Poetry: A Local Bloke

By Bill Walker A box slips down with a humming sound, faces smile through tears the playing field a memory now, team mates succumbing to years Barney, Rat, Whinger, Knob and Doris from the canteen the team’s all there with silver hair, on a nostalgic crutch they lean a special bloke has had enough, slipped [Read more]

Jones Files: South Bendigo holds out fast-finishing Sandhurst in classic Grand Final

By Richard Jones SOUTH Bendigo won the Bendigo Football League’s sensational 1955 grand final by a point over hard-working Sandhurst. It was a day when weather conditions really played a huge part as the QEO was lashed by freak winds and heavy rain.

Local Footy: Peat Bog Champions emerge from Cora Lynn to put stamp on the game

By Bob Utber Those in the know acknowledge that Cora Lynn has the best football ground in Victoria, nay, Australia. With its peat bog soil it can take six inches of rain and you still do not get muddy. A huge amphitheatre, the ground is famous for staging the Grand Finals of the former West [Read more]

General Sportswriting: It really is time I let Gurner’s Lane and the 1997 goal umpire off the hook

By Chris Riordan My son knows that the merest mention of Gurner’s Lane can throw me off. Never mind that it was hardly Gurner’s Lane’s fault when Mighty Mal took off (with my cash) at the roundabout on the King in the ’82 Cup. I never backed The Enforcer (Mick Dittman) again in his long [Read more]

Ireland Correspondent: Kennelly subdued as mighty Kerry takes on tiny Antrim

By Peter Lenaghan Kerry is Gaelic football’s undisputed powerhouse. Its dominance goes back to early last century and includes several eras of domination. The county’s distinctive green shirts with a gold band across the middle are admired and feared. The Kingdom, as County Kerry is known, has won 35 All-Ireland football titles. The list of [Read more]

Sports Science: Ice baths and dips in cold water work against recovery

By Clint Youlden We live in strange times when you consider that recovering from physical activity now receives nearly as much attention as training. As an athlete and sports scientist for the past 10 years, I’ve tried every feasible recovery method. And I thought I might give a breakdown on one of those methods, the [Read more]

General Footy Writing: How a Tiger got his stripes – Part 2

By Sam Steele I only ever saw Royce Hart play four times.  And yet he remains, without question, my one genuine sporting hero (with the possible exception of Dennis Lillee), and was instrumental in my childhood conversion to Australian football. Most of my memories of Royce are of grainy black and white snippets from the [Read more]

General Footy Writing: This solution to the problem of tanking is way out of left field. But it might just work

By Andrew Gigacz Last Sunday Melbourne became the first team to drop out of the finals race. Mathematically speaking, that is. Yes, for Freo or North or a bunch of others to make it, an extraordinary sequence of events would have to unfold. But the fact is that right now, before Round 18 commences, only [Read more]

AFL Round 16: Roos-Tigers draw offers a win for both sides of the Rawlings family

By Roseann Testagrossa The second annual Eureka Game between Richmond and North Melbourne was a day for firsts.  The first time two care-taker coaches would be coaching against each other and the first time in over 50 years that one sibling would be coaching (Jade Rawlings) against a brother (Brady) playing for the opposition. I [Read more]

General Footy Writing: President’s Pets were never going to leave the Pies. Trust me!

By Danielle Eid I wasn’t even out of the school grounds when my Dad called me on my mobile to tell me that Bucks had signed as an assistant at Magpie Land. I got home, not bothering to eat yet, and jumped onto the site just to make sure that Dad wasn’t pulling my leg. [Read more]

General Footy Writing: Yes, it’s strange, and I’m a bit worried, but I just don’t seem to hate Collingwood like I once did

By Damian O’Donnell It feels a bit strange to say it, but I don’t think I hate Collingwood the most anymore. For me this is a huge admission, because my dislike for Collingwood has been a great constant in my life, a sort of anchor. To hate Collingwood is as normal as putting your pants [Read more]

In the Sheds: Rupertswood’s geese are worth a gander

By Paul Daffey THE Rupertswood footy club has made a big impression since joining the Victorian Amateur Football Association a decade ago, and not just because of its progression through the grades.

Round 17: Richmond v Essendon – Worth the pain

After witnessing one of the greatest games this season ( JIMMMY!), I’m heading back to the ‘G’ with the casual attitude of yesterday ‘arvo’ thrown out the window,  Yesterday I wanted a close, high standard free flowing game of football and I got it.  Today, as I put on my Richmond jumper (now with the [Read more]

AFL Round 17: Gusto got its mojo back

  By Helen Dunne   My piece a few weeks ago on the Lack of Gusto in Geelong supporters appeared to fall upon deaf ears.  As I  looked out the window of my salon late in the afternoon of the Geelong v Melbourne encounter,  it  was sad to see the cars heading home  with not [Read more]

AFL Round 17: Disaster for the Blues at the MCG

by Barbara Smith Apparently, life’s experiences are a rich tapesty, woven together to make us the person we end up being. I accept that, & feel that mine will be quite colourful. In particular, the footy threads in my life tapestry will be stunning, with lots of contrast. One more thread was added on Friday night [Read more]

AFL Round 17: Cats’ win heals at least some of the wounds of 2008

By Anthony Jensen On Saturday afternoon I had the privilege of squeezing onto an atmospheric V-Line train, surrounded by the Geelong faithful, and joined them to watch the team I love host the reigning premiers on a clear winter’s day at the home of footy, the MCG, and get home by the barest margin that [Read more]

AFL Round 17 – Haiku Bob – winter sounds

Friday Night Football florescent ump waits for TV cue I slurp plastic beer

Cricket: Why I deplore Victoria’s pursuit of Murali

By Chris Riordan “Fourteen years after suffering the trauma of being labelled a chucker by umpire Darrell Hair at the MCG, Muthiah Muralidaran is poised to return to the ground as a home-town hero.” (July 3, 2009, The Age) Are we that pathetic?

AFL Round 17: The View from Shepparton

by Peter Schumacher What a great round this was and again what a great advertisement for the game. How did Geelong get out of jail? Was that not one of the great comebacks? No Scarlett, no Taylor.  Hawthorn get that first goal in the last quarter, no way could Geelong fight back. But they did. [Read more]

AFL Round 17: I enjoy my Canberra trip even if the Dees fall short

By Steve Healy Canberra is such a different place to Melbourne. Nowhere near as many cars, or buildings, and when you cross the road you are given about five seconds to sprint across. I arrived in Canberra with my brother on Saturday afternoon. I hopped off the small plane and the sky was blue and [Read more]