Round 1 – St Kilda v Brisbane: Jacks’ Day and Acres’ Breakout

Saturday, 24 March 2018
3:35 pm
Docklands Stadium, Melbourne


I have been having a long footy weekend – AFLW Grand Final, the first St Kilda match in the 2018 season and an important meeting for the Osaka Dingoes on Saturday, and a weekly footy training on Sunday. As I worked during two professional footy matches were played, I had to watch replay in the following three days.


My work roster on the match day had been from midday to 6 pm at first. It’s been changed twice – once starting at 11 am due to forecast getting busier and then starting at 10 am due to a sick colleague. That meant I would have an hour break, so I hoped I would be able to watch a part of the game live.


My break started around 3.20 pm (local time; it’s two hours behind to Melbourne here). Watch AFL’s live coverage was buffering that annoyed me a lot. As a crazy St Kilda diehard, not being able to follow the game live made me feeling down. How much had I missed footy in the previous six months (however I have been training footy for two months)?


Watching the match replay in numerous times on Monday and Tuesday, here are match highlights.


Lions dominated in the first quarter. Within 90 seconds, Cameron ran and kicked, but it was only a minor score.


But Saints worked hard. Jack Billings handled ball nicely in the defense line. Then great ball handling was seen by Carlisle, Brown and Ross. But Acres missed collecting.


Our skipper Geary’s incept mark was impressive too.


The first goal was scored by the talented young forward, McCartin. He collected the footy Bruce fumbled and did his job. He showed a good backing that is a part of my footy audio book.


However Lions roared with Cameron’s first goal. He ran towards ball with signalling to find space.


Skunk (Membrey) got a good opportunity 52 metres out, but missed toward the left.


Then Saints wasted another opportunity. My note for my playing footy tips is written with ‘Speedy and accurate handpasses are needed.’ It’s especially for congested circumstances.


Berry’s next goal is a good example for my kicking skills – run to get the right distance and kick a goal.


And then our Jack (Billings) taught me good footy skills. He was in the right position in the goal square. Collected footy and backing well. He scored a goal.


After Jack having been answered by Cameron, he handpassed well towards Clark who kicked the first AFL goal. Welcome to the top level competition, young man! Acres’ kick towards Billings assisted well.


Another good tip was found. Bruce turned to collect footy and turned again to find the right angle to handpass. It was received by Gresham who scored a goal.


Ben Long tackled the opponent well. Then Armitage kicked towards Bruce. It was time for Bruce to kick a goal.


Armo’s handpasses are accurate and impressive. It is what I need to adopt. I sense my handpasses are good so hope handball skills improve.


Gresham got another opportunity but missed after the siren. St Kilda led by 19 points at the first break.


Joey Montagna was sitting on the roofless car and farewelled by fans. As he has announced his retirement after the 2017 season, it was a good opportunity to thank and farewell for fans, I think. He must be happy to see the new number 11 scored his first AFL goal earlier.


In the second quarter, I found contested marks being taken by Lions more in the congested our goal square. We have to win. But it would be hard for me to do as a small guy and I haven’t got any transferable skills in other sport codes.


St Kilda’s advantages of quick runs and kicks were shown. Another Jack (Steven) started running his engine with good mark and kick towards Membrey. But Skunk missed a good opportunity from 15 metres out.


After poor kicking and handpasses were done, good tackles by Billings and Koby Stevens and good hit by Savage were impressed.

Then Acres was on the way to breakout. He attempted to take a mark from kicked footy made by Ross. He used his left arm and hand to get the ball back without dropping the ball on the ground. He took a mark and kicked a goal beautifully.

But our coach Alan Richardson yelled over the headset when the illegal action on a contested mark was made. A 50-metre penalty was applied.


St Kilda led by nine points at half time.


After the main break, Lions pushed hard again. Berry kicked straight from 40 metres out.

Then Saints created a good player note again. Membrey found the right position by running and handpassed Gresham.

Sadly Membrey’s kick from 48 metres out was missed. Then Bell’s goal put his Lions in front.

Cameron’s third goal would worry me if I watched the game live, as well as missing Billings’ long kick.


Meanwhile the mighty Saints turned over well to create a good game.

Jack number one* on the day (Billings) kicked McCartin and then towards Bruce. He was collided and awarded a free kick. Bruce scored a much needed goal.

In this occasion, McCartin has got a good position to kick a goal himself, but kicked towards Bruce. I wonder why. Please explain! Fox Footy commentator described it as disorganising footy.

Jack number two* Steven picked footy and had a long kick. It brought us six points.

McCartin didn’t boost unfortunately. His opportunity from 48 metres out was missed.

Jack Steven picked footy in the congested goal square close to the posts and kicked a goal.

The leading margin widened just a point to 10 at the last break.


The last quarter was slow starting for the Saints again. But Newnes’ good tackle, Webster’s good mark and hardworking on collecting ball by Billings and Armitage were impressive.

Berry getting ready to run and finding space to take a mark (diving one) was what I need to adopt as a player. His effort brought six points to Brisbane.

After Gresham’s picking and scoring a goal, one of my least favourite player in the competition, Mitch Robinson answered.

Membrey’s actions later were in my player note too. Pointing to where to move to his teammates created good communication and the consequence was scoring a goal with a banana kick.

Soon after number of his goals hit two after a good kick done by Billings.

Bruce’s goal kicked like a helicopter surprised me. I want to do like it in open space.


Ben Long scored his first goal in AFL career.


I wanted my Saints to have a massive lead, but I learned skills that can be used on my footy.

And it was the day for Jack Billings and Jack Steven. Also the game showed a sign Blake Acres was breaking out.


* please note that my addressing Jack with numbers was made in order of which Jack started firing. As in the below, I rate Steven performed better than Billings. But both Jacks have done so good.


On Wednesday, I hit a local park for my own footy training and remembered my player notes. I had drills related to what I have seen in the game.


ST KILDA 6.4 7.5 11.8 16.11 (107)
BRISBANE 3.3 5.8 9.10 12.10 (82)

St Kilda: Gresham 3, Bruce 3, Billings 2, Membrey 2, Steven 2, Acres, Clark, Long, McCartin
Brisbane: Cameron 3, Berry 3, Bell, Rayner, Christensen, Hipwood, Robinson, Walker

St Kilda: Steven, Billings, Acres, Ross, Newnes, Stevens
Brisbane: D.Beams, Martin, Cameron, Berry, Hodge, Robertson

3. Steven (STK), 2. Billings (STK), 1. Acres (STK)

Umpires: Donlon, Haussen, Stephens

Official crowd: 23,731

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  1. Guru Gus - Singapore. says

    Great to hear you are playing footy in Osaka, Yoshi.

    Good win for the Saints, now we need to go 2-0 on Friday against North.

  2. Cheers Gus!

    Having a fractured finger doesn’t stop me training or practising footy.

    It’s really disappointing with yesterday’s loss to North…

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