Round 10 – Melbourne v Collingwood: A day to remember

Queen’s Birthday for a Year 11 like myself isn’t as much of a holiday as it was a couple of years ago. This whole weekend being sucked in by the upcoming VCE exams doesn’t give me the chance to full on “soak up” the long weekend. However, after a big weekend of hitting the books. I have always made the promise to make sure that Monday afternoon I can watch the Mighty Pies in action. Clock hit 1:00 P.M and the books went away and I was ready for a huge clash at the ‘G. For the second year running I will miss being able to go to the game due to my study commitment. Which is a real low-light considering I have now missed most games this season. Anyways, going to watch the footy at my Yia Yia and Pa Pou’s is always the highlight of my weekend as the black and white passion oozes through three generations of us fanatical Pie fans. We never used to miss a game in Melbourne but now since I have gotten older. It is now much harder to get to games.

After last weekend’s inspiring come-from-behind win against the Roos. The confidence was high in the Collingwood camp. With the added inspiration of Neale Daniher’s campaign against Motor Neurone Disease, both Collingwood and Melbourne were added with extra fuel to perform. Melbourne, even though they sit 3-6 had been showing glimpses of a side who could really trouble sides in the AFL this year. This was evident in beating Richmond and the Bulldogs in a show of tough, tenacious, pressure footy. The Paul Roos magic had finally petered through. Collingwood made one change from the North Melbourne game by bringing in Tim Broomhead (who played a blinder in the VFL) for the unfortunate Taylor Adams who broke his toe. Such a shame considering his form had been top notch this season. Talk about a replacement for Luke Ball. I think this is the man. Melbourne made three changes by recalling Ben Newton, Aidan Riley and big Max Gawn. The Max Gawn change was a major surprise considering Jake Spencer was playing some brilliant footy the last three weeks. Former captain Jack Grimes and Rohan Bail were the others to miss. On the way over to my Yia Yia and Pa Pou’s house, my older brother is blasting his rap music as I get the news that Jarrod Witts had been pulled out late. YES! Finally, dropped. Ben Kennedy came in late. Big Favourite of mine, just would like to see him get more chances.

We arrive just in time for the first bounce and the Pies are on the offense early. Cloke take a big pack in the goal square and you get this feeling. Today might just be his day. One goal, becomes two and soon enough he had four to his name. Four goals in the first quarter? Boy oh boy wow wee am I dreaming? Minutes later, Paul Seedsman puts the Pies up by 30 points. Today might just be our day. Jesse Hogan pulls one back just before quarter time and you get this sense, that this game, is far from over. Second quarter starts, Nathan Jones kicks a quick goal. Margin 18 points. The avalanche is just beginning. Brayshaw slams one home, Jones kicks another and Garlett makes a mockery of Alan Toovey twice. Melbourne are up by 5. Collingwood needed some energy back into their game. Their defence was under serious strain from the repeat inside fifties which was eased by the calmness of Adam Oxley. The energy and flare was provided. Enter Jamie Elliott. Two quick goals from Elliott before half-time including a real “pulled his pants down” moment when he took on Lumumba and put the Pies up by 8 to the delight of the Pie fans at the G. Especially myself, who had put so much faith in Big H to deliver in Supercoach this year to only disappoint me week after week. Was a great moment even as a Pies fan to see “the prince” brought back down to Earth. Just before half-time, the birthday boy Fasolo put the Pies up by 14 with a beautiful goal from just inside 50 to give the Pies some breathing space going into half time. After a very unbelievably tense half, I feasted myself on some dried apricots to ease the nerves and calm myself down.

Second half begins. Blair kicks a big goal before Cloke slams home his fifth from the impossible angle to put the Pies up by 25. I look at my brother and say “we have them now”. Well, I was very much in wrong. Once again, Melbourne slammed home four goals to tie the game with one coming from Jack Watts to the disgust of every Pies fan around the country. I realised that Oxley was no-where to be seen as the loose man and that infuriated me further. Oxley was the reason we were back in front Bucks come on! Looked like he listened to me as minutes later I saw Oxley take another intercept mark as the loose man in defence. Moments after Bernie Vince tied the game at 82 apiece. Jarryd Blair kicks a massive sausage to put the pies back ahead before Cloke gets some much deserved help from the umps to slam home his sixth. Pies up by 12 at Three Quarter time.

Tenseness around the living room as the final stanza begins. Broomhead, Kennedy and Swan all miss opportunities to put us up by three goals. Tension rises. Finally, Mr Elliott pops up and slams home a massive goal to put us up by 21. Surely it is all over. Hang on a minute. Cloke has gone up for a mark. It goes to ground. He roves it. Snap. GOAL! Cloke has 7.0! Is this actually happening?! The Dees have ran out of legs and the Pies once again feed on the carcass. Final siren sounds and the Pies win by 25 to further their win-loss record to 7-3. Yes, I’m happy. It’s another win. We are fourth. However with the Giants, Dockers, Hawks, Power and Eagles waiting. This next month will once again decide whether we are a finals side. With Reid, Greenwood, Macaffer, Adams and the potential of Scharenberg, Moore and Freeman coming through. The end of the season could be brighter than expected for the black and white army.

MELBOURNE        3.1   9.1   13.4  13.7   (85)

COLLINGWOOD   7.1  11.3  15.4  17.8  (110)


Melbourne: Howe 3, N Jones 2, Garlett 2, Vince 2, Hogan, Brayshaw, Fitzpatrick, Watts

Collingwood: Cloke 7, Elliott 3, Blair 3, Swan, Seedsman, Broomhead, Fasolo


Melbourne: N Jones, Vince, Howe, Brayshaw, Viney, Cross, Dunn

Collingwood: Cloke, Oxley, Pendlebury, Swan, Langdon, Crisp

Umpires: Matt Stevic, Chris Kamolins, Troy Pannell

Crowd: 66,120

My votes: 3 Cloke ©, 2 Oxley ©, 1 N Jones (M)

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