Round 1 – St. Kilda v GWS Giants: The boys from the West are pests

The Boys From the West Are Pests

St. Kilda vs Greater Western Sydney Giants

1:10 P.M. Sunday April 5th 2015

Etihad Stadium, Melbourne


Andy Tuano

St Kilda 11.12.78    GWS 12.15.87

It was another Sunday afternoon. I’m on my holidays, procrastinating doing my assignments. I’d just eaten breakfast (at 1:30) and while playing a WW2 based Video Game on my laptop, I remember that St. Kilda are playing GWS. I immediately turn on my iPad, flick over to the AFL official app and turn on the radio. St. Kilda were then 19-38 GWS.

Sighing heavily, I turn my attention to my game again, while listening to SEN on my headphones. It’s a new year. I honestly felt for Riewoldt, with his recent loss of his sister. So you would think I would be angry that the Saints midfielders were just bombing the ball to him. Yes, he’s a captain. Yes, he is the tall forward. But where is Saad? Schneider? Why is it 1v4 instead of 1v4, with two Saints crumbers at the bottom? I have no idea.

My summer hadn’t been great. Losing to Brisbane and Hawthorn by 100+ points told me the team was the same as last year. Member numbers looked good, a fresh player, but the rest were frustrating. Riewoldt, the hero of St. Kilda, the captain of the struggling team, had worked himself close to injury. Montagna had, I heard, possibly aggravated his knee. It was always the stalwarts doing the job. The veterans. It was 32-51 at half time.

The first quarter had, from a post-quarter analysis, looked ok. 8 scoring shots to GWS, 3 to St. Kilda, but St. Kilda were just 5 points down. Mumford was slaughtering Longer, and the engine room for GWS were pumping clearances like no tomorrow, with 21- 16 GWS’s way. I was worried about the subs. With Coniglio, GWS had a secret weapon, a fresh runner. I had no idea who J. Sinclair was, but I was soon to find out. An early Inside 50 in the third quarter boosted my spirits. Armitage kicked something to Shaw, who marked it behind the line, after a score review. St. Kilda kicked the first goal, and the first goal jolted the Saints back. Cameron would later kick his 2nd, and I sigh in frustration. When the margin is 20 points, it can’t be goal for goal. I’ve been a St. Kilda fan long enough to know this will probably continue to drag on. Through Cameron again, the Giants increase the lead to 26, only for a goal from Bruce, a spectacular sounding speccie from the same man, only for him to miss. The margin is 19 points again… We won the clearances in the third, and we made more scoring opportunities. Montagna, Steven, even Jack ‘Joffa’ (horrible nickname) Sinclair did well to get the ball forward, but that would all mean nothing, as all know, unless we won the game.

Cameron stood strong, and early in the last he kicked the first. I had resigned all chance when the ball left his boot. That was before Membrey would immediately reply, so I was interested again. Bruce then brings it back to 13 points, so I was up and about. My heart skips a beat when Mumford misses one from 40m, Savage snatches one soon after, and the margin is just 8 points. I fist pump my laptop, before calming down. Crash and bang, Riewoldt and Montagna down, and then Shiel nails the sealer. I am fuming, Bugg is down, but St. Kilda have failed to keep close enough. Bruce drops a mark from Savage, before a behind is scored. St. Kilda need to quickly reply, but the Giants do that thing. The thing I hate where the opposition holds up the time. Savage kicks one quickly, but there can only be minutes to go, with 3 scoring shots, with at least 2 required to be perfect. Sinclair provides the miss, it’s 2 goals to victory. Another miss comes from Armitage. 10 points to win… It’s tapped through from a torpedo from Montagna, but the game has been lost. Nine points and about a minute to go… St. Kilda lose soon after, but effort, being the precious few thing that the Saints can provide, has impressed me.

Finally, a short story. On the night of Carlton vs Richmond, I had said to my soon to be brother-in-law, that if Essendon beat Sydney, I would become a Bomber. I had all but given up by 5 minutes before three quarter time, but the Swans came back. It’s one of the reasons why I love Sydney. I was proud to remain a Saint, chuckling quietly to myself after learning the result.


St Kilda 11.12.78    GWS 12.15.87

Best: St. K: Riewoldt, Montagna, Dempster, Bruce, Membrey GWS: Cameron, Shiel, Shaw, Mumford Goals: GWS: Cameron 4, McCarthy 3, Palmer, Treloar, Shiel, Whitfield, Ward St. K: Bruce, Membrey, Savage, Schneider 2, Armitage, Riewoldt, Dunstan Our Votes: Cameron (GWS) 3, Shiel (GWS) 2, Bruce (St.K) 1 Brownlow: Umpires: Harris, Ryan and Mitchell Crowd: 18,794 at Etihad Stadium

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