Robe2Bendigo: The End


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Day 13 to 16 (Maryborough, Maldon, Bendigo) plus a couple extra days in Bendigo, cos why the hell not.

508kms walked by my calculations, and what I learned was …

Odometers aren’t always correct, as well as Google map or My Tracks apps. So kms walked is pretty much approx only BUT STILL WELL OVER 500km!!!!Avoca is very nice, with good food including weird pies.


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Chinese/Australian middle aged men are pretty resilient. And really don’t complain much, or at all. A good time had by all.

Whiz Freedom is a wonderful device (Google it, enough said).

SA and Victoria are both ridiculously dry. It’s a worry.

It’s nice to spend a few days in Bendigo with big sister Yvette after 16 days away rather than immediately heading back to Melbourne.

Bendigo is a happening place but has gotten a little obsessed with Marilyn Monroe. I found the exhibition made me sad and a bit angry.

Bendigo has a very dry creek and lots of bats (but far too much Marilyn stuff, does every shop in the centre of town really need to advertise for 20th Century Fox/ freaking Rupert Murdoch!!!).

Queen Liz oval opposite motel saw Essendon cream North Ballarat last night in the VFL by 95pts. I guess that gives Bombers supporters some joy.


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  1. P.S.

    Alfred raised $4,400.00, with 16 hours to go. Well done mate. You done good.

  2. I’ve really enjoyed these stories, photos and observations Denise.
    Well done those people.

  3. Cat from the Country says

    Congratulations everyone. A great walk and a great story

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