Pre Season Cup – Animal Challenge

by Bill Walker’s taxi driver

The big animals were playing the little animals in the annual pre-season challenge match.

At half time the score was Big Animals 11 – 12 (78) Little Animals 0 – 0 (0)

The Little Animals’ coach addressed his players at half time

“We’re getting a flogging. We need to lift our game” He set out a game plan and made a few moves.

“Getting belted at centre half forward, in the ruck and in the clinches around the ground. We have to get back into the game. It will take a big effort….but I know you can do it”.

He pulled the leadership group aside and whispered. “We need to take out the elephant, the giraffe and the rhinoceros. Just has to be done, they are killing us. Sort it”

At three quarter time things were buoyant in the little animals huddle. They had had a big quarter against the breeze and the big animals had failed to score.  Big Animals 11 – 12 (78) Little Animals 11 – 6 (72)

The little animals’ coach was up beat but focussed.

“Well done, great improvement. Terrific, tough, team footy. But it’s not over. Take it back into play. Don’t leave it here in the huddle. One quarter to go”

“By the way, who took the elephant out?”

The centipede looked up. “It was me”

“Great stuff” said the coach “Didn’t even see it”

“Who got the giraffe?”

“I did” said the centipede.


“What about the rhinoceros? That was great work. He looked pretty groggy when he left the ground”

“Yeah, that was me” muttered the centipede.

As they went back into their positions the coach pulled the centipede aside.

“Big third quarter mate. Match winning stuff. Where the bloody hell were you in the first half?”

“Putting my boots on!”


  1. johnharms says


    In the fine tradition of the talking greyhound yarn.

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