Round 1 – St Kilda v Melbourne: Rule change killing us


My story of the game has been published, but reading a Fox Footy article makes me to express my opinions on scrapping the third man up here.


I haven’t watched the game live or replay as my financial circumstances don’t afford me to do. Then I was unable to see how the change rule affected us until I read the article on Tuesday morning.


The article was linked with the Saints Express News Facebook page and my curiousness comes up straight.


St Kilda had fewer clearances in the game. Our great rackman Tom Hickey was unable to touch the footy and just allowed Dees counterpart Max Gawn to get more clearances. If they were contested, the third man such as Jack Steven would help collecting the ball and we would create more space to do our great kicks and handballs with our midfield.


The rule change itself is really annoying, but according to our coach Alan Richardson, he was informed that the impact would be less. Not enough analysing or misleading annoys me more.


Then thrown in at the boundary line gave the Dees advantages as the ball movement is predictable.


Rule change should have been discussed with coaches and players well. Even now the rule change should be withdrawn. It’s not too late. And I wish the match would be replayed with old third man rule applying.


I need proper explanation from the AFL.


If the rule can’t be changed, I have to suggest Richo to rewrite the game plan and the club to conduct ruckmen practices to perform better in ruck.

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  1. There is of course a longer term solution: draft a taller ruckman.

  2. Absolute complete and utter lunacy to ban 3rd man up

  3. G’day and thanks for comments guys!

    Tony – It’s a good idea and he should be talented. But I think Hickey is so talented and will adopt the changed rules.

    Rulebook – Yes the changed rules on third man up is utter horrible. I know you are against the scrap and thank you for agreeing with me on the issues.



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