Punters protest Palentino result


Punters are still reeling over the upheld protest at Flemington on Saturday, where Tivaci was named the winner over the heavily backed Palentino in the CS Hayes Stakes.


At the 900m mark, Palentino veered out, forcing Craig Williams to take Tivaci out wide on the turn. As the pair edged closer to the finish line in a nail biting head to head sprint, Palentino claimed the lead to score by a half head. While the initial impact was a considerable distance from the finish, it does look to have cost Tivaci that extra bit of ground needed in the final stages.


Taking to social media, riled up Palentino supporters were not impressed with the result, given that the interference occurred an extraordinary 900m out from the finish line.


It is not often we see a protest at such a lengthy distance from home, let alone one that is upheld. For the stewards, no matter what decision they came to, it was always going to be a controversial outcome. Many are fearful that the decision to uphold the protest will create a troublesome precedent for future incidents.


With a majority of corporate bookmakers now offering first past the post payout, a wave of relief washed over punters nationwide, with the insurance that regardless of the protest result punters would still get the cash.


“I will never take first past the post for granted again” one punter proclaimed.

While another punter gave praise “The first past the post product has restored my faith in the bookmakers”.


However, for many bettors, Palentino was a standout in quadrellas and multi leg bets, which was cause for the biggest of burns. One punter exclaimed “I had a successful 4 leg multi leading into Palentino. My day was ruined!”


  1. Hannah,
    Alas – I, too, had Palentino one-out in the quaddy.
    Very disappointing.

  2. That freckled Philadelphia Lawyer (C.Williams) was always a chance to spin the story in his favour. Bookies were really confident of getting this one. A rare winning race for us on another losing day.

  3. Smokie, I backed Terravista- the other big controversy of the day. Definitely would have won if Olly hadn’t lost momentum “at the distance”. Still, Chautauqua’s win was good for racing.
    First Seal brilliant in Sydney, as was Press Statement.
    Looks like a great Autumn

  4. Craig Williams never loses a protest. This was a joke and I had no bet. Zahra had no option but to do what he did.
    There is a school of thought that stewards can’t pin anything else on D Weir so any benefit of the doubt in protests goes against him as it is their one chance to get him back.
    Oliver definitely cost Terravista the race while looking for his whip.
    Looking forward to this weekend irrespective. Good racing awaits!

  5. Hannah Bird says

    Yes, a few controversial results last weekend. Should be a good day of racing tomorrow though!

  6. Good card here at Caulfield. You working Doomben, Hannah? Even black-type up there.

  7. Hannah Bird says

    Crio, I’m actually stepping out at Caulfield today, which I’m quite excited for!
    I think Concealer looks good for Blue Diamond

  8. Olly’s is out the gate in the Diamond. $7 on the ‘Fair. I’m on the Wayne Elliott computer in main betting ring. Come and say g’day…any bookie could point you our way. Should be a ripper day.

  9. Hannah Bird says

    Was a fantastic day at Blue Diamond! Crio, I stopped in to say “hello” but unfortunately we were a bit too early and no one was at the stand. Hope you had a great day!

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