Round 10 – Essendon v GWS: Disney or the footy?



Friday night footy and I settled down to see how The Dons would go against some mob from New South Wales all dressed up in an orange and charcoal jumpers. Essendon, of course looking resplendent in black with the red sash a strip that has stood the test of time.



Siren sounds, and off we go, or supposed to go. Both teams were going nowhere. It seems that the new rule is kick the ball sideways or backwards whenever you can and both teams have to hunt in packs. It really reminds me of primary school footy when both teams had every one on the ball.



I watched this game for most of the first quarter wondering why I was wasting my time when I realised on SBS there was a documentary on Walt Disney. Now as a little kid my reward for doing jobs at home was a Walt Disney comic at the end of the week. This doco. told the history of how he built a huge studio and how he tried to rule his workers with a rod of iron, how the studio workers rebelled and joined a union for better conditions. It also told of his plans and the building, of the first Disneyland.



During the ad breaks on SBS I would switch over to the footy, and even though the footy had picked up I found the Disney story much more interesting. How could this happen to a Tragic Don? Is it old age or is footy going bad?



So the Disney doc. finishes and the Dons are still playing and we are just ahead by a few points. I watch in horror as Andy McGrath and a Sydney player both grab the footy at the same time and McGrath gets pinged for holding the ball straight in front. A goal to Sydney and they hit the lead. With time running out Sydney get another goal. Game over or is it? Adam Saad bombs a goal from about 55 metres, but too late there is only a couple of seconds left.



Don’t ask me what the final scores were, or who were the better players or who kicked goals. I can tell you the mob from New South Wales won by a few points and I had a great Friday night watching the tele.



ESSENDON                                                 0.2     6.3     7.5     8.7 (55)
         0.2     2.5     4.7    8.11 (59) 


Langford 2, Zaharakis, McDonald-Tipungwuti, Shiel, McKenna, Draper, Saad
Greater Western Sydney: Shaw 2, Cameron 2, Coniglio, Finlayson, Himmelberg, Ward 


Merrett, Ridley, Saad, Hurley, McGrath, Langford
Greater Western Sydney: Coniglio, Taranto, Whitfield, Haynes, Kelly, Shaw 




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  1. Daryl Schramm says

    Even though I am not an Essendon or GWSG supporter I tried watching that game early on. The channel flicking didn’t take long to start and the Walter Disney doco won out. It contained some fantastic historical vision and was most interesting. Did as you did, a quick flick back for a score during the ads. A much more enjoyable nights viewing.

  2. Colin Ritchie says

    I was devastated by the loss! To be nearly 5 goals up as the rain came down the lead should have been unassailable but we stopped, and some ordinary umpiring decisions didn’t help as well. Our inexperience showed through. However, having said that the future is looking good. Ridley is growing in confidence each game and Draper looks a winner. Key players back from injury will be a bonus. Cheers.

  3. Rod, Walt Disney fantasies are more appealing than the AFL fantasy of establishing a franchise in the West of Sydney and imaging lots of people will follow it.

    I normally wouldn’t have watched the game but was in ISO awaiting results ( the joy of being a health worker), so watched the match, to my chagrin. The free to Ward was frustrating enough, but to hear the non-stop commentary pumping up the franchises’ tyres, brought back horrible memories of the 1980’s when Peter Landy & Lou Richards kept going on about Sydney being everyone’s second favourite side. I know the favoured broadcaster is meant to toe the line but seriously, it gets very tedious promoting a franchise no one beyond the AFL marketing division is interested in.

    Until i next see you on a morning stroll, enjoy the victories of Walt Disney workers.


  4. Glen!
    The future of footy is dependent on having a city like GWS, which is bigger than Perth or Adelaide, in a national competition to provide opportunities for more people to play and watch the game. Without GWS & the Swans, there are no enormous TV rights that can fund the game that currently attracts the best athletes in the country to play it.

    The Giants have a growing passionate support base that needs to be respected.
    Fortunately, the AFL has set up the Giants to succeed unlike the Brisbane Bears and South Melbourne when they first came to Sydney.

    I don’t think the AFL was under any illusions that it would not be a long, hard slog but eventually worthwhile.

  5. Glen, I usually have the TV on silent and the ABC digital radio broadcasting the game. It’s great, no garbage adds and no clap trap from the commentators on the tele.

  6. Can’t say i agree Dr Rocket.

    I can appreciate aspects of what you’re saying is correct, that is if we accept the AFL is primarily, nay solely, a business. If we’re talking about the focus being on who watches on TV, or on line, yep that’s correct. But if supporters, spectators, more locals playing, were ever a factor the Giants franchise is simply that, a franchise with no organic base to the area.

    It’s like when South Melbourne & Fitzroy were killed off,with their histories recuperated on to the VFL/AFL franchises established. No one i knew cared two hoots for these new entity’s, let alone thought they were somehow a continuation of the clubs whose names.history they usurped. Of course the league’s marketing division goes into over drive to create acceptance/support for these entity’s but who really cares?

    I’m happy watching footy on TV. It’s the biggest player in the Australian entertainment industry but it’s mimesis to pretend these entities established over the Barassi line have any real support beyond the AFL’s high level of corporate funding . In a perfect setting you’d have teams in Canberra,Wagga, Hobart, Launceston, But this is not a perfect setting and who knows what faces us in our dystopian post Covid 19 world.

    Stay safe Dr Rocket.


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