Round 11 – Collingwood v Fremantle: Eastern Hospitality (Floreat Pica Society)

by Richard Moody



Collingwood v Fremantle

3:20PM, Sunday June 3




As a beautiful introduction to the weekends game, as a stay at home dad I spent much of Friday and Saturday hearing the dulcet tones of my 4yo singing portions of the Collingwood Football Club’s theme song, unfortunately mixed in with snippets of the Geelong song. Which was in thanks to her older sister – whom had been proudly teaching her throughout the week – and the influence of a loss to the Cats. There was at least hope that a win would cement the CFC into her long-term memory.



The plan for the weekend had been in play for a couple of months. It had been to take a family whom had recently moved from Perth. The relocation allowed a sea change from the cauldron of Fremantle and West Coast Eagles supporters to the more sedate multi team accepting Melbourne football culture. To add to the flavour, the family were split between Fremantle and WCE, which is quite typical. What a revelation it was for them…but more on them later in the piece.



Getting into game mode I was feeling confident and looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about with Mihocek, a great story as a mature aged player, as well as seeing how the back and forward lines set up sans the key outs from last week’s encounter.



As a side note, in a similar vein to a previous report I’ve found it difficult to garner depth perception on the far side of the ground and rely heavily on the scoreboards to see play in the southern punt road portion of the ‘G’, as we were sitting beside the Fremantle race.




Such a disappointing start to game with a goal to Fremantle courtesy of a Grundy push at the opening ruck contest… well at least it gave the Fremantle fans a chance to celebrate. They were getting a good chance to see the ball free flowing out the Collingwood forward line a little easier than in the previous weeks. When the first pies breakthrough came it was good to see Mayne, whom had been my prediction as a whipping boy for the FPS, finally get some clean hands on the ball and deliver it to ‘The Big Man’ Cox in the forward pocket. After the umpire requested a ball return after a ‘I’m lacking confidence’ short pass to a team mate, he snapped truly. He needs to have a bit more confidence, and I think he is getting the skills to be a very good player in the years ahead.



As the first quarter progressed past the first 15 minutes it looked more and more like the pies were getting on top. This was exemplified after the first of many fantastic goals to Hoskin-Elliot after a poor marking attempt from Wells coming into the forward 50. Asides from that opportunity, Treloar began to show his extensive talent, and with Sidey regularly getting his hand on the ball and supporting around stoppages, the Pies’ fortunes were looking up.




The quarter started with a bit of a brain fade from Dunn, which led to a free in their forward 50… luckily no goal and the ball was repelled by our backline. Finally, we got to see Mihocek getting into the game in the open 10 mins of the quarter with a goal, not to mention a couple of great shepherds in the defensive forward zone. Grundy is demonstrating how far he has come in the past three years, not only has he been improving as a prime centre/ruckman but he has begun to apply great pressure causing many a turnover. Watching him lay at least 3 critical tackles in 10 minutes to keep Fremantle under pressure was inspiring. On the other hand, Langdon once again showed a lack of footy brain; a good clean mark was followed by poor disposal out of the back line leading to a turnover and an almost goal to the Dockers.



Highlights of the quarter were …

  • Awesome end-to-end goal courtesy of a Treloar clearance from centre half-back.
  • Mihocek into another goal assist, then received a well-deserved cheer from the members behind the interchange as he comes to the bench after a follow-up goal.
  • Great snap for goal from Maynard after some good defensive pressure.
  • To top it off a cracker of a snap from Jayden Stephenson, after being given the slightest of space in the forward line.



Finals comment from the half: Tom Phillips is applying his trade superbly and with a great deal of confidence.



After a quite half-time beverage in the bullring with my fellow school dad, I’m starting to feel the that he is seeing a lost cause in the Dockers.




What a cracking start to the third quarter, Captain (De)Pendlebury with a smooth timeless goal to kick-start the 2nd half scoring after a very slow start to the quarter. On the other side of the coin, it’s my belief that Langdon should be playing for the wallabies, his throwing skills are amazing.



Highlights of the quarter were …

  • Great centre clearance and goal from DeGoey.
  • A Selfless smother from Adams, keeping the ball locked in the forward 50.
  • Solid Mark from Hoskin-Elliot after a targeted kick into the forward line and conversion.
  • Cox showing skills beyond his experience, with a roost from the centre to set up another goal.
  • Goal to Daiiiiiiiiicosssssss … and didn’t the crowd love it!
  • Tom Phillips goals, one after roving the ball beautifully out of a pack marking contest, and the other a skilled feint and goal from deep into time on in the quarter.




Quarter should be divided into two: one of demolition, retribution the other…



First half of said fourth quarter

  • DeGoey showing some awesome ball skills out of the centre clearance… a good 40m tap and chase, tap and chase, tap and chase …. Goal!
  • Another cracker of a goal from Mihocek after a solid mark
  • Feinting from Grundy leading to a great mark and goal from H-E
  • Three minutes later … Feint from Grundy led to a great mark and goal from H-E
  • Sensational tackle from Maynard stops an almost certain goal… leading to end to end possession for another H-E goal
  • Finally, great possession footy leading to another Phillips goal



Then the second half of the quarter

  • Consolation goal after consolation goal over the next 15 minutes, we switched off where we should have maintained the healthy margin and boosted our percentage.



Now for The Medhurst Medal votes …

1 – Brodie Grundy – What a performance, poised to become an All Australian within the next couple of years; this game showed his potential in so many ways.

2 – Hoskin-Elliot – he had a break out performance with 6 straight in the forward line … what a great procession of goals to watch.

3 – Tom Phillips – who would have guessed …. this was indeed a break out performance, outperforming his captain and vice-captain in the centre and contested possession.



Those who well and truly deserve honourable mentions

  • Mihocek – what an opening performance from a mature aged starter – 4.0
  • Sidey – Yet again another stellar performance from the VC.
  • Pendles – need anything be said? Nope, he just makes time stand still.



My WA friends learnt that it doesn’t matter whom you support, the MCG is welcoming to all supporters, regardless of the game. Very much unlike my times spent at Subiaco, when living over West.



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