Racing’s Best of the 21st Century

There’s no doubt that we have been fortunate to witness some magnificent champions already this millenium. I suspect that a couple of these will be clearly on top but there will be a battle for the minor placings. As usual, please provide your top 5 in order.
And the nominees, in alphabetical order are:


  1. Please find a spot for the great Takeover Target!

  2. Don’t think I can but I know you’ll be ignoring Sunline and Weekend Hussler so you might be able to sneak him into yours.

  3. David Downer says

    Chiming in early with this one…

    1. Black Caviar
    2. So You Think
    3. Northerly
    4. Makybe Diva
    5. Sunline

    Wow, do I really have a three time Melbourne Cup + Cox Plate/Aus Cup/BMW winner at number 4?? You could throw nums 2,3 and 4 up in the air and they’d land differently each time. My ever-so slight reason for having MD at 4 is the query on the opposition at the time (this is splitting hairs and searching for reasons).

    Others will apply the same argument to BC, but her continual victories over Hay List (who’d be number 6 on my list) is my point of reference there. Throw in unbeaten, Ascot win with everything against, sectional records, now track record etc.. Tough to topple. International ratings would also suggest likewise.

    Old mate Takeover Target would be at 7.

  4. Skip of Skipton says

    I’d be surprised if anybody came up with a different Top 5 to what David picked. In order:

    Makybe Diva
    Black Caviar
    So You Think

    Apologies to Phelan Ready and Freemason.

  5. The Hussler’s figures, despite C.McDonald, were incredible – but there was, for me, always the Equine Flu caveat of starring against a restricted field. He carried us through that tough season.
    More Joyous is seriously underrated in Melbourne – apparently Gai rates her quite highly.
    Cav aside, haven’t Miss Andretti and Takeover Target got the next sprinters’ claims?

  6. I’ll go with

    Black Caviar
    Makybe Diva
    So You Think

    Nothing too controversial there, I reckon. Could make some case for others in 5th spot perhaps but 2 Cox Plates, a brave 3rd in Melb Cup then 4 Gr1 wins in Europe despite some strange training decisions is good enough for me.
    Yes, More Joyous is underrated in Mebourne and has a great record but SYT pantsed her in the Cox Plate.

  7. Don’t think any in today’s Newmarket will get into the best of lists…

  8. Dear “Genuinely Concerned” (refer Crio’s racing post), I think you’ll find a couple of reasonavle WFA horses in this lot, though less than in the previous nominations.

  9. cowshedend says

    Im with you on your batting order,its hard to believe afew years down the track there would be one better than theDiva

  10. Steve Fahey says

    Can’t argue with

    Black Caviar
    Makybe Diva
    So You Think

    Perhaps there is some doubt over Sunline/Northerly order but it is splitting hairs either way, both mighty horses

  11. I have an unreasonable dislike of Diva and am totally tepid re Sunline. Bloody mares. Makes it impossible to be objective, but happy to concede that Northern Drake is below them.
    “What is Cav had got beat at Ascot?”..”she didn’t”, you retort.
    I was never a big Northerly spruiker but he had Sunline’s measure.
    Thus I’m probably closest to D.Downer’s view.

  12. After much discussion and thought I have to put them in the same order as Budge though I would have like to put them in another order to get 50 questions

  13. Ripsnorter says

    This was little easier although hate leaving out Takeover Target as was a great horse who won races in every state and England but hard to go past the five mentioned by most dispatches.

    1. Black Caviar – a freak and not her fault no one will take her on these days.
    2. Makybe Diva – 3 Melbourne Cups and a Cox Plate really should get you the number one spot so can count herself very unlucky.
    3. So You Think – Best WFA horse in this time frame
    4. Northerly – Just in front of
    5. Sunline – but agree with Steve that they should be rated together.

  14. So Crio – just for historical reference and clarity, are you going with DDs order or is there some adjustment?

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