AFL Round 21: As a Dees fan, I was better off at home for this one

It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m told that I am too sick by my Mum, so I have to watch the game from home. I decide to watch it on TV at 3pm, and before that I was watching the VFL, while making the score sheet. In the third quarter of Port Melbourne V Sandringham I [Read more]

General Footy Writing: My AFL pretty list

The following players should be commended on being born pretty yet sacrificing their good looks on the footy field for their fans. How ugly would footy be without them?

Cricket: Twenty20 might just save Test cricket

Some of us fear that Twenty20 cricket might kill Test cricket. It will almost certainly kill 50-over cricket, and there is a plausible argument that it will get Tests as well. But while the last rites of ODIs are probably inevitable, twenty20 cricket might just save Test matches – and only Australia and England have [Read more]

AFL Round 21: Dogs back to A-grade form

Alleluia! The school week is finally over! My whole week consisted of Sacs. Monday: Literature sac Tuesday: English sac for a double period Wednesday: Literature sac for a double period Thursday: Literature sac Friday: English sac. Today I completed my English sac and resisted the temptation to rewrite the whole thing in the single period. [Read more]

Fifth Test, Day 2: Australia set to fall from perch

By Hamish Townsend All the talk of pitches and selection were put to bed by a spell of line and length by Stuart Broad that saw eight Australian wickets fall in the middle session and may have seen the little red urn returned to English hands with three days to play.

AFL Round 21: Another thriller, and the Bulldogs win

It was my brother’s birthday. Dinner was followed by cake and then the presents came out. The time wasn’t on my side. Luckily, I made it on to the couch just in time to see the game between the Bulldogs and Geelong.

The Pre-Wrap: The less noise out of Punt Road, the better

What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Artful Football League tops up its coffers with a tidy little earner from Saturday’s non-contest at THOF and THE TIGERS make an even tidier one from the sale of autographed Jake King Jumper remnants.  Bid big at the auction as it’s tipped that Junk Yard Jake [Read more]

Fifth Test, Day 1: Gasometers and elephants make for intriguing final Test

By Andrew Gigacz The Oval is a ground that always makes me think of the North Melbourne Footy Club. It was the scene of the so-called “Battle of Britain” in 1987 when Donald McDonald, Alistair Clarkson and their North mates “went the knuckle” in the post-season exhibition match against Carlton. Ian Aitken’s jaw is still [Read more]

General Footy Writing: More attention should be given to footy’s dams as well as sires

By Bob Utber If footballers where racehorses we would always know their sire and dam, wouldn’t we? Pakenham is probably the best-known racing town outside metropolitan Melbourne. It’s the home of that great racing family, the Bourkes, one of whom,  incidentally, is married to the caretaker North Melbourne coach Darren Crocker.

Racing: Look, Mum, a Waterhouse!

By Chris Riordan Not just old-timers can amuse me in the betting ring. Last year my brother, his wife, their 8-year-old and I ventured to the Valley one night to watch his horse run. He gave it a rough show so we went into the betting ring to plan our attack.

Jones Files: My dozen favourite Geelong players

By Richard Jones HERE’S a compilation of 12 of my favourite Geelong players. Not in any particular order, except for Polly Farmer as No. 1. Some of these stars, such as Bobby Davis and Bernie Smith, were going around more than half a century ago. Others are far more recent. I didn’t see any Geelong [Read more]

Racing: Moonee Valley, Saturday, 22 August 2009

PREVIEW Mark “Makybe” Freeman writes: Punters! Best tip I’ve got for you this week – and it mostly applies to scumbags like me who refuse to fork out a pineapple a month to filthy Rupert for Foxtel – is that the puppies at BigPond have finally allowed customers of other ISPs access to their racing [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Swans are better thanI expect but I still want them to change their game plan

By Josh Barnstable After an eventful day, I want nothing more than to sit down and watch a good game of footy. But then I I realize Sydney is playing. At ANZ Stadium. I’m in for a boring night. I look for other things to do. Play footy on the Playstation; continue reading my book [Read more]

AFL Round 20: My shoulder pain is nothing like the pain the Tigers should feel

By Josh Barnstable Needing to wake up at 8:15 on a Saturday, which is absolutely crazy, just to get to the local footy ground of Rennie, the opposition today. It’s the last game of the year, and I’m quietly hoping to kick a few goals and hit the lead in the goalkicking for Waaia. I’m [Read more]

AFL Round 20: Hawks’ performance in battle of birds deems them unworthy of finals

By Josh Barnstable After completing yet another week of school, I was looking forward to getting home and enjoying the footy and resting up for a big week ahead of me. I pick Adelaide confidently on the radio, but I have a feeling the Hawks can win if they are serious about finals, which up [Read more]

Local Footy: Good-time Tigers keep eyes on the prize

By Paul Daffey Peter Davis, a committeeman from the St Bede’s-Mentone Tigers, lets out a chuckle as he leads me towards the rooms before the senior match at the club’s home ground in Mentone. “A few of the boys have pre-game superstitions,” he says. I played with a handful of players who had pre-game rituals [Read more]

Harms: Elementary, my dear, as Watson unravels Saints’ claim

Our little bloke, Theo, 21 months old, is running around madly and chatting away (“Jlong”). He loves balloons. He plays balloon-footy, which is more like balloon soccer, until the balloon goes in the air. He puts both hands up, reaching, waiting for it to float down, and than double hands it away, like Brendon Lade. [Read more]

Ireland Correspondent: Tipp top Greens on blue day for Limerick fans

By Peter Lenaghan The gags start flowing from the Limerick fans’ mouths after 20 minutes and three conceded goals. “Oh, congratulations,” one yells at the players wearing green, as another attempted score sails off target. “We’re now in front by four wides.” When Gavin O’Mahony finally puts the ball over the bar for Limerick, another [Read more]

In the Sheds: Warrandyte warrior expects no favours despite taking field with brain tumour

AS THE Warrandyte players ran on to the field to host Whitehorse Pioneers in their final-round clash in division three of Melbourne’s Eastern Football League on Saturday, their ranks included one footballer who was playing his first game for the season — with good reason. In February James “Jimmy” Logan turned up to training in [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Why Glenn Archer was my sporting hero

By Josh Barnstable Glenn Archer played for AFL club North Melbourne. Archer was born in Victoria on the 24th of March, 1973. He began his career with North in 1992 after being recruited from Noble Park. Archer was a troubled youngster, and says that playing AFL prevented him from going down a path of drugs, [Read more]