Racing: Let’s turn those few rusty shekels into an even bigger stash with a collective effort

By Mark “Makybe” Freeman

Ahhh, Sandown Classic Day.

I think it’s held as a benefit for the year-long punters. It’s almost as if all participants – jocks, trainers, books, horses even – conspire to share with the workaday punters what the once-a-year mugs drop in over the carnival.

“You’ve had to suffer the goons,” they say, “the soap stars, the Myer and Emirates types, now welcome back to the fold, here’s a little something to keep you punting over the summer.”

If only it were that easy. Nonetheless, the form is all well exposed, the Sandown track always plays beautifully and the only danger to be wary of is horses tiring at the end of their preps.

Now down here at the Makybe stables, we’ve done Daff a big favour by mushrooming the few rusty shekels he tossed our way into $1200 worth of punting fun.

But what’s he need the money for? He’s making a mint out of these books, so let’s blast away punters: $100 a man — women and children welcome, too. Just register your bets in the comments below.

I’ll start the ball rolling with a first four in the Classic. We’ll just take the big boys at the top, including Master O’Reilly, who just might be suited by the small field and long uphill straight, from the progressive types, Purple, Miss Maren and Raffaello, and I’ll keep old Zarita safe.

Melb R7 flexi 1st four: 1, 2, 3/1, 2, 3/1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9/1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9 for $100 = 83%

Good luck punters,

Mark ‘Makybe’ Freeman
(Daff’s Cash current position: $1200 in the black)


  1. No intention of getting on the punt this weekend. I’m concentrating on the junior sport i have neglected for the past two months.
    Damn your luring me to a formguide…and now, with nothing to do tonight, I might as well get stuck into TVN’s Valley coverage if you have any mail?
    A quick squizz at tomorrow’s card is not illuminating.
    Lucky Secret looks two classes above the rest and should lead unchallenged. Yet the odds will be “in the red” and I just reckon that a hard track is its enemy. Lay.
    My roughies for the day are
    R4 No9 Perfect Hostess
    R9 No13 Silent Sophia

  2. On further investigation, my roughies might be a little speculative.
    Makybe, the Wilde stable will certainly be attacking the non-TAB at Dunkeld. Any mail?

  3. Mark Freeman says

    No newsletter this week unfort Crio, cupboard bare on Wilde news. Saw that Lovely Rita placsed tonight at the Valley, but Great Steps, who they did say they expected a lot of this campaign, was scratched tonight – could be the sneaky trip to Dunkeld on the go!

  4. Mark Freeman says

    Crio spotted him – Donald Cup, R6 No.5 on Sunday. Tremendous weekend’s racing out west. One day the double – Dunkeld on the Sat and Donald on the Sun. Surely as good as it can get.

  5. Peter Flynn says


    100 the win Scenic Shot in The Classic.

  6. Mark Freeman says

    Well played Peter. C’mon you blokes, Daff’s got the matches out ready to set fire to the gorilla.

  7. Freezer,

    I’ll whack my $100 for a place on a nag in which I have a 1/96th share (if you think that’s remote, let me tell you one day of the bloodstock in which I have 1/400th share): Dabero’s Jag.

    The Jag has accepted for tomorrow’s Donald Cup. Fourth run in this prep. First three have not been that impressive but the stable have tended in the past, a la Kavanagh, to set the horse for the “big” race (two of Dabero’s victories have come in Country Showcases). 1600m is his pet distance.

    My head says that, given the field, if we beat any home, it will be a good result. But the heart says you’ve gotta go for it. He’ll start the rank outsider so $100 on the noggin!

    Looking forward to seeing how the Jag goes up against the Wildes’ Great Steps!

    PS: Today was a tragedy. I kid you not: last night I was set to back Marquardt, Kidnapped, Lucky Secret and Zipping (some in doubles, some straight out). But various jobs conspired against me attending a lucky shop!! It’s always the way.



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