Racing: Look, Mum, a Waterhouse!

By Chris Riordan

Not just old-timers can amuse me in the betting ring.
Last year my brother, his wife, their 8-year-old and I ventured to the Valley one night to watch his horse run. He gave it a rough show so we went into the betting ring to plan our attack.
Trying to occupy young Matt, I sent him on a reconnaissance of the bookies’ boards to report the best odds on offer. He is diligent, enthusiastic and a real little character. Far too soon he returned, breathless with some news.
“Mum,” he gasped to the only one among us who had no idea what he was talking about. “I just saw a Waterhouse over there,” he whispered. “I thought they were all banned!”
Where he’d gathered the legend of Robbie Waterhouse’s Fine Cotton consequences I can only guess, but Tony and I cracked up at his sleuth-like report.
“That was a while ago,” we told him. “Young Tommy’s a bookie in Melbourne now.”
Matt still looked suspiciously at the Sydney escapee.
And the horse? Unplaced as  favourite in a Wodonga Maiden early this week!


  1. Mark Freeman says

    Good to see the next generation of punters coming through Crio. My two have attended the Clip-Clop Club at the Heath for many years, but their mother seems to have gotten into their ears about the evils of dad on the punt and warned them off, a la Robbie after Bold Personality won that race.

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