Pink day has loomed as very, very hot and sticky and for those who have dressed for the occasion

just a bit warm. To the credit of New South Welshmen persons(?) their loyalty to this Test is

outstanding and there is a sea of pink illuminating the grandstands.


The Cricket Ground Trust are expecting 40,000 but I think the weather has put paid to that.

Australia resume their innings at 0/24 and after a couple of compulsory overs from the quicks the

spinners will be on. Just too hot out there today.


Both batsmen are looking very sound indeed and the more you see of Harris the more you like him. I

like his aggressive approach to all bowlers. He must go on with it today however. A big score is there

for the taking.


Khawaja (27) plays a rash shot from Kuldeep Yadav and is easily caught by Pujara at mid-wicket.

Australia 1/72, a good start thrown away by foolish indiscretion. Khawaja is an enigma, promises so

much and looks in complete control and then gives his wicket away at no cost. His languid approach,

or so it seems, makes people feel diffident towards him.


Bumrah, Kohli’s number one weapon, is back on and nearly bowls Labuschagne first ball. Marnus is

under enormous pressure and is a bit “gingery” against The Boomer. He gets his first runs to third

man, not a great shot but he is away.


Fifty six in the first hour is sound but the wicket of Khawaja is a big loss for Australia.

Harris reaches his 50 from 67 balls and 5 fours and he continues to lead from the front. He is the

real deal. Labuschagne has spent time watching Pujara and is learning. Playing patiently with no

overkill. Justin Langer just might be right if he (Labu) can go on with this innings. The two tyros,

seven Tests between them, are looking sound and have just reached their 50 partnership.


Kohli has had to revert to his fast men as the spinners were getting nothing out of the “wicket”.

Sure, has been some criticism from the deep south this morning. Glory be! How could you

southerners criticise anything happening in Sydney? The Trust want 2 Tests!!


Australia go to lunch at 1/122 only 500 behind the Indians but 98 runs in the session has been

excellent forgetting about THAT wicket completely. Harris 77 and Labuschagne on 18.


The old wicket-after-a-break happens again as Harris on 79 cuts at an innocuous ball from Jadeja and

plays on. Australia 2/128.


Marsh opens his score with a magnificent cover drive from Jadeja. When he is in form, he is all class

but unfortunately suffers from “Uzzieitis”. Meanwhile Labuschagne battles on. His strike rate has

dropped below 30 and whilst I applaud his stoicism he does not want to get stuck in this rut for

much longer.


Well it is Marsh (8) who goes prodding at Pujara for Rahane to take at first slip. Australia 3/144. It is

not over as Labuschagne (38) pushes Shami to Rahane who takes a smart catch at short mid-wicket.

Australia have now lost 3/30 since lunch. Australia, falling fast, 4/152.


It is hard to believe but the lights are on at 2.30pm as Head and Handscomb, no doubt playing for

their careers consolidate the position and move the score along slowly. We cannot expect anything

else. Ten minutes before tea and Australia has lost 3 wickets in the session and added 70 runs. Rain

is threatening and the ground staff are ready and raring to go with the covers. The crowd will be

scurrying by tea time.


Oh! Travis Head (20). Just when you were looking set straight back to Kuldeep Yadav for a simple

caught and bowled. Too many times in this series has he got out like this. Australia 5/192. The

Australian batsmen are making it too easy for the Indian bowlers. Just let them get themselves out

they must be saying.


Interested in the crowd and Tim Paine. Over the series all around Oz they have warmed to him and

today is no exception and  when he hooked Bumrah for 4 there was warming applause for the

captain, as if to say we are right behind you with what you are trying to achieve with this team.

At tea Australia 5/198, Handscomb 21 and Paine 5.


Notice some of the lemmings wearing high heels today. Do they know it is a cricket ground? Hope

the authorities keep them off the pitch.


Ho hum, another wicket after a break as Paine (5) plays on to Yadav (3/56) and Australia now reeling

at 6/198.


Prime Minister Scott Morrison arrives but we don’t expect a long innings from him.


An Australian rarity. Peter Handscomb has gone for the cap and it looks great and, dare I say it, he is

starting to show confidence in his shot making.


The expected showers don’t arrive but ground staff are still hovering around the gates. Play dawdles

along to 6/236 with Handscomb (28) and Cummins (25) and at 4.30pm players leave the field

because of the light even though the lights are on. Now the covers are coming down over the wicket

as ground staff decide not to take any chances with the weather.


Rain has started and it looks like it will be hard to finish the day’s play now. Very dreary and I would

expect that neither side would want to come back on the ground. Will be an advantage to the

Indians as it will give them a fresh start.


Cummins again proves what a fighter he is. He keeps his head still when the ball approaches from a

bowler and plays each ball on its merit.


It looks like that might be it for the day and cricket lovers will look forward to Day 4 tomorrow.

Australia 6/236 P.S.P. Handscomb 28 and P.J.Cummins 25. India bowling Shami 1/54 Bumrah 0/43

Jadeja 2/62 and Yadav 3/71