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The EPL gets under way with the Community Shield on Saturday night – between Man United and Man City

This season begins a new soccer page. We are interested in reports on any EPL matches, and on the other divisions, and leagues across Europe. And of course the A league here in Australia.

But especially we are introducing a new column: Passing the Man U Baton. The idea is that someone writes a report of the latest Man U fixture. They then contact a Man U mate, hopefully somewhere exotic like Bury or Pascoe Vale, and pass on the Man U baton, by inviting them to write the report of the next Man U fixture. And so on. We’ll see where this takes us around the world.

We have a writer for the Communtiy Cup.

But the Man U baton will really start in the first week with Man U’s away game against West Bromich Albion. Any takers?

In the early days it may be useful to have a few back-up writers, in case the baton is dropped in Amsterdam or Rio,

If you want to write a Man U report, please let me know, and I’ll add you to the list.

And if it is pissing you off that we seem to be doing this for Man U only, take up the challenge. I’m all for a baton for every EPL team, or indeed for any team.

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