Review of “The Club” New Paintings by Peter Ferrier

Love of Football is in the Air – its final time and time for art and I popped in to an  exhibition a few weeks ago to get to see Peters work again.  He used to be in a Gallery onSt.Kilda Roadand I used to drive back on my way home from work, and check to see what team was being displayed.  Being in the heart of St.Kilda, it was often our Sainter boys being on show.

At this exhibition (or on Peters website) , I saw a great variety, 31 paintings in all, 30 after I left with a small one. Two large ones have already be sold, and when I heard who bought them (Nick Reiwoldt, Grant Thomas, James Brayshaw, and ex-Saints President Buttles all happy to have their ownership advertised and this artist supported, says the artist), I couldn’t resist my inclinations already leaning that way.  He also gets requests and does commissions in case one of your team is not done.

I loved “The Melee”, a sold one withGeelongand St.Kilda players in a brawl.  Loved the passion and the lines and the mess.  Titles are “Three Pies”, “Four Cats”, “Five Dogs”….you get the drift. There’s lots of Saints ones, being in the right area of the southern suburbs and more accurately, Saints territory.  There’s even one “Roy Boys” for those longing or remembering the past.

I didn’t have the good fortune to meet the artist but I hear he drops by every day to check how it’s going and to take commissions if they are there.

A now a funny story, when I looked behind the desk of the owner of the gallery, I saw  a St.Kilda painting with three guys with the colours around the wrong way, black, white and red.  Apparently, I’m the first visitor who had picked this up.  The story is that it was originally a Collingwood painting but this area sells more St.Kilda, so the  artist quickly changed it in one of his afternoon visits and must have had a “moment” and painted the right hand side red.  Loved it. (Peter later thanked me in an email for picking up on his dyslexic painting).

This exhibition just made me happy and content.  Good work, fun painting and a good lead into the last weeks of the season.  Have a look at Peter Ferriers website: to see what I mean.

My team may be out of any grand-final contention, we may lack a coach, assistant coaching staff, and a conditioning coach, but I look at my art every day and smile, and that’s what good art should feel like.  I always have my happy Saint boys singing to me, morning, noon and night.


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Yvette Wroby writes, cartoons, paints through life and gets most pleasure when it's about football, and more specifically the Saints. Believes in following dreams and having a go.


  1. peter ferrier says

    Thanks for all your kind words . It was alot of fun painting for this show,
    To see more footy paintings

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