Raving Rulebook No 12

Raving Rulebook is raving again, following the Adelaide Test:




  1. The Poms lost the match when they sent us in. I`d flick over to see the score now and again but didn`t watch so didn`t see the different things you brought up but will say that most umpires in all the different games make a mistake now and again. Its when those mistakes change the outcome that they show up as so very bad. A lot of sports are bringing in a 3rd umpire and it is gBUT it takes so long sometimes to work out the result. I would hate to see a match, even of my fav tennis, umpired entirely by the 3rd umpire though so guess we have to try and live with them.

  2. Luke Reynolds says

    Totally agree with your bake on the umpires, they were awful. Why can we not have an English and an Australian umpire in an Ashes Test? It must make it hard to encourage umpires to go the next level when they are unable to umpire a Test in their own country.

    The music on your ravings is always great, fantastic to hear The Divinyls this week!

  3. You had me at the Pleasure and Pain intro!

  4. Jeff Milton says

    The idea of having one umpire from each of the competing countries is an interesting one but could still lead to the risk of hometown decisions at key points in some games. Does the other umpire then even the score by making an incorrect decision in favour of their country?
    Unless we are going to effectively refer everything by increasing the number of incorrect t referrals allowed (which I don’t want to see) the current situation is probably the least worst option. Age old problem of how to improve umpiring standards. It should be possible in cricket because unlike the AFL there are not constant Interpretation (rule) changes. Too high is actually always too high in cricket.

  5. Can’t believe England sent us in first to bat, they lost the second they decided

  6. Good analysis of the second test Rulebook. The difference in the batting lineups is a telling difference in this series so far. Funny how the cameraman still laughs when you say, “Rulebook signing off, OVER AND OUT!” Great stuff mate.

  7. Yes, a good analysis Rulebook of the 2nd Test, can’t see where an England win is coming from. 4-0 series win on the way IMO, but I suspect Australia is going to get away with some dodgy cricket at times, as this England side is simply not up to Ashes standard.

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