by Damian O’Donnell   It’s a fabulous photo. Four blokes dressed in ragged shirts and shorts, one with a hat on, all in their boots, are dashing across what looks like a paddock. They all have eyes for an object that sits up in the middle of the photo like a candle in a dim room. [Read more]

Round 4 – Richmond v Melbourne: Tigers go for youth, but pay the price

by Michael Allan At the start of the year I knew we wouldn’t win many games. I knew that every week would be a challenge and we’d see our fair share of thrashings. However I did think at then start of the year that we would go in favourites against our ladder next door neighbour [Read more]

Gigs Stats Round 4: Time to play a little “four square”

Stats Entertainment – Round 4 by Andrew Gigacz MAGPIES AND HAWKS SQUARE UP My mathematical mate, Peter Flynn, pointed out to me this week that Hawthorn’s three losing margins this year have all been square numbers. In round two, the Hawks suffered a 9-point loss to the Cats. Nine, of course, is three squared. Last [Read more]

Poetry: The Geometry of Tom Harley

The Geometry of Tom Harley  by Andrew Gaylard That these two lines will meet there is no doubt: A burly forward leading from the square, The footy’s arc descending through the air; They will converge just thirty metres out. Then from an angle, running back without A hesitation and without a care For safety, just [Read more]

Cats unfurl their flag for an old leader and a new.

I didn’t think I’d see it in my life-time. And now I’ve seen it twice. On an autumn afternoon that was more Kirra Beach weather than Kardinia Park, the community that is the Geelong Football Club raised its premiership flag. I wasn’t there. I was going to be there for the unfurling and the match [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – North Melbourne v Sydney: Memories of old Swans collide with visions of new

by Keiran Croker The Swans are back in town for the first time this season.  It’s Round 4 and we are off to see them play North Melbourne at the Docklands Stadium.  This is the lot of loyal southern supporters since we headed north to Sydney.  Particularly since the inclusion of the other interstate teams [Read more]

An Irishman, a Sudanese and an Aussie walk into a bar

by Downer An Irishman, a Sudanese and an Aussie walk into a bar and …gee I’d like to finish that, but for today I can’t – thanks to the continuing football “experiment” (I hope) that is the Sunday twilight match. My lack of opening punchline sets the backdrop to the St.Kilda 2pm “curtain raiser” where the day began  …albeit taking place not [Read more]

A vitriolic outburst at Collingwood is a thing of beauty

by David Downer From an early age we are indoctrinated to despise the evil that is Collingwood.   Let’s face it, stereotypes are a staple and lifeblood of footy. The reasons are obvious.  The supporters.  The players.  Coaches and administration.   Victoria Park.  The inflated delusion of self-worth,  the collective club ego. “That side of town”, the [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – West Coast v Essendon: Nic has the knack, Dons have a downer

by Rod Oaten The night started off ominously – the team from Perth have a ruckman, Nic Naitanui by name, resembling a preying mantis on steroids, who within a few seconds of the game starting,  grabbed the ball from the first bounce, sprinted through a mass of bewildered Essendon players, kicked the ball forward  to [Read more]

haiku bob round 4: faint stars

first tackle – the sun ducks its head night comes – Harry closes up a gap clods of dirt fly in Daisy’s blazing path balmy night all our mistakes softened evening of faint stars Leon misses and misses again something unremarkable sparks a sudden flood of goals fingertipper – Leon’s grab nicks the moon old-timer [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Weird dreams, nightmare season

by Josh Barnstable This was the unknown clash. Collingwood, one week after Mick Malthouse was accused of taunting and sledging Stephen Milne, calling him a fu**ing rapist as the sides went to their quarter time huddles. Was this the reason I had a dream where I was also called this because I wore a Port [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – Geelong v Port Adelaide: Love is in the Air

Love is in the Air by Peter Flynn Love is in the air Everywhere I look around Love is in the air Every sight and every sound It’s a shorts and beer Sunday in April and I am at Kardinia Park with my old china Ando. After a protracted conversation regarding our various age-related ailments, [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – Richmond v Melbourne: Red letter day for Demons, not Tiger fans

by John Green Richmond versus Melbourne 1:10pm, Sunday, 18th April Melbourne Cricket Ground This is the match pencilled in by Richmond and Melbourne supporters when the 2010 fixtures were released in the previous year. With the clubs freely tipped to fill the bottom two places on the ladder, this encounter represented the best chance for [Read more]

AFL Round 4 – Collingwood v Hawthorn: Pies stun Danni and Hawks

by Danni Eid After last weeks performance against the team lead by blond boof head I wasn’t sure if I really should watch my boys take on the Hawks. I gave in as normal. I wasn’t gonna miss this, what was I thinking! Wellingham and Brown shank their shots and Medders directs Daisy who puts [Read more]

Leesa Catto previews the 2010 women’s footy season

VWFL Premier Division preview 2010 Berwick:  6th in 2009 Coach: Norm Berry Captain: TBA Comments: The Berwick team are a very proud club who have been very successful since joining the VWFL. The Berwick teams will field seniors and reserves for the first time in 2010 and have a good relationship with the Youth Girls [Read more]

James Podsiadly – Fairytales do come true

By Susie Giese Once upon a time, there was an 18-year-old boy with a dream of playing AFL football… He trained and studied and observed and trained some more for many years, before finally it was his chance to be drafted by an AFL club. Eighteen-year-old boys all over the country were waiting, on the [Read more]

The View From Shepparton: Round 4

The Lions, as I predicted from the outset are four zip at this stage. What legends they are. Somehow Collingwood are three one. How the hell did that happen? And it is surprising that the Bulldogs are now two and two. I thought that they were better than that. South Australian football is in total [Read more]

Nic, anyone else in Fiji?

West Coast Eagles VS Essendon Subiaco Oval 8:40 16th April By Steven Ingham Friday Night Footy interstate means many things – Home made Pizza Beers Couch A weekend without any structure. No going to the footy, no watching the Bombers on Saturday or Sunday… Probably have to go shopping and do work around the house… [Read more]

LOCAL FOOTY: Some false starts but it’s GO GO GO for the Roos

by Mick Jeffrey So another season has begun in the tropical climate of Central Queensland. For those who don’t know I play in the reserves for Brothers Roos AFC, part of the six team competition in the AFL Capricornia competition. The Roos are one of three teams based in Rockhampton, along with Panthers and Glenmore Bulls with teams [Read more]

Crio’s Q: How do the awful sides of the past stack up to today’s Tigers

by Chris Riordan Sunday’s MCG shellacking seems to have confirmed pundits’ suspicions that Richmand are easily the worst team in the comp and, with expansion concessions in place, their future is dire. This is the Club, remember, that Oracle Sheeds suggested was ready for a Flag last year! But they are crap. Let’s celebrate this [Read more]