Round 10 – Adelaide v Fremantle: Crows Win By a Bradman

ADELAIDE 5.9 9.18 16.21 20.23 (143)
FREMANTLE 1.0 2.1 4.2 6.7 (43)

Adelaide: Otten 4, Jenkins 3, Milera 3, Betts 3, Cameron 3, Sloane 2, Walker, Jacobs
Fremantle: Tucker 2, Weller 2, McCarthy, Fyfe

Adelaide: M.Crouch, Lever, Sloane, Otten, Atkins, B.Crouch, Cameron, Laird, Talia, Betts, Jacobs , B Smith, Lynch

Fremantle: Weller, Hamling, Fyfe, Blakely

Crowd 42,415 at the Adelaide Oval

Malarkey Medal Votes:

M Crouch (Ad) 3, Lever (Ad) 2, Sloane (Ad) 1.


1. The game was an absolute cliffhanger at the opening bounce, just like the beautiful
2007 Grand Final (geez I was barracking for the 119 point margin in the last quarter!)


2. The most pleasing thing for me on the night was the continued success story of the comeback king, Andy Otten. His footy smarts clearly on display again, with his ability to read the ball, and the good old fashioned chest mark in the wet, importantly finishing off his work with straight kicking. His 4 goals a worthy reward.


3. A myriad of stats could be used from this game, but the 1st quarter re 25 inside 50s to 3 was a cleat indication of the Crows dominance. The fat lady started singing very early.


4. The Crouch brothers had leather poisoning early in the encounter, the weather was perfect for them, though I still have a lingering doubt about their combined lack of pace on a fast dry deck in September. The game in reality was over as a contest very early, their dominance, Matt in particular, was responsible for causing that.


5. Jake Lever was fantastic. To have 15 intercept possessions is remarkable, let’s face it, the ball was down the other end of the ground. Lever is fast becoming an elite player and to say it is vital for the Crows to get his signature on a contract for the future is a massive understatement. Our back 6 Brown, Hartigan, Laird, Smith, Talia and Lever is a pretty reasonable foundation for a successful future.


6. The indigenous trio of Cameron, Betts and Milera appropriately excited the faithful with it being indigenous round, combining with 9 goals. Cameron continued his steady rise up the ladder with his influence on this game and on the competition as a whole. Milera showed the potential in why he was so highly regarded as a junior, he must be a huge chance re rising star this round? Betts is a superstar and for mine re influence, his unselfishness and unique skills, he just brings joy to going to the footy. For mine if we’re regarding Matthews and Bartlett as small forwards in footy history, I now go 1. Matthews 2. Daicos 3. Bartlett 4. Betts. I think he has gone past any other small forward during the last decade or so, your thoughts?


7. Rory Sloane took another step forward re beating the tagger as Connor Blakey has some fine scalps this year. Ok, the Crows were dominant so it was hard to gauge properly, but he seems to be running to better spots than that horror fortnight, next week will be interesting will the Crows send Sloane to Dangerfield?


8. Rory Atkins work rate is unquestionable, his 37 touches were a reward for hard running and being one of the links in the chain. Tom Lynch, aka ‘the connector’ is just so vital, his gut running is remarkable at a game, just focus on Lynch for 10 minutes and watch how hard he works, it is a worthwhile exercise. Geelong have had the wood over the Crows and a huge part of that has been quelling Lynch who they rate as the Crows most important player. Hopefully, Lynch can get on his bike and run the Cats ragged Friday night.


9. Is it to simplistic to say no Sandilands no Freo? The stupidity in banning the 3rd man up has helped him enormously, a huge part of the Dockers scores have come from stoppages. They did seem to lose their anchor last night. Lachie Waller was the Dockers best by a fair margin, Joel Hamling had his moments. Darcy Tucker showed some promise. Nat Fyfe, while far from his dominating best, had his moments, especially kicking a very good goal. Connor Blakely did some good things but geez finding Dockers good players was like trying to find a highlight of Troy Chaplin’s career!! (not bad)


10. If Rory Laird was at a Victorian club would he be a dual All-Australian by now?
The old comment put the runs on the board and knock the door down, surely he’s smashed it down with an axe by now, he just needs to avoid injury now to continue to play his role, he can not be ridiculously ignored again.


11. The Crows venture down to Simmonds Stadium for a huge Friday night game where the Cats, due to their dominance at the ground, not only against the Crows but all comers, will start favorite, with the winner well on their way to a top 4 spot and potentially home finals (I am sure some of the Cats followers will delight in commenting re stats of the Cats dominance at home, I know it seems like Adam and Eve were sharing apples since the Crows won down there!).


  1. Melina Mueller says

    It’s so nice to see the boys perform well against another team in the top 8, and a 100 point margin is nothing to be sniffed at, very good percentage boost!!
    There’s not a huge amount to say after such a belting. Yes, the three Rories played well. Yes, the Crouchs were outstanding. Yes, the indigenous boys honoured the specialness of the round. But to be fair – they’re all doing that every week anyway!
    Geelong will be a good test, given that we should them in September.

  2. Well written article Rulebook. Efficent use of the football by hand from the Crows was brilliant considering the wet conditions. The half back line was fantastic all night. Agree with the rise and rise of Andy Ottens.Good to see the Rat (Atkins) bounce back from what i thought was a very ordinary game from him last week. Big challenge next week – if we are even at the end of the first quarter, we will be in a very good position to win. Fingers crossed!

  3. great comments there Malcolm…what i enjoyed most is seeing our players handle the conditions with so much skill, enough proof there that we can still play tall and hold the structure that the coach seems to prefer, even in bad weather.

  4. Citrus Bob says

    Rulebook I dont think you will be at Kardinia Park on Friday night but I have some beautiful Pink Lady apples for you just in case. Unfortunaely I not allowed to bring them to you via Mildura.

  5. Barb Jamieson says

    Well , we were soaking wet from almost the get go , but i wouldn’t give up my seats in row E , any day,
    I loved the way the boys came out with a fighting spirit, that slow start that has killed us for the last two weeks have been a real thorn in our side, it’s a game of four quarters, that’s what we want to see, and that’s what we got last night. And Yes, for what ever reason , it was no competition , but there was no temptation to drop the work rate , and every effort to win by the best margin possible.
    I’ve been waiting for Wayne Milera to show us what I believe he can produce, if last night was a taste of what’s to come from him , I think he has a big future ahead of him, he’s beginning to settle into the big arena and be a real contributor , and Jake Lever is the backbone of our defence, it seemed like every time the ball hit Freo’s 50 metre line, he was there , please Adelaide, get his signature on paper soon .My accolades for Andy Ottens just keep coming , not only growing every game with his skills and intensity , but he really has the footy smarts, and I can’t help but admire just how hard he obviously worked at his rehab to get back to the standard of game he is playing .
    Hats off to Rory Sloane for shaking off his tag, time will tell if that is something he can do every week , but given the nature of the man, and the way he wants to play ,I think he has a really good understanding of what he needs to do , and the ability to make the changes to play his own game .
    i really loved that our Indigenous boys all stood up last night, its obvious what their heritage means to them , and how they enjoy the Indigenous round, and how cool was it that they all stepped up and played for what they believe in . My only worry is that it won’t be long before we have some of the undermanned teams knocking on some doors , and Is Adelaide going to have deep enough pockets to keep this group together ?
    Let’s just hope that they all love the Adelaide Football Club, and want to stay . It’s the big dilemma facing clubs these days, the big slaries, and do you tie a player up for mega bucks, and forever , at the expens of others, only to find that you aren’t getting value for your money , and nobody else wants to trade for them . Just heard this very same comment on radio today over Tippett, and where Sydney are with him today .
    A wet game , but not so wet that I was tempted to leave my seat , and up until the last minute, 42,000 other supporters were thinking the same . Thanks boys, you really entertained us last night .

  6. Jill Tathra says

    Really not a lot to say when its such a big win. The Crows handled the wet in the 1st quarter the best and that got their confidence up to unstoppable. Not going to say no Sandilands no Freo as they said that about us and no Sloane, one player shouldn`t make a team even a very good player.

  7. Campbell says

    Great to see Crows win so easily, looked like Freo were playing in the rain all game, while the Crows dealt with the weather a lot better and looked more confident.

  8. G’day Rulebook, another fine article for the almanac.

    Really enjoyed the game last night, thought we handled the conditions really well, especially early when the game was there to be won.

    I thought that our midfield got on top early and maintained the rage all night.

    Up forward our guys were able to make Freo pay, putting on scoreboard pressure (though some straighter kicking from set shots wouldn’t hurt, though the weather did play some role.)

    Our defenders didn’t have a lot to do last night but when the ball came their way, they made light work of most of Freo’s forward forays. (Jake Lever and Rory Laird the standouts, though I thought Jake Kelly’s constant pressure was great.)

    Overall it was a great win and there was a pretty even contribution from the team, with a few players a little bit down, but for the most part it was an even contribution.

    Big test next game against Geelong at Sleepy Hollow. If they persist with Harry Taylor as a forward and not a loose defender, and we bring the effort from last night to next Friday night, we are in with a shot.

    Cheers, Steve.

  9. Ben Larsen-Smith says

    Great to see some wet weather footy, would have liked a closer game though, hopefully get that when Crows take on the Cats. Got to love the Dangerfield narrative and setting too.

  10. The Crouch boys live wet weather footy!!

    McKay is struggling to

  11. Martin Rumsby says

    The Crows’ pendulum has swung wildly over the past month. Freo was at the positive end; Melbourne and North Melbourne at the other extremity; Brisbane somewhere in between. Geelong will pose a stern test for our midfield. We certainly won’t get the strong clearance advantage that we enjoyed against Freo.

    In the meantime, I’ll just enjoy the 100 point win and savour the thought of this Friday’s contest.

  12. Peter Schumacher says

    Don’t think that they can beat Geelong at the Cattery, they certainly won’t allow the Crows the breathing space that Freo did by constant mishandling and skill errors. Every time unforced errors occurred it stopped Freo in their tracks.

    Just for once I was actually at a game

  13. Loved the Chaplin comment, Rulebook.

  14. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Melina yep agreed.DMG agree defense overall excellent yes Rat a hell of a lot better than last week.Dave I was worried we were too tall in reflection we shouldn’t have been as none of them rely on overhead marking in fact it is a weakness with out McGovern and remarkably for a 100 point win,Walker was our most quiet player.Citrus Bob if you could make sure those apples are crook and give them to Paddy D a bit of food poisoning wouldn’t go astray! Barb as always I LOVE your passion yes desperately hope,Lever and McGovern stay,big test for Milera this week against a physical opponent.Jill agree a team shouldn’t rely so much on one player but hard when your structures and set plays rely on that player does make it difficult it’s a fine line and rapt re how we handled the wet weather.Thanks Campbell.Steve agree re kicking for goal must be better against the top teams.Kelly is playing his role,huge test this week.Ben agreed loved a bit of wet weather footy I didn’t mind the easy win.Mark yep wet weather footy is designed for the Crouches disagree re DMac internally they would have been rapt with his role tagging,Brad Hill yes his disposal let him down a few times but overall last night a big tick.Martin good point re the swings and round abouts in form a huge test this week at a venue we have a diabolical record thanks folks

  15. Nice one Book. Got to agree with all of the positive comments re. Andy “Straight line” Ottens. His leading, marking and kicking have been exceptional. A perfect target in wet weather football. Thought Sauce was also very good in the air and around his bootlaces. He delivered some very deft taps and knock-ons around the ground and slotted that nice goal. Can he make the All Australian team this year? It was the first time I’d seen Hugh Greenwood live and I liked what I saw. He will develop into a very handy player. Bit of a case of all played well. They are going to have to bring that effort and more against the Cats. Unfortunately for the Crows, Dangerfield and Selwood are combining beautifully at the moment.

  16. Malcolm I think your rankings of small forwards is spot on Betts has overtaken Rioli and others such as
    Phil Matera,Milne,Farmer clearly a level below,Milne may have kicked plenty of goals but not exactly a team man.A insightful and interesting read

  17. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Peter I fancy the Cats midfield will be to strong as the Cats overall record at Kardinia Park is incredible, as a Crows supporter I am not shattered that,Corey Enright has retired he was arguably bog in both encounters last season.Smoke glad you enjoyed it I will keep trying ! Gordo he would be around the mark with,Grundy and Mumford imo agree his tapwork and also around the ground sat night was good he was poor against the Roos along with the whole Crows side I was disappointed with his ruck work against the dees yes volume of taps was very high but not to advantage mind you clearly beaten in the coaches box that night.Roger it’s Betts unselfishness and team play which gets him the nod for me as well as his defensive pressure and pure brilliance he is hugely respected by his peers own club and with in the footy industry areas in which is important and not every one is

  18. Punxsu..and-the-rest-of-it Pete says

    Entertaining observations Rulebook. And Chaplin is the gift that keeps on giving for you!

  19. Great performance in shocking conditions. This week poses a massive test

  20. Jeff Milton says

    Freo has been smashed twice at Adelaide Oval this year, whilst the other West Australian team seems almost unbeatable at Adelaide Oval (5 out of 6 here). Crows back to all played well which seems to be one of the keys to their success.
    Obviously a huge game Friday night. Not confident, but we are a chance. Need to match them in the midfield (which is a big if) and then our superior forwards can win it for us.

  21. Rory Atkins continues to impress me. He runs with the ball and uses it well. He seems to have improved significantly, and has gone from a fringe player to surely one of the first picked. The only issue is selecting Aker as a hair role model. Thanks Malcolm.

  22. george smith says

    It looks like this year will be an Adelaide v Giants grand final. Good news for the trendies and the wine buffs, who can rock up on the day and get a ticket…

    Not so good news for the new improved, my name is not Demetriou AFL administration, faced with a grand final parade with more officials than spectators. Only the Moggies and the Doggies can save us from this scenario…

  23. Great write-up Rulebook. Much better than that gibberer on the AFL website

  24. Another great read, unfortunately due to the pour down I spent most of tbe 1st quarter drying off in the ladies…In all my years SANFL and AFL games i have never left my seat due to rain, but i was dripping wet and freezing, so i missed the 1st quarter and some of the 2nd, and sort of from there felt a bit away from the game, but after drying off in the Magarey room, i was able to enjoy the rest of the game, so i missed out on the amazing 1st quarter where we were able to play in horrendous conditions and kick some goals to have a 1st quarter lead, something that has eluded us most games, so thats a great positive moving forward. I love that our 3 indigenous boys Charlie, Betts and Milera managed to boot 9 goals between them, and that specky Cameron goal was just awesome to watch. The 2 stand outs for me this game were the Crouch brothers, I’m so glad we as a club have persevered with these 2 as they are a massive important part of our club 65 disposals between them..just wow, anyway my overall view of a game i personally could not get into is it was a relief to win the 1st quarter, to win by 100 points, and to boost up our % to now have the highest %and to still be top after round 10, but our biggest test will at the new revamped Simmonds Stadium where Geelong have won 2 games, but not easily, so i feel for the 1st time in many years of losses at this Stadium that we could win this, we have no injuries we are fit, we have multiple goal kickers, and even though our mid field still needs some work we have a have a handful of guys that can pick up in this area and run like bullets….
    Sloane vs Danger? Looking forward to it.

  25. Nice one Rulebook – although I’m not sure the appreciation of Rory Laird ends at the South Australian border, he’s much admired in Victoria. Those AA midfield spots are pretty hard to get.

  26. Dave Brown says

    Top stuff as always Rulebook. Would suggest Laird’s name has been etched onto a half back flank in the 2017 AA team. He’s being talked up plenty in Victoria (it’s also worthwhile recognising that he has taken another step up this season from what was already a very high level). No idea how this Friday night will go. A fun stat: Freo’s % not in Adelaide this season is 102.1%. In Adelaide it’s 34.4%

  27. DBalassone says

    As you know Rulebook, Laird’s been in my All-Aust all year. Here’s a (quick!) update by the way:

    B: Docherty, Rance, Wood
    HB: Laird, McGovern, Howe
    C: Selwood, Sloane, Kelly
    HF: Gray, Daniher, Greene
    F: Betts, Cameron, Franklin
    R: Jacobs, Dangerfield, Martin
    I: Merrett, T. Mitchell, Gaff, Oliver

    ps jumped the gun & dropped Kennedy from full-forward, anticipating he will miss a few months. And yes, I reckon Easton Wood is more valuable than Hurley.

  28. Malcolm Ashwood says

    PP thank you and indeed he does.Raj yes huge test.Milts and Dave yes incredible re Freo at Adelaide oval this year.Mickey Atkins big stride forward just want to see him do it in a key moment against a top side.George grand final a sell out who ever is playing and the Vic economy would dearly love to have the Crows in it.Thanks LG.KDE yes the rain was incredible only game I can remember which was comparable was a Norwood game a couple of years ago but it was warm and we all dried out during the night a huge game Friday night.Litza and Dave getting there re Laird re respect from the Vic footy media must get a half back flank.DBalassone certainly well and truly around the mark,Jacobs,Mumford,Grundy,Ryder line ball and for mine,Rance is back pocket plays the plus 1 most weeks,Talia while not quite as good as last year still a v good chance for mine,Yeo and Garrlett are others certainly be very close thank you

  29. Rulebook – Lynch v Blicavs on Friday night? Interesting running duel that one.

  30. E.regnans says

    Good stuff OBP.
    I wonder about Adelaide.
    Their best is clearly very good. They have probably played the best footy of the year so far. Outstanding.
    But their worst loses games easily.

    Any thoughts on what makes the difference?

  31. Geoff Wilson says

    Another good article Malcolm, not sure about the reference to Bradman , I thought you were a Ian Chappell man like myself. I wouldn’t be overly concerned about the Crouch boys pace, ever heard of Macintosh and Williams, not that I’m putting them in that sought of class just yet. I could not believe how poor Fremantle were, I dare say neither could Ross Lyon, very unlike one of his side’s and for the second time this year at the Adelaide Oval. Anyway we were fantastic and we have a real test against the Cats this Friday Night. Go The Mighty Crows.

  32. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Dips would the Cats consider using Blicavs on Lynch ? OBP I reckon the crows got ahead of themselves against the Roos and then the dees game was weird in that at one stage the Crows were well on top and yet ended up losing convincingly I thought the Crows were thrashed by the dees coaching box that night
    what worries me the most is that they seem to lose confidence quickly still doubts re midfield even more so with the disappointing news that,Hampton injury is so serious.Geoff yes both of us are well and truly,Ian Chappell fans,Bradman’s average gave me the idea re title with the winning margin.i thought the Crouchs and Thommo re lack of pace was vital in the final against,Sydney and why we changed our midfield up re dynamics this season and neither are comparable to those two superstars yes it was bewildering re the total lack of fight by the dockers huge test this week thank you

  33. Great win by the Crows on Saturday night. If the Crows put the clamps on Dangerfield and Selwood this week, they can pull off a big win in Geelong. Big game coming up.

  34. Cameron Glenn says

    Expected a closer and tough game but 100 point win was a surprise. The weather was wet and wild, never seen it as bad but didn’t enjoy the game any less. The 4 qtr effort was there and the Crows appeared to have worked the conditions well unlike Fremantle who looked far worse than there poor start to the season. A team effort with many players playing really well. Was an enjoyable time at Adelaide Oval and security wasn’t as bad as expected but SMA better not go overboard and ban backpacks.

    Huge game in Geelong on Friday night. It is a timeslot the Crows have recently struggled in plus they haven’t beaten Geelong since 2013 and not won in Geelong since 2003. The only thing working in the Crows favor is their form but having two days less break may hurt them. Tom Hawkins plays game 200 and the Cats rarely lose in big milestone games. Josh Jenkins plays game 100 too. Either side can win and that is what will make it a must watch game!

  35. Luke Reynolds says

    Quality Chaplin in another great article Rulebook.
    As for your small forward question, for me nothing will surpass P.Daicos 1990-92. Genuis.
    Im too young to have seen Matthews and Bartlett. The 230 odd goals the Macedonian Marvel kicked in those years was footballing greatness unsurpassed.
    Add to that his superlative, Copeland Trophy winning 1988 as a Centreman.
    I saw all that. I’ve only Youtubed his early 80’s greatness. What a man.
    Betts is bloody amazing though.

  36. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Paul huge game I fear a Dangerfield clinic coming up.Cameron staggering poor efforts by the dockers in both games at Ad oval this year it looked like they had never seen rain before and the cue went in the rack v early I should have mentioned the excellent job,D Mac did on Brad Hill he can expect more tagging over the next few weeks will be interesting to see if Dmac is used in a similar role again.Security must be paramount unfortunately banning of back packs is probably a necessity.The cats are well and truly the Crows bogey team.Thanks Luke will keep trying to come up with Chaplin sledges.Daicos was a freak like Betts probably the era and style of footy played but Bartlett was good enough to get away with being a hog it is the area where,Milne goes down several pegs certainly didn’t matter if a player was open inside the 50 with those two in general thanks folks

  37. Fremantle were disgraceful, Adelaide have got back to a clear focus on all parts of what they are doing. Absolutely certain you have to force Patty to get his own ball, so the tag on Selwood is critical. Geelong are light on with inside mids and will be exposed by Adelaide’s forwards. If Adelaide are able to maintain their pressure acts and win the contested ball they will be too solid in my opinion. Yes it is at Skilled but this Geelong group is reforming and not what they were.

  38. Gee the Crouch brothers are good aren’t they.
    I’ve been talking up them for years, people are understanding me now.
    I think it is horrible that Laird is overlooked in the all australian.
    My cousins went to school with him.
    I like to think that Lachie Neale is the best Fremantle player, because he played for Walkerville, like me.

  39. Nice write up Rulebook.
    For such a big win, I was surprised and somewhat dissapointed with the captain’s output, not that a big game from him was required as it turned out. The Rat was sensational with his runs and sensational sidestepping while I thought Jacobs had an excellent game in ruck.

    Not sure we learn much from that match as Fremantle were simply woeful in the wet. To see the likes of Fyfe often fumble the ball while I our guys seemed to be playing dry weather football at times, was a real eye opener. Hopefully indicative of their overall skill level having gone up another notch.

  40. Mark 'Swish' Schwerdt says

    Hey Citrus, I’ll gladly take the apples. I’ll be in down in front of the scoreboard between the stands.

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