Round 13 Preview – What is the Point?

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Greetings all,


Wow, two in a row and the Blues are chirpy! Almost as much as the Demons – which has made this household a veritable birds nests for the last couple of weeks!


However all is not well for the AFL despite the glee in this house.  A fair bit was made of the paltry 16,000 that watch the Blues and Giants a few weeks ago.  However the Blues were rancid to watch at the time and the twilight zone is a difficult time to draw fans on a Saturday with so many supporters also dedicated to their local clubs.  The Dogs and Saints are on the rise, both play a watchable brand of footy, had the Saturday night prime time slot to themselves but could only muster 26,000.  Over 30,000 watched the Blues and Suns the next day!


Then there is the MRP (Maintain Reputations Panel).  This system was to replace the “flawed” point system, but I would have to argue it has not got any better.  I will preface my comments by saying that I look forward to watching Sydney games for the prospect of a Buddy show, there has not been many better players to watch in the history of the game.  However his penalty for the bump on Shane Edwards is one of many bewildering MRP decisions, especially in light of the draconian punishment handed to Steven May early in the year.  I argued strongly they got the May decision right based on all the rhetoric that had been spout forth over protection and duty of care.  In fact, the only reason they got it right was because he caused more damage, fortunately for Buddy, Edwards returned to the fray.  What would have been the outcome if the Richmond coaching panel held him back as the Port Adelaide panel did with Robbie Gray a week earlier?  Then there was the “good record” factor – not sure what competition I was watching when he was at Hawthorn but the big man has form for careless head high bumps, any previous sanctions have clearly not had the desired effect to change his approach to such a contest so surely a harsher penalty was warranted.  But I am looking forward to the Swans taking on the Lions in Sunday week’s twilight fixture!


We are back to a full round of footy and a Thursday Night start again makes pontification a bit of challenge.


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On the Turnpyke ($1.60) vs Which shade of Gray? ($2.60)

No doubt Port are struggling – good that Robbie Gray has come up and better that Paddy Ryder returns, but their problem is at the bottom end of their list.  Their opponents have similar issues and this week go in without a couple of top end takents in Franklin and Tippett.  They have turned back to Pyke whose absence last week may have been a factor, but I have been assured by the sage that Sydney’s issues run deeper than a missing Canadian rugby player.  Despite the loss to Richmond form would indicate that the satchel swingers have it right with Port’s form being even worse, home ground is also a factor.  Selecting Sydney, however really concerned with the Sydney defence being exposed again which makes Port fantastic value at anything better than $2.40.


Testing Times for Collingwood ($4.00) vs Back in Favour Hawks ($1.30)  $2 SPECIAL

The Pies passed last week’s examination despite not getting the chocolates against Freo, the next exam is tougher against Hawthorn who have a seven game streak going against Collingwood.  Hawthorn appear to be cruising now as they are restored to flag favouritism and I suspect will increment that streak by one more.


Duck Hunters ($1.20) vs Ogres ($5.00)

Tigers took care of one Sydney mob last week and will complete the double this week against the inappropriately monickered Giants.


She don’t lie, she don’t lie, she don’t lie ($3.60) vs Wishing Wells ($1.35)

Maybe she doesn’t but perhaps a couple of the Suns do!  What a right mess Karmichael has turned out to be, does all the good publicity he brought get tossed out with this stuff?  Not sure how party city handles it but it’s not great from the southern climes.  They will get their champ back which will be a great fillip for the players.  Meanwhile North will carry on hoping Daniel Wells will get back on the park – but it won’t matter in this one with the Kangas to win.


Wood End ($1.55) vs Lyon Hunters ($2.70)

Easton Wood tidied up the defensive end well enough to allow 9 goals to win a game, which would be more than enough to cover off the Blues under their previous mentor and possibly the one they are prospecting renowned for his stifling game style.  But it does appear under John Barker the Blues are looking to score.  Their wins have been against ordinary opposition and while the effort is up the skill level remains questionable.  On the other hand the Dogs skills are pretty pure and as such will probably cough up the ball less to ensure a winning score.  Carlton not without a chance but the hordes are on board, they need to be at least $3 to consider any speculative investment.


Very North of Melbourne ($4.40) vs Pretty North of Perth ($1.28)

The Dees travelled well to Geelong, how will they travel a bit further and North?  For that matter what about West Coast.  No doubt Melbourne will be up for the battle, but West Coast are in great form and should salute in the tropical north.


Proper Gander ($1.65) vs So Longer ($2.40)

James sooks about propaganda despite employing his own spin doctor – perhaps he needs to take a better look at his own team instead of spinning tripe!  Meanwhile the Saints are plodding along building their team as each week goes by, they have taken ‘a good hard look at themselves’.  Their form over recent weeks is in fact better than the Bombers.  Overall Essendon are justified favourites, however they have all sorts of structural challenges with the loss of Carlisle and if Billy Longer can have enough influence in the ruck I am happy to make this my upset and pick St Kilda.


Charddy Sippers ($1.76) vs Joel Selwood ($2.30)

The Cats will need more than their one mighty man to overcome the Crows and they could get a couple of handy ones back, for the Crows the loss of Sloane will be tough to cover.  The Cats other challenge will be to sort out the ruck situation, Blicavs is just not built to be the main man but is damaging as an extra.  “Sauce” Jacobs will present yet another challenge.  Geelong at their best can win, but their best is turning up only sporadically.  Will stick with the less risky proposition of the Crows.


Purple Haze ($1.05) vs Cubs ($15.50)

The timing of this encounter could not be better for Freo who need to get some flow back into their game.  The Pies took it right up to them exposing a few cracks in the Freo shell.  Another forward target would be of great help to Pavlich.  Brisbane are brave and try but it can only go so far when you are so undermanned.  Freo to win.


Friar Time

A tough week for the Friars going down to a well drilled Old Geelong and the Under 19s suffering a defeat at the hands of ladder leaders Parkdale.  A massive game at Friar Park for the seniors against Bulleen-Temp with both teams looking to stay above the dreaded 9th spot.  You think 9th is bad for the Tigers – it is a much worse scenario in the Ammos.  The Under 19s head to the revered Harry Trott to face Collegians.


Go Blues, Go Friars,


Cheers, Sal

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  1. Grant Fraser says

    “Then there was the “good record” factor – not sure what competition I was watching when he was at Hawthorn but the big man has form for careless head high bumps”. My thoughts exactly.

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