my third rival in the competition.


But we kicked and handballed well, not giving Dees an opportunity to score another goal.


The final siren sounded and our club song was played at the ‘G.


I was so relieved and really happy to beat against the team who were alleged to tank the game against us in 2009 to get an early draft.


We had never lost until ‘Badloss’ became their head coach. Simon had won all three matches against us as Melbourne senior coach.


I am so happy his surname didn’t match the outcome of the game.


On the other hand, my kicks at the Dingoes training were not great as my boys did.


My worry came up when we had handpass drills of five on two. My teammate instructed me what to do, but I was hard on myself to collect footy. I should know it would create open space for the opponent, but my craziness occupied…


Marking contest was hard too. Simply I seem to need more experiences.


Unlike St Kilda’s good efforts and performances, I was not good at the last training before the IMPACT Invitational Cup that will be held on Saturday this weekend.


At night, Matt questioned me how I could be like Stephen Milne at my age. I know I won’t kick long like how he has done. My runs would be applied too. I am not a professional player, but want to score goals.


Relaxing would bring me better outcome than being hard on myself. Sadly it’s reflected on my character and I admit I can’t take it easy.


I hope hardworking rewards me eventually, like Lenny Hayes’ great playing career.


MELBOURNE 4.2 9.3 11.6 18.9 (117)
ST KILDA 4.3 11.6 14.10 18.11 (119)

Melbourne: Fritsch 4, Harmes 3, Hogan 3, Brayshaw 2, Petracca, Tyson, T.McDonald, Neal-Bullen, Melksham, Lewis
St Kilda: Gresham 4, Membrey 4, McCartin 2, Savage, Steele, Clark, Newnes, Armitage, Billings, Battle, Steven

Melbourne: Gawn, Brayshaw, Harmes, Viney
St Kilda: Carlisle, Billings, Gresham, Sinclair, Steele, Steven, Armitage

3. Gresham (STK); 2. Carlisle (STK); 1. Armitage (STK)

Umpires: Deboy, Gavine, Pannell

Official crowd: 38,910


About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. A very enjoyable read as always, Yoshi.
    I watched the end of the St Kilda-Melbourne game and thought the Saints couldn’t possibly lose when they lead by 22 points with about three minutes’ playing time remaining.
    Had they lost it would’ve been an injustice, with the potential to derail the Saints’ campaign completely for the remainder of 2018.
    Love your clever play on words re the Demons’ coach Simon “Badloss”.
    Keep on kicking with the Dingoes.

  2. Yvette Wroby says

    Hi Yoshi,

    I love when the Saints win. I love when you play footy. I hope that you go easier on yourself. All you can do is your best in everything you try. If you are doing that, you are doing like Milne. Just do your best. He missed plenty and made mistakes. It’s OK to make mistakes in life and footy – if you learn from them.

  3. G’day Yoshi, a great win by your chaps.

    We put on the TV early in the first term, noting Melbourne had 3 early goals,your chaps hadn’t scored. Didn’t they fight back well. McCartin’s first quarter would be the best football i’ve seen him play.

    At 1/4 time, 1/2 time, the expectations were Melbourne would over run the Saints, but in the ‘premiership quarter’, your Saints delivered. The last term was tense at times, as Viney seemed to win every centre break but the Saints held on: great win.

    All the best for your footy Yoshi.


  4. G’day and thanks for your comments and compliments!

    FitzroyPete – If we lost, it was like how Richmond lost games in the last seconds. I was worried of such a loss, but our good ball use at the last seconds kept the lead and won. I’m glad that we didn’t derail us. Thanks for your wishes on my on field performances. Unfortunately it’s been raining for days and I had to evacuate last night (I have gone back to home now).

    Yvette – Thanks a lot for your great advice. Enjoying and hardworking are both important and the balance should be made. I think Milney trained hard to be a great goal kicker, so I follow his path. Hope we perform well tomorrow even the heavy rain is forecasted.

    Glen – McCartin was great, I agree with you. He’s improving and blossoming his great talents. We had been competitive for several weeks, so it’s good that we beat such an expectation. Thanks for your wishes on my footy too.



  5. Guru Gus says

    Good luck Yoshi in your footy endeavors with the Dingoes – always good to hear your update musings on the Saints, and fantastic to see you chose Milney’s number!

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