Round 10 – Gold Coast v St Kilda: Saints and Suns in a classic under the stars at Metricon

By Braham Dabscheck

Gold Coast Suns v St. Kilda

8.10 PM Thursday 6 August

Metricon Stadium


This was one hell of a game. Two evenly matched teams that went for it hammer and tong, with twists and turns galore punctuated by moments of sheer brilliance from both teams. In the end the Saints prevailed due to their persistence and never giving up. Watch out for the Suns, though. They are a young team on the rise and will test many a side and are a good bet for making the finals in October. They have unearthed a talent in Izak Rankine who took a mark and scored a goal, both of which are candidates for the best mark and goal of the year.


The Saints lost the clearance, contested possession, tackle and inside 50 counts; though they were better in the second half. The Suns were winning the inside battles, stifling the Saints and causing turnovers which on a couple of occasions resulted in goals. The Saints received one gift when Jack Steele marked and goaled from a Suns’ kick in. Tempting as it is, this didn’t determine the result.


The game ebbed and flowed with both teams kicking groups of goals. At one stage the Saints kicked four in a row; the Suns returned the compliment with four of their own; to be followed by the Saints who kicked three on the trot who were then outdone by the Suns with another four; and then the Saints put on another stanza of three to be followed by a late one from the Suns. Who knows what would have happened if there had been more time.


In the final analysis the difference between the two teams was Dan Butler. He had a strange first quarter, which did not provide an indication of what he would serve up (apologies for the bad pun, but I can’t help myself) later in the game. He set up a goal for Jade Gresham, who was again all on his lonesome in the goal square – his inability to make friends with opposition players is a continuing mystery – and then missed one from a set shot. His kick was so bad it struggled to be a point. Worse still, the resulting kick in saw the Suns race down the other end of the field and kick a goal.


The Suns dominated the second quarter and kicked their first lot of four goals. Late in the quarter, a forward thrust saw Paddy Ryder, playing his 250th game (seven with the Saints), who tapped the ball to Butler who scored with a left foot snap on the boundary line. The Saints went in to the main break, down by three points. He scored a second from roving a pack in the third quarter. Early in the last quarter, following another quartet of goals, the Suns were up by 9 points and things looked dire for the Saints. In general play a tinsy winsy kick off the ground by Nick Hind ended up in the hands of Dan Butler, who pivoted and kicked a right foot banana, which brought the Saints back into the game. Almost straight after, Josh Battle took a strong mark and kicked truly, his second for the game, to put the Saints in front.


The Suns charged forward looking for a winning goal. Hunter Clark took charge in the back half; his coolness under pressure saved the Saints several times. Then we come to the goal of the game, not so much for its sheer brilliance but due to the drama of the moment. Hunter Clark performed another one of his miracles and kicked the ball forward. Paddy Ryder (again) gathered the ball on the wing and hand passed the ball to a charging Dan Butler, with a Sun desperately on his heels,who bounced the ball as he ran into the 50, ran a bit more and then kicked a low scorcher on the outside of his right foot for a goal and exited stage left with his arms in the air. Sheer class.


A great game, a great win; a testimony to the players of both sides. Well done Saints, well done Suns, well done umps (despite problems with bouncing the ball).


Cats next Monday. May the Saints form away from home continue.


Go Saints!!


Gold Coast   2.1   6.5   8.7   11.8 (74)

St. Kilda       3.2   6.2   9.4   12.6 (78)



Gold Coast: King 3, Miller 2, Powell 2, Rankin 2, Lemmens, Anderson.

St. Kilda: Butler 4, Steele 2, Battle 2, Kent, Gresham, King, Marshall.



Gold Coast: Miller, Greenwood, Ellis, Ainsworth, Rankine.

St. Kilda: Butler, Steele, Clark, Billings, Carlisle.


Crowd: Lots of supporters, numerous medical staff to attend to supporters experiencing heart palpitations and drama students doing work experience.


Umpires: Broadbent, Chamberlain, Rosebury.


Our Votes: Butler 3 (St. Kilda), Steele 2 (St. Kilda), Clark 1 (St. Kilda).


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  1. Daryl Schramm says

    Yes. Was flicking between the footy and an SBS doco on Walt Disney. Eventually the footy won out. A very exciting finish. Clark was unbelievably cool in the backline late in the game, Butler impressive and Rankine keeps on justifying the hype. Felt a bit sorry for Stewie Dew at the end. So near but . . . . .Talking about excitement, so must you and others be sitting while sitting second well into the second half of the ‘season’.

  2. Hi Braham

    I can tell how much you’re loving this (St Kilda) season from the grin in your report.

    You describe the game I saw. And I agree that Butler was the difference. Happy to cop the pun, but would have preferred an ‘On The Buses’ reference.

    It was a super game.

    I am looking forward to Monday night. With the Saints ruck strength, and Geelong struggling in this area, I reckon it’s on for young and old.

    May the better side win.


  3. Brabham enjoyable read and fantastic to see two sides actually trying to win the game,Butler recruit of the year the James Gallagher led saints revolution continues ( posting your articles on some saints Facebook pages is hopefully helping hits wise )

  4. Go the Sainters! Great write up Braham!

  5. Braham
    This was the first game I’d seen in 2020 that looked like the real deal. Until the Port-Richmond game two days later!
    Delighted to see Dan Butler grabbing his second chance. At the moment it looks like the Tigers erred in letting him go but I’ll be intrigued to see if he can sustain his form as the stakes rise.
    Good luck Saints. They’ll be everyone’s favourite if they can keep it going.

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