Round 11 – North Melbourne v Richmond: Dusty don’t argues North


Dustin Martin | 38 disposals (25 kicks, 13 handballs) | 8 marks | 0 Hit-outs | 5 frees for | 1 frees against | 6 tackles | 2 goals | 1 behind

Stats that just don’t adequately reflect influence.

Tatts, tackles with ferocity, sells candy, hits targets, kicks goals across his body, underground handballs, dummies, and drops blind turns at will (and there was one point in the third quarter when he nearly did all those things in one passage of play), Dusty is an eminently likable player to watch. A tattooed enigma that takes the game on at all costs. The modern day Kevin Murray.

Murray – ruck rover, occasional Centre Half Back, scaffolder and captain of the Fitzroy Team of the Century – was only 5’10” but possessed an exceptionally long reach, the span of a 6’6″er by his reckoning.

Dusty has a similar reach, the Don’t Argue is his default. To the point when there’s times when he takes possession in space but still looks for the fend off. Perhaps an instinct understandable of one subject to constant scrutiny. But it is a truly great thing to watch, something which harks back to suburban footy of old. Its buys him so much time and space. Space to find obtuse trajectories and velocities off the boot that are beautiful and unfathomable to watch.

Like Murray did so often, Dusty was the stand out player on the night. He was one of the main reasons that helped Richmond put North to the sword. Another three votes. Who knows? By season’s end, like Kevin, Dusty may just have a Charlie to his name.


NORTH: 2.4 | 7.6 | 8.9 | 9.12   (66)
RICHMOND: 3.4 | 6.10 | 12.13 | 14.17 (101)
VOTES: 3. Martin | 2. Ashbury | 1. Prestia

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  1. Peter Warrington says

    yes it was a celebration of football. he is like Monkey, completely irrepressible! and prone to the odd brain explosion, but you’ve gotta love him for trying things that mere mortals can’t even imagine.

    it seems he and Cotch have a happy Lennon-McCartney going at the moment, that underground handball and then handball receive just spoke of two guys loving what each does for the other.

    saw someone on the age nickname them Trusty, to rival Dangerwood. great get, that!

    Go Tiges. now, to ensure we are up after the bye, must not fall back into the significant chasing pack…

    (and to all the knockers and naysayers, this is how Dusty was playing last year, trying to make things happen, he just had 15 or so dullards alongside who couldn’t or wouldn’t get the ball moving, run, tackle etc. Maclure, up yours!)

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