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Round 1 – Adelaide v Sydney: Running on empty


Running on empty


I decided to pin the title on my way to Adelaide for the football yesterday.


As you know the price of petrol around the country has been pretty high. Driving along Main North Road two things amazed me; (a) the majority of car yards in the strip were closed for good – what real estate, and  (2) the price of petrol.


I got 93 cents a litre. Yes, 93 cents a litre!! If the Croweaters can keep the price of petrol down how come that car yards are closed? Very perplexing indeed.


What about the game?


The game was a shocker and the key elements of our game were found wanting except for the accuracy of players kicking for goal. 11 goals before the first behind was registered.  Does that mean the crowd plays a considerable part in players missing easy goals?


Well what about the game.


Adelaide , like Geelong are s-l-o-w.  Their mid-field, once the apex to their success,  was terrible except for the  lion-hearted captain Rory Soane in his 200th game.  Has football turned into a game for players under 26, Wally Milera (back) and Tom Lynch (everywhere) were the only other players worthy of mention.


Walker could have won the game for the home side in the dying minutes but he really was running on empty.


If the season is to continue then it is hardly unlikely that either of the two teams would be higher than 12th.  To Sydney’s credit with a very young side they did play good footy particularly in the second quarter when they dominated the ball out of the centre. No Sauce no Crows.


Sydney’s small brigade rang the lumbering Crows of their feet. Isaac Heeney (4 goals) Papley, Parker were all excellent and Josh Kennedy continues to lead in style.


The atmosphere?


There was none and probably was to be expected. Consequently it was all serious business from the car park attendants, security people, the normally welcoming staff and last but not least the media.


There was no “happy clappy” a la Scomo.   This was serious business no laughing or joking here.


But why not?


A Damien Hardwick said on Thursday “ the people deserve something like footy”.  I agreed with him at the time but after witnessing a no crowd game I have changed my tune completely.


If those in attendance are not joyful in witnessing a game then why play it?


I know from a mini-survey I did on the weekend that many people turned off the television to games on Thursday and Friday night after the first 10 minutes. Sure Richmond and Collingwood jumped out of the blocks like a Stawell Gift (there is another story) winner but one would have thought there would still have been some interest.


No.  I think we have all got caught up in the pandemic now and this is serious business.


Circumstances are now suggesting that Footy might be finished for at least 2 months so why not pull the trigger now. Interest from all quarters is low except for the TV dollar.


I might sound miserable but there was personally nothing to feel joyful about except for the cakes that Champion Data’s Mel Lindus continues to bring each week.




Final Scores:


SYDNEY:   3 – 0.  8 – 3.  11 – 4.  11 – 8 – 74

ADELAIDE: 6 – 0.  7 -1.  9 – 2.  11 – 5 – 71


Sydney: Parker, Kennedy, Heeney, Papley

Adelaide:  Milera, Lynch, Sloane



Sydney: Heeney 4. Hayward 2, Kennedy, Blakely, Papley, Gray, McCarten

Adelaide: Lynch 2, Walker 2, Davis, Jones, Fogarty, Murphy, Atkins, Sloane, Stengle


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About Bob Utber

At 80 years of age Citrus Bob is doing what he wanted to do as a 14 year-old living on the farm at Lang Lang. Talking, writing, watching sport. Now into his third book on sports history he lives in Mildura with his very considerate wife (Jenny ) and a groodle named "Chloe On Flinders". How good is that.


  1. Thanks Bob. Difficult to muster much enthusiasm here although I get the argument about footy providing a welcome distraction. Sam Gray’s shot for goal early on was astonishing. A blooper beyond bloopers.

    Fuel for 95 cents? I started our cars the other day just to make sure the batteries weren’t flat. That’s really cheap petrol!

    Well done on making the trip. Hope to see you soonish.

  2. citrus bob says

    Mickey – just had o go to take in the “atmosphere”. Years of going to the Oval to packed houses won my curiosity. Obviously I just got out of SA in time otherwise I would be driving all around the State looking for that CHEAP petrol.
    Should read under 26 – in my haste to get to “The Bomber” I did not check everything.
    Mel,s cake are a treat each week Must write a story about her as she is one of those people in the background at the footy who we would miss if she wasn’t supplying us with cakes.

  3. Bob, a fair assessment of the game. I thought the Swans ran rings around the Crows for most of the day. Swans absolutely smashed the Crows in clearances and especially at the centre bounces. I do think the Swans tried to shut down the game too soon in the final quarter and it nearly came unstuck.

    I really can’t believe how Adelaide kept players such as Gibbs (over the hill), McKay, Hartigan and both the over rated Crouch Brothers, neither of whom hurt the opposition with their many disposals (mainly defensive handballs) Why oh why did they let Jacobs, Greenwood and Keath go beggars belief.

    Watching other teams, especially Richmond and West Coast, the Crows are so far behind it’s just as well the season will probably be cancelled.I probably will get my sporting kicks watching one of my grandsons playing marbles.

  4. Did you actually get into the game? How, a Footy Almanac press pass. It was a long way to drive, just to watch it on TV

  5. citrus bob says

    6% – yes I was actually at the game. I am accredited by the AFL and in fact had to get an “all clear” from them about my health before granted approval. They , the AFL, have left no stone unturned in order to make it safe.

    Fisho – i always used the “blood eye” marble when playing competitive marbles. yes, i know the Crows are going for young player but as is always the case with them they do make some strange decisions when delisting players. I think the season is over now but for Adelaide it could not have come sooner.

  6. Bob, i believe we called them “the Blood tracker” marble if my memory serves me correctly.

  7. Thanks for this, Citrus.

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