Pies show ANZAC spirit while Bombers..just don’t

The Anzac match between my Magpies and the Bombers is one of the most important clashes on the footy fixture.

On occasion when I’m out shopping I’ll see a young man dressed in military attire and when I do my mouth goes dry and I get goose bumps. I still can’t understand the bravery of these men and women who put their lives on the line to serve in our army, to protect our country.

When you see footage that troops receive from their families back home. A video of a five year old girl singing to her father, the words come out jumbled and you can bet he’s admiring the gaps of her fallen baby teeth, wishing he was there to play tooth fairy and slip some coins under her pillow, it really makes you think.

Yet I’m lucky to see my father everyday and it just hits me, the reality of it all, that when I give my dad big hugs every morning, there are girls who might never see their fathers again.

As most of you would know, I am Australian with a Lebanese background and as you may also know Lebanon is a country where war happens often and politics happen to be the main cause of destruction. My father served in the Lebanese Army for nine years and joined as a fifteen year old, that’s right fifteen. At the time my grandparents were experiencing financial trouble so dad, being the eldest son, left to join the army and gain financial support to look after his family. He has told me many stories of the things he encountered, shootings, plans gone wrong and how him and his friend used to take turns keeping guard while the other got some sleep. He got shot once in the leg and was lucky that another bullet had just missed his head.  My aunties and grandmother were always in hysterics when news came that a Lebanese soldier had died praying to God that it wasn’t my father. Even now when we watch the Lebanese news my grandmother seems to have a soft spot for the brave men who are in the position her very own son was in.

My appreciation for the Australian army derives from the close details I learnt about the whole First World War in history last year. The film Gallipoli captures this adventure right down to the card games down in the deep, dirty trenches. I don’t think I have ever been so heartbroken with an ending of a film like in ‘Gallipoli’ I was in tears by the end.

To show their appreciation captains Maxwell and Watson, along with 86 other footballers playing on ANZAC day, signed jumpers from both teams with personal messages of support for troops that are serving. I think that’s great work by the two teams, now let’s hope they can play in the ANZAC spirit and make the match a real event.

In real Anzac fashion Mick has opted to go with youth for the clash. Why leave out Tarkyn Lockyer? now that will NEVER make sense to me, EVER!!

Mick I frown upon thee!!

Another problem is the ‘Welder’ Zaharakis kicking the winning goal in the dying minute.

With help with Joshy, Zaharakis now has the nickname ‘Welder’ this originated from Joshy saying he admired him as a player but other than that he’s a tool but I corrected him saying he was a ‘hot tool’ therefore he’s now know as ‘Welder’ you know the hot tool that produces heat and fuses thing together. Lol

I’m up about an hour and a half before the game only to find a replay of the 1995 Anzac match where big Sav Rocca booted 9 goals!!! Another thing, BRING BACK THE SHORTS!! These days the players look like they’re playing basket ball!

As the boys run out Medders looks especially happy which causes squealing from yours truly.

The surprise began with Travis Cloke kicking THREE goals in the first quarter! THREE! One of goals was on a nice angle, just how he likes them.

Steele, bless his adorable hill-billy-ness and Beams get plenty of the footy.

A highlight with a clumsy, messy, unintentional goal from Toovey causes me to literally dissolve into a fit of giggles.

One fifty meter penalty later and Daisy has his first.

Wellingham follows with a random goal, a high floater! It was such a pretty kick!

The Bombers are no where to be seen.

COLL- 47           ESS- 3

The second quarter brings a ten second reply goal from the Bombers.

“Here they come!”

Johnson goals, Cloke gets number FOUR, Reimers goals, MEDDERS!! MEDDERS!!

*insert excited squeals here*

If there was an award for being the cutest player to resemble a teddy bear, Medders wins HANDS DOWN!

Mum decides she loves Dane Swan- “Shame about the tattoo” she says.

Then she gets a look at the gorgeous Dawes, who to me is a mix of Pendles and Medders and decides “No I change my mind, look that that one, what’s his number? He’s cute!”

Lol I think I see where I get my “Ohhhh he’s cute” thing from.

COLL- 74           ESS- 41

Wellingham threads his second to start the third.

Dempsey replies, only to be hit back with a goal from Fraser.

Dempsey goals again, now there’s the spirit!



As Beams gets his well deserved goal I’m thinking one thing, PERCENTAGE!

A Pie and a Sausage later (Mum did her best to make it feel like we are at the game AND YES I do eat that much)

I start thinking its Cloke, Wellingham or Beams for the Medal.

The hot tool ‘Welder’ finally gets a goal, nothing like the winner he kicked last year though!

The massacre ends with a Didak goal, a fitting ending to a Magpie win.

Pendles wins the Anzac medal, although I think Beams or Cloke are more deserved, oh well.

My Boys played with Anzac spirit, can’t say the same for Essendon.

COLL- 120                             ESS- 55

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  1. I enjoyed reading this Danni, but I think it’s a very harsh call on Essendon. Sure, they put in a poor performance, but it is not like they weren’t trying, the ANZAC spirit is all about continuing to fight even when you’re losing the battle, and Essendon definitely did that, albeit not very successfully.

    I think “Blowtorch” is better than Welder, because I got confused with Wellingham

  2. Good report Danni.

    I like your bit about the Wars is Lebanon. Collingwood really showed good form today, as they did last week, and they should beat Carlton next week. Look out for North Melbourne though, they showed tonight how tough they can be.

  3. Lovely report, Danni. I especially loved the preamble to the game – it was beautifully written. I’m glad the Pies are starting to play well again – there were a few frustrating weeks there for you, I imagine.

  4. Richard Naco says

    Susie Susie Susie: you’re showing sympathy for the devil there, my fine fellow (in a girlie sorta way) Cat!

    Now I love Danni like my favourite second cousin in law (and my wife also being Lebanese, I have a huge adopted family of cedar huggers, so Danni’ll appreciate that a second cousin in law is actually quite close in this specific context :lol:), but in case you’ve forgotten, [whisper] she loves Collingwood [/whisper].

    OK, so they were superb today, and yeah, well, Josh Fraser’s reply to the heckling spectator after he scored his third was both classy & witty (and if he keeps that behaviour up he’s dead set certain to be traded after this season for sure), but it’s un unwritten law that we don’t say anything nice about them (in case they get too smug).

    Focus on the lore that we who are lucky enough to not barrack for the devil sure as heck don’t ever show them any sign that we actually like ’em.

    Even after a truly glorious Anzac Day triumph.

  5. Lol Richard!
    so i take it that i won’t be welcomed at church next Sunday? You know being the evil devil and all?


  6. Richard Naco says

    Dear favourite second cousin in law,

    Please feel free to come to the true church, that all thy transgressions may be washed away (cos you know how wet & cold it gets at Kardinia Park these days).

    Next service will be on Sunday 2nd May, commencing at 1:10pm. And the theme shall be The Slaughter of the Innocents (so don’t wear black and yellow lest the faithfull take thee to be one of the victims).

    Good to see you finding the True Faith, & you’ll go down a right treat at The Pivot!


  7. Richard,

    Agree with you entirely. But it’s Danni: I think we can make an exception :P

  8. 7- Susie, i like the way you think.

    i would also like to point out that i had to ROFL at the sight of HEATH SHAW wearing…almost like a BATH ROBE ontop of his playing gear when they sang the team song! I mean i know Heath is an interesting Character but the was hilrious in a ROFL worthy way!

  9. Danielle,

    We are not having a holiday in Tassie today. I have just returned to my office at home in a rural area behind Burnie.

    As I came up the drive I noticed a group of about half a dozen magpies harassing my aged cat in the paddock.

    Is this an omen?

    Cheers, Phantom

  10. Comment Superman,

    Well thats very interesting since it should be the other way around, you know cats going after birds.
    I don’t know if it is an omen b/c i’m pretty scared of crows and i see them attacking often but Adelaide..well don’t seem to be attacking at all really.

    On that note is it weird at all that i’m scared of all birds except Magpies?


  11. Danni, good report I thought that Beams deserved the medal too. I got a John Anthony sharp shooter card today :)

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