Parades and Brightly Coloured Men – The 2015 AFL Grand Final Haiku Kukai

Welcome to the highlights reel for the fourth annual Grand Final Haiku Kukai. This year we had 60 writers calling in from London, Melbourne, Graz, Kyneton, Stockholm, Ghana, Woodend, Perth, Ballarat and wherever Ian Gostelow found himself on the Hume during the course of the game. Over 200 poems were written, which, not surprisingly, was 42 more than the total number of kicks the Eagles had for the match!


The participants were a diverse group, with seasoned veterans mixing it with novices alike, and unlike the game itself (yawn) the writing was full of colour, passion, feeling, and a touch of buffoonery. There were many twists and turns. Disquiet swept through the kukai before the first bounce, with many dreading a Hawthorn ‘3-peat’. Their fears were soon realised and the kukai, for a while, resembled a kind of therapy session, as detractors of the Brown and Gold voiced their discontent. But haiku poets tend to be realists. They know the sun will come up tomorrow. And they tend to write about that too. We got a taste of what was happening for everyone. Everywhere. Right then. It was magic.


See you at the bounce next year.


grand final morning ~

a disciple wearing a beanie

whispers a prayer


Rob Scott



clouds hover

forecast is brown and gold

dreading it


PJ Flynn



the clock ticks downwards

grog boozing rises upwards

dreading a three-peat


Susie Baldwin



Melbourne traditions:

parades and brightly coloured men

I like the word ‘Grand’


Timothy Train



Grand Final

another tulip shows

its colours


Jade Pisani



London sleeps

the call of the siren

sings us home


Lucy Stewart



breakfast bbq

turning lines of sausages

the haiku sizzle


Nathan Curnow



drug scandal

the ex-coach high

in the stands


Myron Lysenko



Australian Anthem –

resounding ninety clicks

from Gundagai


Ian Gostelow



first bounce ~

jostling for position

at the bar


Rob Scott



Players ducking

and weaving, a car flipped

on the Hume


Ian Gostelow



31 degrees

never seen anything like it ~

Hodge’s goal


Rob Scott



stream match

from an early morning Europe

too early for beer?


Ela Fornalska



Over, red rover

unless they have a Hopkins

bring on the rugby


Grant Andrea



half time sprint

our dog chases after

a magnolia petal


Myron Lysenko



‘blood rule’

I pour tomato sauce

on my pie


Maureen Sexton-Baker



Half time review

ironic to hear Carey

comparing two birds


Derek Begg



9 3 to 3 9

Palindromic scoring shots

and yet no balance


Patrick Nolan



watching from my mind’s eye –

her sattelite finally

gets signal


Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian



Overcast at G

West Coast need some reverse swing

sorry, forgot what sport


Susie Baldwin



Irish pub –

some bloke asks me

“What are you doing here?”


Rob Scott



19 marks the ball

Was that a goal? It’s too fast..

Bloody ad. Replay.


June Connell



Hawks’ shadow

longer than the Eagles’

size is important


Michael Potter



Hawks vs Eagles

critics begin circling

my lines of haiku


Nathan Curnow



31 degrees ~

players dive

into the shadows


Rob Scott



heavy defeat—

camellia flowers collapse

onto the grass


Myron Lysenko



road kill on the Hume

the West Coast Eagles

run over


Ian Gostelow


About rob scott

Rob Scott (aka Haiku Bob) is a peripatetic haiku poet who calls Victoria Park home. He writes haiku in between teaching whisky and drinking English, or something like that.


  1. Peter Flynn says

    It was fun HB. Thanks for convening.

    PJ Flynn

  2. Hopefully it brought a bit of life to such a dull game.

    Thanks for being there.


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