Round 13 – St Kilda v Adelaide: Disappointments, sadness and anger

Saturday 12 June 2021
7:25 pm
Cazaly’s Stadium, Cairns


How come a win fade when we kept the Crows scoreless at the first quarter? Where were our classes in ball uses and goal kicking?


The Cairns match was the worst game I have seen since I had been blooded the red, white and black in 2012.


The loss to Fremantle after a big lead last year was also shocking, and my mood was very low on the train to the Dingoes training on that day.


I was on the same boat on Saturday night and kept feeling bad on Sunday morning. It was a game, but my passions of supporting the mighty Saints are huge with loyalty.


Social media and Footy Classified added my sadness and anger. Bagging and criticising players and coaches are so horrible. Why do many St Kilda supporters behave so bad this year on social media? Why can’t they think how their negative comments affect players, coaches, club officials and fellow fans?


And a Melbourne Renegades BBL and Gold Coast Suns supporter twittering a racist comment on Paddy Ryder is so furious. What has the legend done on Saturday night? No matter how he performs, racism is not tolerated.


The 33-year-old ruckman handled it well and Patrick Dangerfield did too.


Stop racism STK

A beautiful photo urging to stop racism (credit: Katrina Leferink)


But I get annoyed with someone’s comment on Paddy facing racism made on a St Kilda podcast channel’s Facebook post. I sense her comment is a discrimination of people who take challenges to live daily because of mental status. As a person who is carrying Asperger’s forever, I am extremely angry with such a comment.


Then Caroline Wilson and Kane Cornes create my bad week. How come the arrogant journalists criticising Seb Ross and Tim Membrey for going back to Victoria in order to prioritise their families? I am so angry with both. Especially the former Power. Kane, if you are in such a situation, what would you do?


I wonder how they can keep their jobs? Podcasts are far better than mainstream media these days!


The club CEO Matt Finnis handles the criticism well, and Seb responds towards supporters so nicely.


I back Paddy, Seb and Skunk. They are great boys.


The collision between Hunter Clark and David McKey is in big discussions and the circumstances are so complicated. Both were chasing the footy and the ball was loosened. McKey hit Clark’s jaw.


Some people argue that it is the nature of footy and would change the game forever if McKay was suspended. Saints supporters are happy McKay being sent straight to the Tribunal.


I think McKay could have avoided the collision and at least a free kick should have been awarded to St Kilda. It was the turning point to slowing down for the Saints. The collision cost the game, I reckon.


It’s so sad, but negatives won’t change anything.


Together we wise.


ST KILDA     4.3 7.6 8.9 8.12 (60)
ADELAIDE  0.0 2.6 6.6 9.12 (66)


St Kilda: King 2, Wood 2, Butler, Byrnes, Crouch, Sinclair
Adelaide: Thilthorpe 3, McAdam, Mackay, Rowe, Sloane, Smith, Walker


St Kilda: Steele, Highmore, Dunstan, Howard, Crouch, Higgins, Sinclair
Adelaide: Seedsman, Keays, Laird, Doedee, Smith, Thilthorpe


St Kilda: Clark (jaw)
Adelaide: Nil


St Kilda: Jack Bytel (replaced Hunter Clark)
Adelaide: Lachie Sholl


Crowd: 5969



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About Yoshihiro Imagawa

Love, passion and pride are seen on the footy that is the biggest part of my life. 1. St Kilda Club member: I am a passionate and crazy Sainter. Just hope we will win the second flag soon, especially after Dogs and Tigers having ended long premiership draughts. 2. The Osaka Dingoes Player and Public Relations Officer: Player number 44 that I chose to honour Stephen Milne with my wish being like a small forward like him. Lenny Hayes' hardworking attitudes are adopted on my trainings and practices. Nick Riewoldt's great plays are in my player audiobook too. 3. Writing: Here on the Almanac and also on the World Footy News. My skills utilise on great footy websites.


  1. Football Analyst says

    Everything is so sad about St Kilda this year.

    They have had no luck at all with long term injuries to many of their better players as well as a much harder draw this year because they finished 6th last season.

    I want the Mighty Saints to have a mid season review now and get to the bottom of their injury situation, lack of fitness in running out games, poor kicking for goal, bad turnovers and a bad game plan.

    We no longer accept mediocrity at St Kilda.

    It’s time for St Kilda to lift their game right now and deliver their very long awaited 2nd flag either next year or 2023.

    It can be done if Richmond, the Western Bulldogs and possibly Melbourne, this year, with long premiership droughts, can get more flags.

    Come on St Kilda, lift in all areas of the gamea and bring home the premiership cup soon!

  2. Hi Yoshi, I can understand your disappointment with the Saints losing after being so far in front, however I’ve seen similar instances numerous times in the past.Years ago, in the SANFL, Port Adelaide made a habit of doing the same, breaking the hearts of many teams’ supporters. I applaud the 2 players that chose to support their family over footy. I was present with all the births of my children,, a quite remarkable experience I’ll never forget. In regards the David McKay incident, I actually applaud McKay’s ATTACK ON THE BALL. He would have been severely criticized by his coach had he not done so. Although the injuries to the St Kilda player in the resulting collision were severe, I personally don’t believe a free kick was warranted (two courageous players ATTACKING THE BALL) None of the umpires awarded a free. Regarding the Paddy Rider incident, there is no possible excuse for racism anywhere. Rider is a true champion.

  3. Daryl Schramm says

    As an Adelaide follower, the headline would read disillusionment, questioning and surprise. I was at the Hobart airport about to return after a 9 day holiday to Adelaide when I checked the TV monitor in the airport lounge. The score read SK 5-6 AD 0-0. Disillusioned. How could this happen? Checked again just prior to boarding and AD managed 2 goals and a few points. Checked for score while taxiing to runway SK 7-6 AD 2-6 half time. Turned on the phone for a score and we won by a goal. How did THAT happen?

    Only the losers get questioned Yoshi. I’ve not heard of anyone challenging Adelaide’s first 30 minutes of actual playing time. 11 scoring shots to zip. I thought (upon watching the replay the next day) that the Saints’ last two goals should have sealed it. I suspect that’s what they thought too, and Adelaide continued to persevere.

    I understand your angst at the commentariat, both mainstream and social. They keep their jobs because they are provocative, even though most of it is absolute rot.

    The Clarke McKay situation is interesting. In previous years it would be clear cut (in previous years we wouldn’t even be talking about it). This year, who knows?

    Keep you head up Yoshi.

  4. Football Analyst says

    Yoshi, further to my previous comments, I completely empathise with your situation.

    I tuned in to the highlights of St Kilda’s Q & A that was held late yesterday afternoon and was shown on the evening news.

    It’s a very serious predicament that St Kilda find themselves in and let’s not sugar-coat the truth. The loss to Adelaide was the last straw. However, that loss, the Seb Ross and Tim Membrey situation to return home and the totally unacceptable racist comments made about Paddy Ryder, are only part of the problem.

    Although I have the utmost respect for David Rath, Simon Lethlean and Brett Ratten, I was not satisfied with their answers.
    Yes, Dan Hannebery, James Frawley and Sean McKernan haven’t worked out but Frawley and McKernan were only recruited to be short term back ups in case of injuries to key position players. As for Hannebery, he hasn’t been able to play much due to injury but was recruited because like North Melbourne, St Kilda were unable to land a better free agent at the time and Hannebery, as an extrovert and St Kilda’s vice captain, was needed to help lead the mainly introverted group. Unfortunately, the better free agents go to clubs like Geelong.

    I wanted answers as to why St Kilda has succumbed to 4 losses of over 50 points this year. Surely, something is wrong mentally with this playing group? What is the club actually doing to prevent this occurring on a regular basis and what is the club going to do to address their game plan, which is not working? You mentioned a similar loss to North Melbourne last year after being well ahead. Well, I also remember a similar loss to Fremantle last year too after being so far ahead. It’s definitely mental because with due respect, the quality of opposition in these defeats was not strong, like Adelaide. Yes, St Kilda did well to be 36 points up in the 3rd quarter with so many regular senior players missing, but the game goes for 100 minutes plus time on and to let Adelaide kick the last 7 goals of the match, can only be put down to the poor mental state of the players and it’s totally unacceptable.

    This would not happen if the St Kilda players kept up 100% effort for 100% of the time, which was the mantra for Ross Lyon and Grant Thomas when they coached St Kilda. An external review is absolutely essential for this season to be done over this bye weekend and St Kilda must bring in different assistant coaches from next season, like Melbourne did with Mark Williams this season and Richmond did years ago with Blake Caracella, to address the ball movement and game plan in general.

    Although Long and Lonie aren’t good enough, St Kilda generally has enough talent to push for a flag in the next few years. The game is played above the shoulders. I agreed with their recruiting of Hill, Butler, Ryder, Jones, Howard, Crouch and Higgins because the previous higher draft picks of Billings, Coffield, Hunter Clark and Max King, take years to develop and the club was unlucky that their number 1 draft Paddy McCartin, had to be delisted due to numerous concussions.

    Anyway, Yoshi, I want St Kilda to get back to contending for flags again, like they did in 2009 and 2010, only a few years before you started following them. Stick with the Mighty Saints, and together the team will rise!

    It’s all about belief for St Kilda. It will take a lot of hard work, teamwork, perseverance, trust in each other and wanting to constantly improve as a team but as long as the players and the Board are aware and acknowledge the current problem and are willing to do something very positive to address it, St Kilda must believe they can achieve the ultimate success within a few years.

    It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen (and hopefully soon!)

  5. No-one has built a flag around mature age recruits in the draft/salary cap era. St Kilda’s high price recruits like Hanneberry, Carlisle and Hill were damaged goods at their previous clubs. Add a couple of experienced hard heads once you have developed your draft talent to a competitive level, but they can never be the nucleus of a successful team. St Kilda’s recruiting strategy has been a laughing stock for the last 5 years and it will take years to unpick the salary commitments to superannuated dross.
    A rebuild starts will sacking the Football Department leadership and whatever management idiots were behind this strategy. The coach is not the problem. He is trying to make bricks with straw.

  6. You said it better than I could PB. To win a flag around a team of mature age recruits the window of opportunity is only open a short time and you need all the good luck run your way. Geelong, like St Kilda, has taken that approach. Geelong will be there in September: a premiership ?

    Geelong at least has picked up someone like Cameron, who’s in his prime,and on his day is a match winner. St Kilda in their recent recruiting has not picked anyone who is a possible match winner: maybe Higgins, a small forward is the closest they come to this. Howard, and Crouch, will provide a few years of good service but looking at other list names St Kilda has recruited no one who should be there after 2022, with very few still there even in 2022.

    Yoshi, St Kilda have good young talent like Billings, Coffield, King etc, who give you something positive to look forward to. Was 2021 the year St Kilda needed to knock some sense into the club? Often a club looks like a big improver, then goes backward for a season prior to rebounding for a great run. Geelong 2006 comes to mind, Hawthorn lost their way a bit after their 2008 flag before settling on a great run.Many years ago Richmond won the flag in 1967, then again in 1969 but were not finalists in 1966, 1968 or 1970, before playing in three grand finals for two flags in 1972-1974.

    Watching the footy on TV with my missus, another St Kilda fan, I advise her to enjoy what she can this year, then try and be patient for the future.

    All the best Yoshi.


  7. Football Analyst says

    Yoshi, I must apologise to you regarding my comments about the St Kilda players’ mental state, as excuses for losing to Adelaide this year, as well as North Melbourne and Fremantle last year, having given up big leads during the match, not to mention as excuses for their 4 fifty point plus losses so far this season.

    I should have used more appropriate wording at the time, as it has only just dawned on me that you wrote in your article about your Asperger’s and mental status. Silly me, I should have read your article far more carefully before making that comment. I hope you weren’t offended, and if you were, I am truly sorry.

    Better wording would have been that I was at a loss to explain why St Kilda would lose these 3 matches in question after being in winning positions and where was St Kilda’s effort in preventing those 4 fifty point plus losses?

    Anyway Yoshi, thank goodness football is only a game. It’s very hard to win flags now that there are 18 teams, unless you’re Richmond, Western Bulldogs, West Coast, Hawthorn or Sydney, as these are the only teams so far that have won flags since 2012, the year you started to barrack for St Kilda, as well as the year when the AFL expanded to an 18 team competition.

    Yoshi, you can dream of St Kilda winning a flag soon in a 18 team competition, and guess what, dreams can come true!

  8. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    I was bemused by Lethean’s comments about Hanneberry, Frawley and McKernan – what were they expecting? This says more about the judgement of those in charge – what was the process used to select Lethlean in the first place?

  9. Football Analyst says

    I am sorry Glen, but I think you’re being harsh on St Kilda’s recruiting.

    I am well aware they didn’t recruit any match winners, That’s the point I was trying to make that clubs like Geelong (Cameron, Rohan and Dangerfield), Lynch (Richmond) and West Coast (Tim Kelly) get very high quality players who have specifically nominated to go there because they are already top clubs. That’s why St Kilda could only get those 7 players I nominated in the last few years and I agreed with it because that’s the best they could get to fill actual specific needs on the field. You have to take risks if you’re a club like St Kilda that hasn’t tasted premiership success for a long time and that haven’t had much luck with their high young draft picks previously. They weren’t to know that a potential matchwinners in Hill wasn’t going to fire, although he’s been one of St Kilda’s better players in their losses the last few weeks to Sydney and Adelaide. Matchwinners don’t grow on trees. Like North Melbourne, St Kilda tried to get better players through free agency but what are you supposed to do as a recruiting officer if those high quality free agents turn your club down? I think Simon Lethlean has been brilliant for the club and is a risk taker and a goer and St Kilda would be far worse off without him.

    Also, remember Sydney in 2005? A very even team with very few match winners. Ditto, the Western Bulldogs in 2016.

    As for Carlisle, once again he filled a specific need, but has had injuries and attitude problems. How were St Kilda to know about this at the time?

    Imagine how good St Kilda would have been if free agency was around in 2009 and 2010, when they were playing Grand Finals. I am sure St Kilda would have got some very high quality free agents back then but unfortunately this club has been jinxed for many years. They did have a great recruiting officer back in the 1990s and early 2000s in John Beveridge, the father of Luke Beveridge. If only, St Kilda had picked Judd over Ball! If only St Kilda had picked Bontompelli over Billings! If only St Kilda had picked Petracca over McCartin! That’s 3 very good matchwinners St Kilda missed out on, but it’s all very well in hindsight.

    How much better would St Kilda go if they had Brian Cook and Stephen Wells from Geelong?

    As for Geelong, it was a great win over the Bulldogs. Believe me, many St Kilda supporters want Geelong to win the flag this season because they are jealous of the Western Bulldogs breaking their flag drought before St Kilda and now have 2 flags to St Kilda’s one flag. They don’t want Melbourne to win the flag because they currently have a long premiership drought than St Kilda. My only concern for Geelong in winning this year’s flag is that their tackling isn’t the best out of the top clubs, as well as their centre clearances, after Tim Kelly went to the West Coast after 2019. Also, the MCG factor if they have to play Melbourne or Richmond in the finals. But if you’re good enough, you can win on the MCG on Grand Final Day, which is why I’m also not writing off teams like Brisbane, West Coast and Port Adelaide to win the flag in 2021.

    I harp back to last year’s Grand Final against Richmond. After half time, it would not have mattered if Geelong had matchwinners like Hawkins, Jeremy Cameron (Geelong ended up giving 3 first round draft picks to get Cameron), Tony Lockett and Wayne Carey at their peak in the forward line, because the ball barely came into Geelong’s forward line, after half time.

    As for your missus, you’re right to tell her to enjoy the rest of the season for St Kilda, whatever that may be, but also tell her that football is a funny game and that with the right personnel and game plan, not to mention St Kilda’s better players being on the park for most of the season, things can change quickly and St Kilda could be a force to be reckoned with in the next few years, like Geelong. St Kilda have been patient enough since Ross Lyon left them as coach. Having said that, I believe that once Max King becomes a great player consistently, that will help accelerate St Kilda becoming a flag contender. Only Paddy Ryder, out of the 7 mature age recruits I mentioned could be missing after 2023. I worked out the others are definitely young enough.

    Back to you Yoshi, go the mighty saints!

  10. Good morning guys, thanks for your all comments.

    I reckon that recruiting matured and experienced players from other clubs has been implemented well by Paul Roos. In his “Here it is” book, he empathises that such approaches are needed to build a strong side. Then St Kilda follows Roos’ philosophy.

    Carlisle is tall and good at taking marks, but could have played harder especially in kicking. Or his on going back injuries limit his kicking distance?

    Hannerberry has been recruited to build a stronger leadership group. Yes, but without being on the field, how can he advise other boys during the game? I’m sad that he hasn’t played much at St Kilda.

    Hill seems to have specific in certain situations. I love his speed but he has narrow eyes. Then back ups are needed??

    Football Analyst, don’t worry, I am not offended. Despite having Asperger’s, I think I need more efforts. I need to strengthen my mentality. I need to act more. I need to be a fearless 48-year-old. I am like a young footballer whose time has come yet. I want to be a late bloomer. I believe The You Project podcast helps me building the better life path. It’s a good podcast so I would suggest you to listen to.

    As for the Clark-McKay collision, opinions are divided. Both players were chasing the ball. Therefore McKay was not fined or suspended. However St Kilda supporters argue it because of Ben Long’s suspension last year. I think the indigenous defender should have never been banned last year.



  11. Football Analyst says

    Completely agree with you, Yoshi.

    McKay should have been suspended for 3 to 4 weeks, like the AFL wanted originally. Hunter Clark will be out for 6 to 8 weeks, just about the rest of the season!

    It’s a disgraceful decision by the tribunal.

    If it had been Dustin Martin, not Hunter Clark, McKay would have been rubbed out.

    It’s just no fair and I’m very angry about this .

    Where is the justice for Hunter Clark? He got to the ball first. It sends a very bad message.

  12. Football Analyst says

    Yoshi, it’s not all doom and gloom for St Kilda.

    Things need to be put in perspective. As bad as those losses were to Adelaide last week, as well as North Melbourne and Fremantle last year, after being well ahead, it must also be remembered that St Kilda have had 3 great come from behind wins this year against GWS away, West Coast at home and Gold Coast away.

    It’s been a huge handicap for St Kilda to have been without Marshall, Ryder, Jones and Gresham for extended periods of time this season, as they are St Kilda’s engine room, together with Steele and Crouch, who is a ball magnet. Jones and Gresham provide the breakaway midfield speed.

    Tom Highmore looks to be a great pick up for St Kilda (a clone of Callum Wilkie) and Ryan Byrnes looks promising. Hopefully, Jack Bytel and Nick Coffield can go to the higher level they are capable of as well as Jack Billings, if he’s not traded at the end of the season. I hope St Kilda keep Jack Billings because he’s a very good field kick and can kick goals, even if he doesn’t get the ball much. Dan Butler has gone downhill and Butler needs to provide better service for St Kilda. He is a good goal kicker, but needs to get the ball more. King and Higgins especially, need to be more accurate in kicking for goal. Jack Sinclair has been a great running addition to the half back line this season.

    At the start of the year, I thought St Kilda, who finished 6th last season, would push for the top 4, having picked up Crouch and Higgins, in the trade period, to be in the starting 22.

    There’s absolutely no doubt that long term injuries to St Kilda’s better players have derailed their season. For the whole season, St Kilda has had the worst injury list to their better players and it still remains the case.

    However, in brighter news, Yoshi, St Kilda expect Marshall, Membrey, Ross and possibly Frawley back to face Richmond this week. It was only last year that St Kilda beat Richmond, Port Adelaide and the Western Bulldogs comprehensively in the Home and Away season and then beat the Western Bulldogs in the elimination final.

    Anyway Yoshi, I have done my own 13 round season review for St Kilda and let’s hope St Kilda can have far less long term injuries to their better players next season and with a new, successful, winning game plan, nothing is beyond the mighty saints.

  13. Football Analyst says

    St Kilda were sensational last night against Richmond and to me, that was St Kilda’s best win under Brett Ratten, including the win over the Western Bulldogs in last year’s Elimination Final. This was due to the fact that the reigning premiers, Richmond, at the MCG, had only Lynch and Nankervis missing from their best 22 on form, whereas St Kilda had several of their best 22 missing including Zak Jones, Gresham, Hunter Clark, Geary, Hannebery, Carlisle, and Ben Paton, not to mention their other injuries to players not in their best team.

    How good are St Kilda when Ryder and Marshall are available and playing well in the ruck together, helping the midfield get first use of the ball.

    It was a great four quarter effort, where St Kilda won every quarter. The Bridging The Gap Review, which was done not long after last week’s capitulation, certainly helped. St Kilda last night provided one hundred per cent effort for one hundred per cent of the time. They also stuck to their game plan for the duration.

    Most likely, St Kilda have left their run to this year’s finals too late, as they would need to win 7 of the remaining 8 games, due to their poor percentage, even if their percentage can go up with every win. Hopefully, this win will provide a stepping stone for St Kilda to play their best football more consistently from 2022 onwards, in wich their President has described 2022 as the start of their premiership window.

    Anyway Yoshi, under Brett Ratten, They Know the Saints are Coming, and Together the Saints will Rise.
    Go the Mighty Saints.

  14. As a neutral supporter I watched last night’s game with interest. The Saints applied great pressure for the WHOLE 4 QUARTERS this week and stifled Richmond.richly deserving their win. I thought Ryder played an excellent, and intelligent game. That being said I didn’t see much thrilling footy , just hard tackling and too much tacking across the ground instead of attacking the corridor making the standard not all that high. Once again, the winners can laugh and the losers can please themselves.

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