Round 12 – Sal’s Preview: You can’t travel but you can trip, apparently.

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Not sure it will satisfy the memories of Dustin Fletcher though.  Fletch was regularly on the wrong end of the regulator when it came to tripping, serving a number of suspensions from throwing his ample length legs out to stop a player in their tracks.  Don’t remember him ever sooking up about the consequences.  The League later decided that the penalty was too harsh and in most cases not even a reportable offence.  It has become more prevalent over the last few weeks with two players fined for the action – incredibly, Luke Shuey was not even penalised on the ground for the action.  There have been plenty more, including cynical ones stopping a player from running away, conceding a free kick to stop play.  At least a yellow card, if not a red card offence in the World Game, but virtually unpunished in our game.  The free kick should come with a 50 metre penalty and the offender should be liable for suspension instead of the slap with a wet newspaper.


Now for the first couple of games of Round 12.


Ruck ‘n Roll ($4.40) vs Putting Your Foot In It ($1.28)


The logistics of the season have made life difficult, but having the Battle of the Bridge played in Perth seems ridiculous.  That is what we have with the Giants take a three game winning streak over the Swans into the encounter.  They have also won their last three while Sydney have lost the last couple.  It really comes down to a question of personnel, the Giants are missing a few and lose Davis this week.  The Swans are decimated with arguably their three best players on the sidelines and give Zac Foot his first game.  The Giants are in a bit of mess with two aging ruckmen that struggle to put consecutive games together – they made the choice with Jacobs, reckon they need to make it work or it will be a messy finals campaign if they get there.  This game will help their quest – they just have too much talent compared to the Swans who will provide all their usually feistiness but not quite have the polish.


Big Tom ($2.20) vs Big Charlie ($1.80)


The Cats were purring along nicely and then went to another gear completely to obliterate the Saints. They get to test themselves against the benchmark for the season in Port.  They will all be pretty happy to have been joined by their families this week.  The worry about footy frenzy on turnaround hasn’t bothered Geelong with their mature list seemingly well up to the rigours of quick turnaround – especially on a relatively level playing field.  This one is not quite level though, Port have had an extra two days of recovery after their terrific conquering of the premiers.  The big forwards hold the key with both Hawkins and Dixon in great form.  Both defences are stingy with Geelong probably having a few extra options as targets.  Port though are very good at locking the ball in the front half, living off Charlie’s crumbs.  Really tough to pick with Port also aiming for six in a row – still going with them mainly due to the extra two days off.


The rest of Round 12 and Caulfield out tomorrow,


Cheers, Sal


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