Perth Knackers – Beer, Barbie and Books – 10 December

The ‘time honoured’ Perth Knackers backyard beer, barbie and books evening will be held from 6pm to stumps on Wednesday 10 December.

Almanac celebrities attending include Les Everett (author of “Damian Drum – My Part in his Downfall”); Sean Gorman (“Chisholm to Walters: From the Ridiculous to the Sublime – Indigenous Dockers Footballers”); Dennis Gedling (ghosted Ross Lyon’s “Why Footy Needs the Off-Side Rule”); and David ‘Noises Off’ Zampatti.

Eagles players, fans and writers welcome subject to their bail conditions.

Tom Martin will be autographing his Matt Spangher feature article at the front of the 2015 Almanac, and selling Adelaide Uni Blacks raffle tickets on behalf of ‘Rulebook’ Ashwood.

All welcome – book authors (copies available for collection); website writers; readers and hangers-on.

Hostilities suspended for Xmas Truce – Dockers, Eagles and all comers exchange bon mots in No-Mans Land.

Bloke food supplied.  Beer and wine donations welcomed (not required – just bring yourselves).

Plenty of 2015 Almanac books available for Sale.  Get your Chrissie presents for family, friends and work colleagues.

Contact Peter Baulderstone with acceptances and numbers (I live in the inner northern suburbs and will pass on address details):

[email protected]

Phone or Text 0478632743





  1. sean gorman says

    PB – I think you are confusing the late Dhurks (a bewdiful athlete) with the Prince of Pocket – one S Chisholm. A great footballer albeit and ‘unorthodox’.

    c u there.

  2. I stand corrected Sean (text amended from Dhurkkay to Chisholm above). My hazy memory for detail. Don’t know why every Docker isn’t imprinted on my brain.
    When I first came to WA in the late 90’s the first game I saw was Dockers v (my then) Saints at the WACA.
    I clearly remember the Dockers defender (Stephen Chisholm as you remind me) “kicking out” from full back after a point. He did the little tap kick to hand and set off. It was magnificent as he beat Saint after Saint with feint, swerve and pace. After 2 or 3, the frantic calls of “kick the bloody thing” grew to a crescendo. He was a roo in the spotlight.
    Got to the centre square after beating a half dozen opponents, and having run every team mate out of position. A Saints tackler eventually got him and the ball went straight back for an easy goal.
    The crowd were laughing in amazement and frustration. One of the most uniquely brilliant and stupid things I have ever seen on a footy field.
    Says a lot about the early Dockers.
    RLyon would have traded him to Siberia for such individuality.
    Look forward to sharing similar stories next week. Cheers.

  3. Malcolm Ashwood says

    Well done PB I look forward to hearing about the night from the great man , Tom Martin

  4. Neil Anderson says

    Any chance of posting some photos of the launch from the Baulderstone BBQ?
    Eastern Sea-boarders would like to see if the West-Coast variety of knacker looks the same as everyone else in their old footy-jumpers that don’t quite fit any more. Also a shot of the ” Avenging Eagle” just to prove she is the operative that heads up the West Australian Almanac cell.

  5. Scott Chisholm

  6. Dennis Gedling says

    I’ll be there in my new capacity as President of the Perth Cats and acting as mediator between the Eagles and Dockers…although they both share a common interest in beating us in finals.

  7. David Zampatti says

    When you say “West-Coast variety of knacker”, Neil, to what exactly are you referring? Is it a geographical reference or a footballing one.

    I only ask because one of the AFL teams over here has hit upon the slogan “We Own the West” for their 2015 season. I’m sure it’s being studied intently by A. Sandilands, H. Ballantyne, R. Crowley and a number of other chaps who might just try to poke it past some teeth. From below.

    Looking forward to the launch. Mr Baulderstone’s company and hospitality is as delightful as his taste in football teams is diabolical.

  8. Neil Anderson says

    I meant it in an anthropological sense David. Like most of the population in the west the knackeralmanacas species would have evolved largely from Dutch stock compared to English stock in the east.
    As regard to who owns the west, PB will have to up the security at the BBQ. Apart from that, the derby should be interesting this year. I do hope they don’t hurt themselves before they travel over here to play our sides.

  9. It sounds like David knows Peter well. Will there be any lawn bowls?

  10. Lorri – Would you like to attend? You versus the Avenging Eagle in a 15 Rounds all-in jelly wrestling comp would keep the Perth Knackery mightily entertained. AE has her blue and gold monogrammed swimsuit. Doubtless you have a fetching purple and white number. Any takers?
    Or you could just come for a drink and join those beastly Fremantle boys ganging up on me and Daniel.

  11. David Zampatti says

    Look, I’m not sure about the lawn bowls, Neil, but I’ll bring my second set in any case (well, no, in a bag, actually). They might come in handy if things get willing, West owning-wise.

    Although a jelly wrestling bout to decide the ownership issue is the sort of champion v champion idea that would have nipped WWI in the bud.

  12. Neil Anderson says

    The Baulderstone name is dominating the mid-west (South Australia) and Victorian news today.
    There’s a story in the Herald Sun about a Sam Baulderstone that plays for Norwood and is hoping to be drafted today in the rookie-draft.
    Unfortunately they didn’t mention his famous uncle? cousin? father? was having a BBQ to launch the Almanac.

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