Round 15 – Carlton v Collingwood: Beating the Blues (Floreat Pica Society)



Got to the game after a hectic day after a hectic week, so I was a tad off the boil. Wasn’t really looking forward to the game for the obvious reason – I wasn’t confident. They – The Poos i.e. – were higher on the ladder and seemed to have developed a bit of team spirit. And you could hardly say that The Pies were a settled side eh? So, as I said, I was not confident. But, then again, we had beaten the Catters hadn’t we? Against all of the pundits too, so I hadn’t chucked it in. But confident? No.


As we were getting in amongst the throng Doug observation was “ Gee they’re different aren’t they?” They were. Carlton supporters now have a certain look about them. Different from before. They’ve come for blood tonight – but with a semi-haunted look. After 20 years of self-inflicted underperformance, they are not a happy bunch. They are not like Doggie supporters or Melbourne supporters or St Kilda supporters or any other long suffering bottom-of-the-ladder dwellers they just can’t cop it. What’s gone wrong?


Like a spoilt rich kid who’s blown his inheritance and just can’t get used to the taste of bake beans…..


The game starts.


Six minutes in, and it’s 26 handballs to 5. We’ve certainly over-cooked it. 71/2 minutes and Darcy Moore has taken a grab after a nice bit of play and slots it. Pendles – Mr Smooth – is starting to impact. The Cheats get their 2nd after some nice play. The Pies falling down up forward – not getting numbers forward when required. Turnovers are killing us. Pendles gets it out, follows up and snags a Captain’s goal on his left. Massive. Greenwood follows up hacking one from the goal square.


¼ time Pies 3:5, Blues 3:3.


A mixed bag of errors and turnovers from both sides. To summarise, Pendlebury – very, very good – 12 disposals, 4 more than anyone else on the ground – Varcoe very polished, great passing, Crisp busy early but gone quiet, Treloar tried hard but faded towards the end, Benny Reid very, very good down back, Sidebottom unseen, Darcy Moore has done a couple of good things and Clokey has got himself into the game a bit and having an impact.


Seven and a half minutes into the ¼ and no one has kicked a score yet and the game is particularly ordinary. Unbelievable. The last 3 or 4 minutes have been appalling. Lots of endeavour but very poor decision making by both sides and the bounce has been terrible….  Finally Brodie breaks the stalemate and kicks a really good goal. Two minutes later the opposing no 4, Bryce Gibbs, squares it up with a nice goal too, back to a 2 point margin.


½ time, Pies 5.5, Baggers 4.6


It’s been a pretty ordinary ¼ – flashes of good play, not a lot of system by both sides. Impression was that Carlton were a bit lucky – we had a lot of the play but lacked forward penetration. Pendlebury still streets in front of everyone on the ground, Sidebottom still not doing enough, Aish started to lift..


During the break, I’m looking around at the electronic signs and there’s one sign (repeated over and over and over,,,,) which says “Bound by Blue” which at 1st glance reads “Beyond Blue” and another on the next level which says “Officialcarltonfc” which at 1st glance looks like “Officiallycatatonic”.


No wonder the sullen mob are depressed.


Four minutes into the 3rd and Collingwood look good but just BUTCHER it going into the forward line. Terrible. No system. Carlton are keeping us in it as they are turning it over just as much as we are. 16 minutes in and Brodie has taken a hanger which was disallowed (@$^&&^%$#^&!!!!!) however it comes back to him and he kicks one anyway. The Pies are definitely playing with better endeavour – not cleaner at the ball – but just better endeavour. Tempo has gone up, Carlton attacking with some clean possessions but to no avail. The Pies going in hard and a point to the Baggers. Getting exciting even though it’s messy. Adam Treloar just had a an amazing attack on the ball – it was just great to watch. Darcy misses from 40 out to the side. After some good play, Cloke has a tough shot from 35 and 50+ degrees. Doug tips a point to “tidy up” the scoreboard to make it an even 18 point, 3 goal lead.


Doug tips correctly. The siren sounds and that’s the margin at ¾ time a short, 25min 46second quarter.


Pies 50, Cheats 32


Early into the last, The Sack continues to play well and Varcoe is very clean. At 7 minutes in play is stopped as Ciaran Byrne as carted off with what looks like a knee. Poor bastard. You just hate seeing that. Play starts again and we see Aish take a free 55 out and kicks a low raking kick to….. nowhere. With two talls down there he should have kicked it high to the goal square and given them a chance. Poor decision making and symptomatic of the forward setup all night. 11minutes and 25 seconds in and there has not been a score from either side. Tempo’s gone off the game.


After a piece of absolute brilliance by Pendlebury to Aish to De Goey, Blair finishes it off beautifully. 3 Goals up and it seems like enough. The Poos get one back and that’s it.


The Pies played better all night really, dunno why the margin was so close in the end. The forward set up is all over the shop.


Pies 8:9, Poos 6:9


On another note, it was good to see SOSOS – Son of Stephen, Son of Serge Silvani play his debut. That hanger that his dad, Stephen, Spiderman, did over Craig Starcevich (?) at the G in 1988 will live in my mind forever. Got a standing ovation from everyone, Pie supporters included.


This kid can play to.


Votes for the McGuane/ McKenna/Thomas Shield are as follows:


I shared the last 3 votes as I couldn’t split them, so,

1          Adam Treloar. I like this bloke. I like him a lot. I like his attitude. Has genuine dash. Is a straight ahead style of player who is not afraid to take anyone on even if he gets caught occasionally.  Has drive. He’s a go-to player already and a future leader. Reminds me a lot of a young Nathan without the figjam thing.

1          Tyson Goldsack aka Goldie aka The Sack. Best game I have seen him play for quite a while. Was good early and got better as the game wore on. His last quarter was just terrific and clinched it for me. Gunna be sore tomorrow after a knee to the back, very courageous.

1          Jarryd Blair aka Blairy aka Shorty. Sure, he’s favourite of mine, but really had a cracker tonight. Just continues to give.

3          Scott Pendlebury aka Mr Silky. BOG without question. Just amazing how he can constantly create something out of nothing. A great champion of The Club. For all of you young kids out there, when you are old and frail, you will be able to tell your grandchildren: “I saw Scott Pendlebury play.” and they will want to know more.


Special mentions to:


Brodie – should’ve polled really, just couldn’t fit him in somehow. Just gets fitter, stronger and smarter. Will be a champion. A huge heart.


Ben Reid – Very, very, very solid all night. Did not make a mistake. A class act.


Varcoe – I said it last year and I’ll say it again: Whoever recruited this bloke needs a medal. Was definitely in the votes up to mid-way into the 3rd then faded a touch. Provides pace , vision and leadership.


Trav – had a great game and a big contributor. I think he kicked 1:2 however his work around the ground and ball delivery was excellent. Looked confident playing away from goals with Darcy and Tex getting forward.


Floreat Pica


Frank Taylor

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