Preliminary Final Preview – West Coast v Melbourne: The important in’s and out’s


As a West Coast Eagles fan based in Melbourne, for the last few days I’ve been asked many questions.


‘Are you worried about the Demon’s momentum?’


‘Is Gawn going to dominate Lycett in the ruck?’


‘Don’t you want to see another footy fairytale and see Melbourne win it all?’


The answer is obviously ‘no’ to all of these ridiculous questions, but what I’m surprised about is that no one has asked me the most important question of all, what am I going to wear?


This is not about fashion or vanity. As most football fans will know, what you wear while watching the game is of upmost importance. This is my contribution to the game, this is me playing my role for my team. This is something I can control.


So here are my in’s and out’s for this week’s preliminary final based on previous form and potential:



OUT: Nic Naitanui and Josh Kennedy socks


My beautiful mother bought me both pairs of these as gifts but I’m sorry mama, they’re going in the bin.


I wore the Nic Naitanui socks to the Round 17 match against Collingwood. Nic Nat did his knee. Bin.


I decided to wear the JK socks for the first time while watching the qualifying final again against the Pies to support him coming back into the side. He was out-of-form for the first half and I was a very frustrated fan. To try to relax in a very intense game, I made a cup of tea (gin) at half time and remembered my experience while wearing the Nic Nat socks. I wondered…


About five minutes into the third quarter, in curiosity more than anything, I took them off. Then Josh Kennedy kicked his first goal for the game from the boundary, swinging the momentum back to the Eagles and we secured a home preliminary final. Not that I think I was solely responsible for that victory but you’re welcome West Coast.



IN: Off-brand socks from the Queen Vic Markets


Say what you will about this underrated pair, they’re consistent and have never lead to a major injury. Not the flashiest in the team but a good in and under player. Also purchased by one V. Symons who has always ensured my feet are covered by blue and yellow (thanks mum, you’re the best xo).


OUT: 2014 signed guernsey. TEST: 2017 signed guernsey (debutante)


The 2014 team signed guernsey I was lucky enough to win in a raffle a few years ago. I wore it to the 2015 Grand Final… it is not in the bin but looking at it still breaks my heart.


The 2017 signed guernsey is the ‘last game at Subiaco’ commemorative edition which was signed by the team at a post-match Melbourne member’s function after the Eagles win over the Bulldogs in Round 2 this year. Not yet to debut on the big stage but has potential. Will see how it trains this week leading up to Saturday but if it doesn’t feel right, windcheater from Target circa 1996 (below) will fill the position. Always a solid performer ready for another chance to prove itself.




OMITTED: 2011 25yr commemorative member scarf
NEVER IN DOUBT: Kasey’s Original Childhood Scarf



The 2011 membership scarf commemorating 25 years of the club has worked hard for years, always earning a place in the side. I’m sad to omit this team player – though worn mostly out of my need to protect my scarf I’ve had since childhood adorned with badges collected for over thirty years. But this OG scarf shines on the big stage and sometimes you need to make room for your stars at the business end of the season. It’s a brutal game sometimes.



TEST: Headwear


This line is the team’s weak link. No real stars, not a lot of form. May have to wait for weather conditions confirmation to see what is going to suit the game plan we go with for this one. Final team will be released when the list is lodged on Thursday.





This onesie is a real smoky to come into the side. Stellar form. Worn during the 2015 preliminary final and during the 2017 elimination where we won with a thrilling kick after the siren in overtime. These matches were however watched in the comfort of my home. It is most likely I will be watching this Saturday’s game at a pub with actual people around. Can a lucky onesie be justification enough for wearing what is essentially pyjamas in public?


All’s fair in love and football I say. Long live the onesie.



About Kasey Symons

Kasey Symons a writer and PhD Candidate at Victoria University. Her research is focused on gendered issues in sports cultures (primarily AFL) at a fan level. Kasey is a born and raised Victorian who barracks for the West Coast Eagles and yes, she knows that is weird.


  1. Great stuff. See you at the GF Lunch. The Avenging Eagle wants to share wardrobe accoutrements.
    (Trevor Nisbet – cheap bastard – pulled a shocker in 2017 with a scarf and beanie membership ‘gift’ – made in China – that had a navy blue so dark that it looks like Richmond). Never seen the light of day. I am hoping to offload it on Mr Wrap.
    Go Eagles.

  2. Hi Kasey,

    It’s interesting to read about what you are wearing for Saturday. Your selections are reasonable and have interesting facts. Everyone wants to wear gear that have brought wins, don’t we?

    I wanted to wear a St Kilda jacket at the MRV Match but was unable to get the one before the game. I had to wear the old blue fleece that I was shamed and sad. But I got the one following day (that you saw at the North Fitzroy Arms Hotel).

    Good luck with your Eagles. I want to see Demons packing and going on the early holiday.



  3. The sense of responsibility is admirable to say the least.

  4. Kasey Symons says

    Looking forward to catching up at lunch next week PB :)

    Thanks Yoshi!

    This is serious business JTH! I think I’m going to introduce a new nickname for myself – Kasey ‘The Difference’ Symons :)

  5. Kasey,

    Onesie + Loungeroom = Happiness
    Onesie + Bedroom = Happiness

    And if
    [loungeroom] and [bedroom] are happy places, generally,
    And if
    [pub] amplifies everything just a bit,

    onesie + pub = NEXT LEVEL HAPPINESS*

    *If WCE win.
    (the level of ignominy if Melbourne get up, while you’re in a Melbourne bar wearing a West Coast onesie, would be quite something. But definitely worth it either way as a piece of experiential performance art).

  6. I feel there is potential for a onesie table at the GF Eve lunch.

  7. Wear the onsie. And then if you win, you have to wear it forever.

    But I fear that on grand final day (if we both make it), your onsie will be trumped by the poster of the 2017 Richmond team that’s been on my office wall for just over a year. It brought Richmond the ultimate luck.

  8. Kasey Symons says

    You’re a genius ER – and definitely pro-experimental performance art + I’m so on board for a onesie table at lunch!

    And Gill, bring it on! Onesie power!!!

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