Year 12 camp brings kick to kick fun

I have just come back from my year 12 camp/retreat knowing that I won’t miss out on any footy. My business/homeroom teacher Mr.Rawley made that point clear during my parent teacher interview, he said “we’ll be back Friday afternoon so don’t worry she won’t miss out on any footy.” It would have been a complete [Read more]

Slippin’ an’ a Slidin’: Dogs Squeak Home Amidst a Sea of Pink.

Another Friday night. Another Doggies game. But this one was a very different beast to last week at the Dome, despite another close result. The collected works of one John Harms have recently had me pondering the meaning we draw from OGG(© The Wrap). Any meaning we draw must in large part come from our [Read more]

Round 6 – Geelong v Richmond: I know Richmond lose but I watch anyway

by Michael Allan This week the inevitable has happened. This is my first football season having an occupation and for the first time ever, Kmart has rostered me on during a Richmond match. 12:00-3:00, could not get a worse time, won’t get to catch the start of it and it will be over by the [Read more]

The Pre-Wrap: Round 7

by John Mosig What a week it’s been in Footy Eddie.  The Appalling Football League shows concern for the plight of The Endangered Tigers, clamps down on gambling in Football and fends off the roundball code’s claim on The Home of Football for the 2018 World Cup.

18 Teams – A fair fixture – It can be done

18 Teams, 22 rounds, Specialty fixtures, And a Fair Draw. by Neil Belford It seems light years since the AFL has had anything remotely resembling a fair fixture, and given the influence the marketing gnomes have, we had all better work pretty hard to see the AFL delivers something that is fair. The Footy Almanac [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – Footscray v St Kilda: A crime that paid in the end

by David Downer Wanted – for crimes against football (apparently).  Middle-aged white Caucasian male, featuring a distinguished elegant stride. Frequently used terms include “pleasing” and “structure”.  Last seen being chased from Etihad Stadium by an angry mob of talkback callers.  Goes by the name of Ross.  Do not approach this man, he is armed with [Read more]


by Damian O’Donnell I hate winter. It’s cold and dark and depressing. Everyone goes a little bit pale and adults get a little bit fatter. To make things worse, the fat bits that accumulate around your midriff in winter look whiter than your summer skin so there is no doubt that its winter fat. Winter [Read more]

Local Footy: Points system offers solution to salary-cap farces

While NRL fans wring their hands about Melbourne Storm’s salary-cap controversy, and AFL fans wonder how many of their clubs would survive forensic scrutiny of player finances, half a dozen Victorian country football leagues are content in the knowledge that their particular solution to the problem of containing player payments is working just nicely. These [Read more]

The agon and AFL footy.

Every Saturday, around lunch-time, I do a spot on ABC Grandstand’s South Australian edition. It’ss a lot of fun. Roger Wills holds the show together in the way that only Roger can. He has a unique mind. It reminds of one of those rooms in an rambling old country dwelling; one that is full of [Read more]

Footy in South Africa

by Ian Syson I just found this piece in the Sydney Morning Herald from 1933. It’s both interesting and poignant I think. It tends to back up those who are skeptical about the possibility of footy taking root in South Africa — though I guess we live in very different times. The final point about [Read more]

haiku bob: clear above the clouds

bringing autumn tackle by tackle to the Blues a mountain clear above the clouds – Dawes marks again tumbling leaves – Ball turns himself inside and out down on form Leon chases some hidden goal a row of Blues neatly laid out for Didak’s trickery pack forms – Swan ducks his head into the cloud [Read more]

A Mothers’ Day Reflection

Time to return to a lovely piece from Steve Fahey. (first published in 2010)

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Melbourne: Roos are in the mix

by Andrew Starkie North Melbourne versus Melbourne 2.10pm, Saturday, May 1 Etihad Stadium, Melbourne It’s amazing what a few wins can do.  I’m standing on the platform at Reservoir station and for once I’m not the lone Kangaroo.  There are three family groups in royal blue and white.  A mother is shoving a scarf into [Read more]

Williamstown CYMS Round 3 Wrap

SENIORS WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS 2.1          6.3          9.6         12.9.81 PENINSULA 3.1          7.4          12.9        15.14.104 WILLIAMSTOWN CYMS Goal Kickers: H. Armstrong 4, J. Vanderloo 4, J. Wong 2, B. Gray , C. Richards Best Players: B. Gray, C. McCracken, C. Richards, A. McKay, H. Armstrong, J. Vanderloo PENINSULA Goal Kickers: A. Delange 5, [Read more]

Warnambool Carnival: Crio gives us the latest scuttlebutt

by Chris Riordan The rumour doing the rounds of the Warrnambool pubs last (Monday) night was that Dan Nikolic will beat the rap! Watch this space and see how the journos fare when they get accused of a witch hunt.

AFL Round 6 – Carlton v Collingwood: Pies give Blues a bad headache

by Josh Barnstable This was the unofficial Rivalry Round, despite some of the clashes not being what you would think as everyday blockbuster heated games. But North Melbourne v Melbourne and Geelong v Richmond, the two games that stand out as not fitting in with the theme of the round, do mean something in terms [Read more]

AFL Round 6 – North Melbourne v Melbourne – A bad day from beginning to end

By Steve Healy   The day didn’t begin well, the day didn’t end well. On the train to the game, a Roos supporter almost ordered me to sit in the seat opposite him, before loudly proclaiming the Demons will lose today (At that stage I thought it was a joke). He looked exactly like Travis [Read more]

Two Wins In One

I didn’t go to the Don’s game on Saturday night, I had a family party to go to. As it turned out I had two wins , it was a fantastic party and the Dons got up against the Hawks. I had a transistor in in the back yard, so every 15 minutes it was [Read more]

Cheyenne Rd 6 Stk v Foots

MY BEHAVIOUR TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE It’s not good enough. I’m really disappointed in my behaviour. It’s totally unacceptable. I’ve let myself down, my family are under unfair pressure and we’re working our way through this difficult time. My crime was to enjoy a low scoring game of football. No, dear reader, this is not Troy Buswell [Read more]

The Albatross Rules: Chapter 9- Rosie

The Albatross Rules (a football chronicle) (The story so far) Con’s been brought in to resurrect the Albertville Albatrosses, otherwise the league will force them to merge with arch rivals, Mt Logan. Though they’ve started the season with a couple of wins Con is still at a loss to understand exactly what motivates his team. [Read more]